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Colorado Education Funding
In Colorado, we have an important ballot measure that will change how K-12 education is funded in the state. Amendment 66 is a response to budget cuts that have devastated schools. The measure ...
stealthisbook 10/13/2013 8 3 - -
Being a Surveillance Target
We've been told that the US government only collects communications of or with foreign persons. Or rather people who may be foreign nationals or on foreign soil. Or rather if 51% of the available ...
stealthisbook 07/14/2013 6 8 - -
Gun Rights and Personal Responsibility
Because gun rights have been wedded to conservative and libertarian politics for a long time now, the arguments of gun rights activists tend to be couched in terms of personal freedom and personal ...
stealthisbook 07/01/2013 88 10 - -
Wendy Davis Shows Up US Senators
The Texas Senate's legislative rules make filibustering a truly arduous process. If you picture Jimmy Stewart swaying, bracing himself on a desk and hoarsely declaiming about lost causes before he ...
stealthisbook 06/26/2013 5 11 1 -
Let Them Talk? Those Guys??
The talking filibuster as a component to an overall reform of the filibuster in the Senate seems to be pretty popular. Jeff Merkley has pointed out that some of the more popular recent pieces of ...
stealthisbook 11/17/2012 25 22 - -
Control of the Senate
Despite the historically obstructionist Republican minority, control of the Senate is still vital. This hit me when I realized that climate change denying dipstick James Inhofe is poised to regain ...
stealthisbook 09/08/2012 10 7 - 168
Skyrocketing Cost of Higher Education?
I was reading mitumba's great diary about proposed changes to Florida's higher education system and it occurred to me to check out some numbers for my state. The University of Colorado (CU) in ...
stealthisbook 08/05/2012 15 2 - 94
The media problem in the internet age
Back in the dark ages before news became an instantly available commodity online, populist political campaigns had to struggle to get coverage. Column inches and airtime were limited, and the main ...
stealthisbook 10/31/2011 4 - - 39
Sometimes things just work out
The senate democratic leadership is notoriously risk averse. When faced with the choice of taking a potentially losing stand on an issue or capitulating, they invariably capitulate. Even the ...
stealthisbook 12/31/2008 7 2 - 10
A look at a Democratic imperial presidency
The Bush administration has wreaked havoc on the constitutional principle of separation of powers. The abuses of the executive branch have undercut both the legislative branch (signing statements, ...
stealthisbook 08/19/2008 9 2 - 1
"Drill Here, Drill Now" Will Lower Gas Prices
Sure, oil shale exploitation, opening off-shore and ANWR to drilling, and the gas tax holiday won't do jack to solve our current high prices at the pump. Sure, the motives behind many of the GOP ...
stealthisbook 07/24/2008 15 1 - 12
Getting Out the Youth Vote, Some Strategies
Getting college kids to vote can be a real bitch. Just like with everything else, it takes some elbow grease to overcome the inherent obstacles involved. With any luck, this year will be easier ...
stealthisbook 07/01/2008 6 6 2 -
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