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Oklahoma U. SAE Lawyer Holds Press Conference, Files No Suit
Stephen Jones, famous Oklahoma self-promoter, a 75 year old attorney whose representation of Timothy McVeigh, ended in a Federal execution, just held a press conference in Oklahoma. During media ...
sponson 03/13/2015 11 19 - -
There is no SAE lawsuit against OU
The local ex-chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ex-University of Oklahoma, has hired Stephen Jones, no stranger to racist clients, as its attorney. He hasn't even met with his clients yet at this hour .
sponson 03/13/2015 6 25 - -
Ferguson "White Construction Worker" Harassed As Drug Dealer
This is just a quick diary to relate something I find almost unbelievable in its scope. In the last few days, Bob McCulloch released more documents related to the Ferguson investigation. In the ...
sponson 12/17/2014 134 293 5 -
Nixon En Route To St. Louis
Bloomberg is reporting that McCulloch will hold a press conference this afternoon, and Nixon's plane has taken off from Jefferson City, headed for St. Louis. It seems likely based on this that a ...
sponson 11/24/2014 10 6 - -
Ferguson City Council Meeting - Live Stream!
Check out the " live stream " of the historic Ferguson, Missouri City Council meeting that is going on right now. There is a line of people outside the building. No, I didn't send you the wrong ...
sponson 09/09/2014 6 3 - -
Shocking: Judge Shuts Down John Doe Investigation
Breaking news here, I expect this is headed straight up the ladder towards the United States Supreme Court. One of the most stunning and political decisions I've ever seen by a judge.
sponson 05/06/2014 46 19 2 -
TL24: Wildstein "Unskewed" GWB Traffic
I am putting forward a quick diary to speculate about the motive for the GWB lane shutdowns. Forgive me for the lack of detailed references, but I have read so many pages of PDFs that my head is ...
sponson 01/12/2014 20 7 - -
Democrats Retain Bridgegate Subpoena Power: It's Official
With this news , the Presidential aspirations of Chris Christie are finished. The entire fight starting with the release of the "time for some traffic problems" e-mail, the press conference, and ...
sponson 01/11/2014 89 179 2 -
NC GOP Introduces New Anti-Abortion Measures Inside "Anti-Sharia" Law
Too incredibly deceptive and cowardly to even describe . I am at a loss for words. The vote is early tomorrow morning.
sponson 07/02/2013 29 32 - -
Breaking: BP Will Plead Guilty To Manslaughter, Pay $4.5 Billion
This is a brief diary just to break the news , this is a rare instance of a corporation pleading guilty to manslaughter. Before she ruled, U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance heard testimony from ...
sponson 01/29/2013 54 65 1 -
Obama Won On ACA After All
Did anyone notice that Jan Brewer has accepted expanded Medicaid for Arizona? Why would she do this and not join the other hardcore refusenik governors like Rick Perry of Texas and Mary Fallin of ...
sponson 01/25/2013 5 9 - -
They're Going For a Florida Recount.
Right now, Miami-Dade workers are still counting ballots in Florida , by hand. Why is this happening? It's easy to see that even if Florida were flipped for Romney, which won't happen, that Barack ...
sponson 11/07/2012 94 14 - -
Send Bruce Springsteen To Save Soup Kitchen Ryan Ruined!
I don't know how to start an online movement here and I'm not a Twitter or Facebook guy, so help will be needed. Paul Ryan has caused major damage with his selfish stunt on Saturday exploiting a non-
sponson 10/18/2012 2 9 - -
AZ Attorney General Colluded With Outside Group Illegally
So it was charged in a press conference this morning . He also seems to have been involved in a hit and run accident in March that was covered up. If the charges are true, it appears he stole the ...
sponson 10/01/2012 6 18 - 210
Here's Mine, Mitt, Where's Yours?
So Mitt Romney says that 47% of us don't pay income taxes, and we all know it is a lie. What can we do about that? Here are 3 simple steps. 1) Xerox or print out your 1040 2) Head to the nearest ...
sponson 09/17/2012 3 4 1 52
Romney's Tax Returns Not Heisted
Several diaries have appeared today related to a claim posted on the internet that a burglary had resulted in the theft of Mitt Romney's tax returns, and that they were being held for ransom. Price ...
sponson 09/05/2012 13 11 - 232
Romney TODAY: "My plan for Medicare is very similar to his plan for Medicare."
