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Oklahoma teabaggers to meet in Amtrak station
On Monday evening I stopped by the Hasting's bookstore here in Norman, OK. While perusing the community bulletin board, I noticed a flyer for the Tea Party to be held on the evening of April 15th at ...
soonerhq 04/15/2009 44 30 1 26
Webb favors offshore drilling - no veep for you!
I've never been on the Webb for VP bandwagon, but I know a lot of people are. This should give them something to think about. Sen John Warner (R-Va) has re-introduced a bill to allow drilling ...
soonerhq 06/19/2008 90 25 1 190
Debunking Muslim claim re: Malik interview
The most recent attempt to paint Obama as a closet Muslim in based on a Jersualem Post article which reported on an ...
soonerhq 06/17/2008 7 5 - 4
MSNBC's Mark Murray agrees with McCain: Bush = Carter
In an interview with Brian Williams yesterday, McCain said: “Sen. Obama says that I'm running for a Bush's third term. It seems to me he's running for Jimmy Carter's second.&...
soonerhq 06/10/2008 27 4 - -
McCain ad calls Bush "a fool or a fraud"
McCain has debuted a new ad for use in battleground states.
soonerhq 06/06/2008 20 8 - 22
Reform, Prosperity, Peace - McCain's a Dem now?
MSNBC's First Read has a piece up about McCain's new, new campaign slogan: Reform, Prosperity, Peace. Reform - from ...
soonerhq 06/05/2008 2 - - -
New "3:00 am" ad from Clinton campaign - updated with video
According to MSNBC's First Read , the Clinton campaign is releasing another 3:oo am ad - and this one is aimed at McCain.
soonerhq 04/02/2008 105 14 1 45
Clinton on superdelegates: "I don't even keep track."
When a Pittsburgh reporter asked Clinton how many superdelegates had endorsed her in "recent weeks", she answered I don't even keep ...
soonerhq 04/01/2008 77 31 2 4
Trippi: "I don't expect Edwards to endorse either candidate"
From a chat on the Washington Post website: In response to a question about a possible ...
soonerhq 03/12/2008 161 11 - 8
[Update ] Records remain sealed in abuse & death of 2 year-old
soonerhq 12/13/2005 1 5 - 6
2 year old child abused and murdered while father was in Iraq
soonerhq 11/19/2005 170 142 4 47
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