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Adalah — A Just Middle East
Adalah ("justice" in Arabic) is a diary series about the Middle East, with special (but not exclusive) emphasis on the conflict in Palestine-Israel. The authors of this series believe in the right of self-determination for all the people of the Middle East and that a just resolution respecting the rights and dignity of both Palestinians and Israelis is the only viable option for peace.
Arab Sources
This group is for 1) Translation of various Arabic sources and opinion. 2) Inviting Daily Kos into the full Zellij of Arab cultures. To glimpse unhindered onto those those cultures and hopefully participate in those aspects of the cultures that can be described in a blog.
Discussing Race At Daily Kos
I am creating this group for civil, non name calling discussion of race issues at daily kos. I will moderate the group and will insist on the following of these ground rules. It is my hope that the boycott called last weekend will end and that the kossacks who made the decision to boycott will return. I'd like to discuss the issues raised by the boycott in a civil space. If you are interested, please join the group.
Feminism, Pro-Feminism, Womanism: Feminist Issues, Ideas, & Activism
A group to promote feminist, pro-feminist (men's anti-sexist), and womanist (empowerment of women of color) perspectives, ideas, and activism both within the DailyKos community and in the larger world. Feminisms are committed to ending oppression of all kinds, with a particular but not exclusive focus on ending all forms of gender-based oppression.
Muslims at Daily Kos
Group for muslims on Daily Kos (but not limited to muslims - anyone is welcome to join or follow) for discussion of Islam and other muslim issues

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