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Education "reform", birdwatching, and our EPIC day at NASA
High stakes testing is challenging in any educational setting, but it becomes even more so when the state and the DOE keep moving the hoops. But because I'm mellow by nature and try to see things in ...
sparkysmom 11/18/2013 12 10 - -
NC: Julie's Dad voted!
Julie was a high school friend, and we graduated together 30 years ago. A common story, we went away to different colleges and never kept in touch, until we became friends on Facebook a few years ago.
sparkysmom 11/05/2012 8 32 - -
Debate musings from the barely-too-young-to-vote crowd
I teach science at a suburban high school in Florida. Today was a day like any other in my classes… we had a test planned, so the students wanted to discuss anything other than the test, stalling ...
sparkysmom 10/04/2012 8 29 - 106
O'Donnell has entered Palin-ville
I have to say that when Bill Maher announced that every week he will roll out another embarrassing old clip of Christine O'Donnell from his show, I thought it was sort of funny, but not really in ...
sparkysmom 09/25/2010 74 19 - 61
Giving Grayson a free pass?
Yesterday I wrote a brief diary here concerning the OSHA investigation of Sea World. Next Monday marks the statutory deadline for OSHA to issue any fines or citations against Sea World concerning ...
sparkysmom 08/20/2010 147 7 - 48
Is OSHA caving to Sea World?
A few months ago I posted a diary here about the death of a killer whale at Sea World, and the Congressional hearing that followed. Specifically, my diary focused on Congressman Alan Grayson&...
sparkysmom 08/19/2010 20 4 - 155
Open letter to Alan Grayson
Alan Grayson is a bit of a hero on this site for his outspoken defense of progressives and his colorful delivery. I laughed out loud when he called a Berneke advisor a "K Street whore" and his ...
sparkysmom 05/12/2010 41 5 1 30
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