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The Occupy Movement and a New Media Paradigm
Here lie the remains of a diary I attempted to write last October. I found this topic incredibly interesting, but like most of my writings it remains incomplete and un-published. The topic, however, ...
sprint1745 05/29/2012 3 6 1 49
Why you must read The Money Changers by Upton Sinclair (Part II)
I write in an editorial style, if you have any contentions, suggestions or refutations of my words, I welcome them. Thank you for the overwhelming response to my first diary. It was an incomplete ...
sprint1745 05/24/2012 19 52 3 322
Why you must read The Money Changers by Upton Sinclair (Part I)
Every so often, a student of history will stumble across something so profound and prescient that kicks them in the head with the force of a bull, and serves as a brutal reminder that the more ...
sprint1745 05/23/2012 49 119 10 513
A calling to Kansas City Kossaks!
A calling to all Kossaks who reside in or around the Kansas City area! I have begun a new group to act as a rally point for all news or activity in the KC area. It is my hope that the page can ...
sprint1745 01/03/2012 9 8 - 69
Protesters in London block Westminster Bridge to save their NHS! Update w/ Photos
Cheers from across the pond! I am currently in London visiting some friends and looking for a job. This afternoon, instead of laying around the flat feeling sorry for myself, or playing ultimate ...
sprint1745 10/09/2011 53 122 3 718
Joplin, MO Devastated by a Tornado.
I am from Joplin, I study at the University of Missouri right now. If I hadn't been in summer school then there was a good chance I would have been in Joplin...The images I see are heartbreaking. I ...
sprint1745 05/23/2011 44 108 1 516
My letter to Apple
My nearly brand new iPod "tough" (touch) broke this morning while in class. While initially upset, I knew the problem was easily solvable since I have seen parades of cracked and broken ipod and ...
sprint1745 04/14/2011 17 2 - 136
A brief musing on farm subsidies...
Perhaps it is time to reconsider farm subsidies? Paying large farms vast sums of money not to grow crops seems counterproductive when commodity prices are rising to all time highs.
sprint1745 02/20/2011 2 1 - 18
My unsubscription letter...
I wish this weren't my first diary entry here on DKos. I have been an avid reader for four years now. I find that it is one of the best places on the internet to find relevant political news, well ...
sprint1745 12/07/2010 10 7 - 38
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