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The flagrant hypocrisy of John Roberts, CJOUS
There is nothing on the rec list regarding Citizens United V2 that slithered under the news blanket re: Ft Hood that has smothered Flight 370. Here is a quote from today's decision: The chief ...
sofa turf 04/02/2014 2 5 - -
Fox News more disgraceful than usual
I'm somewhat reluctant to inject a note of partisan rancor amidst the loving tribute diaries regarding the passing of Nelson Mandela. But I can't help pointing out what I'm seeing on the cable news ...
sofa turf 12/05/2013 111 184 2 -
Randi Rhodes is going off the air
I heard today that Randi Rhodes, noted progressive radio talk show talent, will be going off the air soon. I know that many here will have never heard of her, others have a passing aquaintence, and ...
sofa turf 10/18/2013 71 20 2 -
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