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Obama will not meet with Netanyahu
Breaking from the AP also just heard on MSMBC WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he travels to Washington in March. ...
southernvadem 01/22/2015 29 37 - -
University of Texas evacuating all Buildings Bomb Threat
Hopefully just a Hoax The University of Texas is evacuating all of its buildings due to threats on campus. “Immediately evacuate ALL buildings and get as far away as possible,” read a message ...
southernvadem 09/14/2012 14 5 - 125
Shocked rode by Romney event in Ashland Va. today
Romney was to speak outside of Homemades By Suzanne at 12:30 today Which is also where Sarah Palin made an appearance when she was running for vice president. We are unfortunately in Cantors ...
southernvadem 08/11/2012 15 25 - 377
Worse Campaign ever Romney spokeperson said the lady in the commercial would have had insurance
Under Romney care From Politico A Mitt Romney spokesperson offered an unusual counterattack Wednesday to an ad in which a ...
southernvadem 08/08/2012 12 8 - 146
Bachmann named to Thomas More Law Center Advisory Board
From Right Wing News Bachmann to Advisory Board of Thomas More Law Center Will Congresswoman Bachmann Remain a member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. After adding Rep. Allen ...
southernvadem 08/05/2012 7 - - 109
Romney falsely smears Obama with the Military vote
From Think Progress egum on Aug 4, 2012 at 4:15 pm Today ...
southernvadem 08/04/2012 5 5 - 86
John McCain says Palin better president then Romney
From TPM McCain says he didn’t pass over Romney for Veep because of anything to do with taxes. It was because “Sarah Palin was the better candidate.” So ...
southernvadem 07/17/2012 6 1 - 61
Breaking Boehner Backs out of Debt Limit Deal
from TPM Can we have a government shutdown just before the election “We should never have had the sequester,” ...
southernvadem 03/22/2012 21 14 1 269
Rush desparation Rappers are Worse
From TPM Rush channels his inner Imus
southernvadem 03/05/2012 3 - - 70
Breaking under pressure Rush offers a non apology apology It's not good ...
southernvadem 03/03/2012 96 44 2 505
HaHaHA Great song! Virginia does not own my Vagina
Great toe stepping song to ridicule Repub's overreach
southernvadem 02/27/2012 15 11 - 84
This bullsh#t is what Va legislature has been reduced too
Ugh, just a good old boys club. Who voted for this guy???
southernvadem 02/24/2012 8 5 - 147
Another victory Personhood dies in Virginia senate BREAKING! The full Virginia Senate just voted to send the H.B. 1 "personhood" for fertilized eggs bill "back to ...
southernvadem 02/23/2012 16 24 - 155
Breaking Mcdonnell no transvaginal ultrasound involuntarily Sorry for such a short diary but being from Va this is great news Will update with ...
southernvadem 02/22/2012 17 10 - 141
obama administration won't defend blocking military benefits from same sex couples The Obama Justice Department has concluded that ...
southernvadem 02/17/2012 9 13 - 113
Take action now Virginia state mandated rape by proxy
(0+ / 0-)I know this is a short dairy but lets show our outrage They only ask for a name not a zipcode so every one call Please help us out in Virginia I just called the governors office and ...
southernvadem 02/15/2012 3 3 - 46
What is Happening to Virginia?
Transvaginal ultrasound before abortion Personhood Law HOUSE DEMOCRATS DENOUNCE PASSAGE OF INVASIVE ULTRASOUND BILL Richmond - On the final day for House bills to be considered before ...
southernvadem 02/14/2012 16 13 - 138
Disgusting O'Reilly and Beck tie Sibelius to Dr. Tiller
from Crooks and liars This is why Fox News is different from other cable news stations. They don't know when to ...
southernvadem 02/14/2012 3 1 - 97
Breaking Roland Martin suspended
CNN Suspends Roland Martin Over Homophobic Tweets 7 minutes ago Washington Post's Erik Wemple reports: On Super Bowl Sunday, Roland Martin of CNN issued some homophobic tweets that got him in ...
southernvadem 02/08/2012 18 20 1 245
Karen Handel out at Komen
he Associated Press reports that Komen Foundation vice-President Karen Handel has quit the cancer charity. The former politician became the focus of much media attention after the foundation cut ...
southernvadem 02/07/2012 2 1 - 15
VP Karen Handel Led Decision To Defund Planned Parenthood
REPORT: Komen Foundation The Huffington Post is reporting that Karen Handel, Susan G. Komen for the Cure's Vice President for Policy, was the driving force behind the decision to defund Planned ...
southernvadem 02/06/2012 37 32 1 254
Romney fires debate coach Is he this arrogant or does he really not want to ...
southernvadem 02/04/2012 17 7 - 297
Horray for Gender Equity
My first diary be gentle From Blue Virginia a Dem ( woman with balls ) Wow. I've decided I really like Janet Howell (D-Fairfax)! As ...
southernvadem 01/31/2012 4 5 - 30
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