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Finally, We Have Him Under Oath.
A month ago, updating a number of my friends and interested acquaintances on new developments in Christie's slow-motion crash to Earth --specifically, the fact that Regina Egea and Christie had ...
sp2 01/09/2015 15 21 - -
BigPig's Demise Still Right on Schedule:
Well, it really seems like, even here at Daily Kos, no one gives a crap about Christie anymore, but I sure as hell still care, so I'm going to document this if no one else does. (I pretty much ...
sp2 12/07/2014 12 5 - -
Hoping for Justice.
The excellent Mark Magyar, at NJ Spotlight, gives a superb summary today, of both: 1). Christie's gigantic scam to steal a couple Billion dollars from the PA, to fund stuff he refused to pay ...
sp2 06/30/2014 6 6 - -
More Evidence on Samson's Involvement:
I have no idea what the protocols are for submitting a Diary, so I'm sure I'm violating 37 of them (and I'm sure you'll all tell me all about it), but I thought this should be posted and brought ...
sp2 06/24/2014 81 116 3 -
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