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Pete Seeger has died.
Nothing to add but many many thanks to him and his songs and his very long life. I remember a hillside folk festival somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was a child in the sixties and ...
sometv 01/27/2014 7 19 - -
In other news, Gulf Watchers veteran ROV reporter someTV comes across a fabulous video. Further reportage beyond the orange vine.
sometv 11/16/2013 59 13 2 -
Clinton Nails It
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledges our "insatiable appetite" for illegal drugs and porous borders which allow weapons to move freely across them are responsible for rampant violence in ...
sometv 03/25/2009 56 17 - 29
Recovery Package Slide Show As I Seizes It
Actually made me smile this photo album ...
sometv 02/17/2009 4 1 - 15
Golden Bailout
I live comfortably, own a home, work reasonably steady (freelance television work), have my fair share of debt (home loan, revolving credit (ick), lines of credit, one car bought on time, health ...
sometv 09/23/2008 5 - - -
McCain's the Same meme w/ video
In 2006 I made several political ads that I posted to youtube in the hope of adding to the talk that is made that changes the way our political ...
sometv 09/14/2008 3 1 - 1
The Palin' Problem (poll)
Our dear governor from Alaska is about to get another dap from Charlie Gibson and friends, but I'm not sure if she will think its a hand shake or finishing putty. However there are some in the ...
sometv 09/11/2008 11 6 - 1
Vet Palin? Vet McCain.
Bumping around the web bumped into a piece that went here . There are a lot ways to go after Palin but she is not the one that needs ...
sometv 09/02/2008 8 4 - 2
Carpet Framing
Yes, we have made a grave and terrible mistake that cannot be quickly swept under the carpet. And if there was a carpet, would we even be willing to sit down with its merchant and haggle over tea?
sometv 04/12/2007 1 2 - 32
MUST READ LA Times OP ED: How to Cut and Run
sometv 10/31/2006 13 5 - 7
CNN Scores!
sometv 10/17/2006 40 12 1 5
The News Blog: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse
sometv 10/15/2006 4 5 - 1
On President Bush's Watch
sometv 10/10/2006 5 2 1 1
The Campaign Continues: Fear and Fear Itself
sometv 09/22/2006 6 2 - -
The Right Direction
sometv 09/14/2006 - 2 - 8
The New Yorker: The Other Path to 9/11
sometv 09/11/2006 18 29 2 2
1 Good Thing Barbara Boxer Has To Say
sometv 07/05/2006 5 3 - -
Some Personal Political History
sometv 05/24/2006 2 4 - -
Why we can't leave Iraq
sometv 04/22/2006 44 1 - 30
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