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I Voted Today
I voted! I went down to the county office today and voted. It felt great! Here's what I did. I went in and requested an absentee ballot. In Maryland anyone can do this, for any reason. They asked ...
some other george 09/25/2012 6 6 - 41
Today is National Loving Day. Celebrate love!
Today, June 12, is National Loving Day. On this day in 1967 the Supreme Court struck down all "anti-miscegenation" laws. The decision was Loving vs. Virginia ...
some other george 06/12/2012 7 3 - 39
Gaffe? No way.
There's all this talk about Biden's "gaffe", loose lips from Blabbermouth Joe. Was it? No way. It was a thoroughly planned and brilliantly played operation, and worked perfectly to do what they ...
some other george 05/13/2012 35 8 - 210
Move Your Money: how ANYONE can qualify for a Credit Union
Today is Move Your Money day, where the Occupy folks and lots of others are encouraging everyone to close your big-bank account and move your money to places like a credit union. I wanted to do ...
some other george 11/05/2011 26 35 5 254
A viral email on the "troubled" Social Security system and my proposed response (what do you think?)
A friend who doesn't much follow politics forwarded this viral-style email to me and asked for my opinion. The email starts by talking about the "troubled" Social Security system, and proposes a ...
some other george 07/27/2011 22 10 - 117
Dear Editor: (this is a good one)
Friend of mine wrote a letter to the editor and it's utterly delicious. I asked if I could spread it around and he said sure. Where better than here? Enjoy.
some other george 04/30/2011 23 43 - 301
Stopping Gentrification
Recently, in the comments section of Muskegon Critic's excellent diary ...
some other george 04/22/2011 67 3 - 139
Saturn and perspective
Ever want to go to Saturn? There's a filmmaker in Greensboro NC who is making a travelogue. Not CGI or animation, but a moving image created from actual still photos of Saturn and its neighborhood. ...
some other george 03/18/2011 8 5 1 93
All appropriate greetings of the season to you!
Dear Friend, Please accept with no obligation, expressed or implied, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral holiday ...
some other george 12/25/2009 10 1 - 23
Wanna be a paid pundit? WaPo's "Be A Pundit" contest
Oh this is just too rich. The Washington Post is having a contest to find America's Next Great Pundit . Winner ...
some other george 10/01/2009 17 3 1 15
Bush says President has the right to revoke pardons? OMG am I reading this right? UPDATED
According to a story I just saw on Bush seems to be saying that the President has the right to review ...
some other george 12/24/2008 420 275 4 62
Ding Dong the witch is NOT dead: remembering 1964
All indications are that we're heading for a crushing landslide victory a week from Tuesday. We're all looking forward to it, and rightfully so. It's been a long time, and victory is sweet. And yes,
some other george 10/27/2008 36 17 1 17
$peculation on why Hillary i$ making a fool of her$elf
It's clear to us here that as soon as the math became obvious, Bill & Hill chose to start down the kitchen sink scorched-earth path. But why? Primary politics isn't enough to explain it. We've seen ...
some other george 05/08/2008 78 7 - 15
Pardon Me: How to undo Bush's inevitable 1/19/09 pardons
When I read this diary which was on the Recommended list yesterday, it made me mad. I was once again reminded that around ...
some other george 04/10/2008 99 11 1 52
NACD: Mispronouncing the millennium (oooh, with a POLL)
This is NACD: Not a Candidate Diary. But it's true that its roots are from listening to election coverage. Maybe too much election coverage but there you go. Anyway. Say the name of this year. ...
some other george 01/21/2008 48 3 - 14
Best mortgate meltdown writeup I've ever seen, including consequences for the financiers
This article from today's San Francisco Chronicle is the best overview I've ever seen on the genesis and ...
some other george 12/09/2007 48 30 7 1
IOKIYAR - Condi & baseball edition. (And hope in the air?)
Okay, I got me a rant on. Usually I try to look for the best, benefit of the doubt, and all like that, but this is ridiculous. Remember when ...
some other george 04/02/2007 5 1 - -
A Modest Proposal: The Losing Candidates Support Fund
A number of our candidates just barely missed the brass ring this time. People are saying to them, "hang in there, try again in 2008!" And sure, that would be great. We had so many folks this time ...
some other george 11/20/2006 12 9 - 5
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