Romney has now inextricably tied himself to the Ryan voucher plan for Medicare that would privatize the program and then slowly phase it out. "Well, the items that we agree on, I think, outweigh ...
sponson 08/14/2012 2 5 - 45
Al Qaeda Confirms: Bin Laden Dead
OK deathers, including Andrew Breitbart, explain this one . If it were not so pathetic, it would ...
sponson 05/06/2011 15 9 - 192
Breaking: Man Wanted In Mosque Bombing Dies In Shootout With FBI
This happened at 2:30 approximately central time here in Oklahoma, according to the Enid ...
sponson 05/04/2011 17 13 1 331
Shocking-Oklahoma TV Station Celebrates Increased Gun Sales
You'll know what I mean when you see the video. It speaks for itself.
sponson 01/12/2011 29 1 - 94
On This Historic Day: Steve Gilliard's "I'm A Fighting Liberal"
I think this is an appropriate day to remember some inspiring words from Steve Gilliard , once a major ...
sponson 03/25/2010 10 25 - 31
Breaking: Man Arrested for Gun Before Obama Event
The information was only released this evening. Here's the story from a New Hampshire paper . A knife was found on the ...
sponson 08/11/2009 73 47 - 23
Idaho Kids On School Bus Chant "Assassinate Obama"
The First Amendment should be respected, but there's no place for tolerating this socially in a civilized society. Kudos to the parents who complained about this, although they apparently were not ...
sponson 11/15/2008 50 27 1 26
Obama Humiliated McCain in White House Bailout Meeting
Cross-posted at my blog, . The Washington Post has a ...
sponson 09/27/2008 56 88 2 139
Palin Recommended Brother-In-Law For Trooper Job
Cross-posted at my own blog, . ...
sponson 09/08/2008 33 14 1 55
Palin "eBay" Plane Sold to Palin Contributor - At Taxpayers' Loss
The airplane sold by the State of Alaska by Alaska Governor Palin was bought at $2.7 million and sold for $2.1 million. �Many of us have heard this. �Most of us have also heard, of course, ...
sponson 09/07/2008 47 42 3 20
McCain Bank Failure To Cost Taxpayers Half a Billion Dollars
Silver State Bank of Henderson, Nevada has failed this afternoon, slipping under the radar of George W. Bush's bailout failure for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Until July 26th, John McCain's son was ...
sponson 09/05/2008 17 14 1 32
US Missile Attack Kills 290 Iranian Civilians - 20 Years Ago Today
On July 3, 1988, the US Navy missile cruiser Vincennes was operating illegally miles inside Iran's waters on a mission of provocation. At the same time, a routine and on schedule flight by Iranian ...
sponson 07/04/2008 34 15 2 30
Bush Speech Changed After General's Warning on Tillman Story
The Associated Press has just reported that a top Army general, just after recommending Pat Tillman for a ...
sponson 08/03/2007 109 163 3 11
D-Day, a New Yorker's Story - for Steve - UPDATED
Today is D-Day, June 6, a day to remember. A tribute to Steve Gilliard, who would have reminded us of this today. Hal Baumgarten was 18 when he was drafted and left his home in the Bronx to ...
sponson 06/06/2007 9 21 - 30
Rove "Plant" Tim Griffin Given High-Profile Show Case by DOJ
Kickbacks to government contractors in the IT world, involving Sun, Hewlett-Packard, and Accenture.
sponson 04/20/2007 4 4 - -
BREAKING: Bodies Found in Second School Building; 42 Dead
There was a delay in finding the second group of victims: RAMADI - Another 25 decomposed bodies were found in a ...
sponson 04/18/2007 226 57 1 19
BREAKING: College Dean, Minister, Policeman Found Dead as Death Toll Climbs
The "decider" who chose to set in motion this tragedy defended 'gun rights' today. Many on the right are claiming that armed ...
sponson 04/16/2007 104 42 1 7
Iraqi Police Protest US Troops
Sadr's ministers will quit the Iraqi coalition government today. Can Bush’s precious Oil ...
sponson 04/16/2007 19 6 - 1
Gonzales Hangs Himself, and Bush, With Opening Statement
From Gonzales' pre-released opening statement for Tuesday's hearing: At this point, we ...
sponson 04/15/2007 19 26 - 22
Rumsfeld Firing Clears Way for War Crimes Prosecution: TIME Magazine
sponson 11/10/2006 18 17 - 9
sponson 05/02/2006 8 5 - 2
sponson 09/02/2005 5 22 - 5
Justice Department Approved "WAR CRIMES"
sponson 10/23/2004 3 7 - -
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