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How Bain took over divisions of Texas Instruments & Honeywell to create Sensata
This is just a little background on the Sensata story that I thought I would share, from a comment I posted in jamess' Ed Show diary . This is what I can piece together about how the company came ...
stef 10/20/2012 35 27 - -
Man with $100MM Home Promises to Fire His Employees If His Taxes Go Up
Pity the 1%. I'll let this story speak for itself. Basically, a Timeshare King from Florida, who is building the Largest House in America, does not want to give back his Bush Era Tax Cut. So he ...
stef 10/09/2012 23 27 1 160
I Just Kicked In for Obama - Will You? (Sunday FEC Deadline + We Count!)
Hey, I know the majority of us are broke, myself included. I have sat back this election assuming any small contribution I could make to the Obama campaign was not worthy in a world of megafunders ...
stef 09/28/2012 33 13 - 117
Newt's Illiterate Spokesman Blasts the "Literati"
Way to dig it deeper, Team Newt! From HuffPo (sorry, I saw it at Gawker first but it's HuffPo's story)
stef 05/18/2011 35 6 - 168
The Donald Releases His Birth Certificate
The Donald Trump released his "birth certificate" today. As he told Newsmax (so it's 100% ...
stef 03/28/2011 70 29 1 335
Prankster Ian Murphy on Lawrence O'Donnell 8:00 ET
I can't wait to meet this guy! The Last Word Tonight, Lawrence has an exclusive ...
stef 02/23/2011 31 18 - 259
Larry Wilkerson says they lied to Powell
Did anyone catch Larry Wilkerson just now on Cenk Uygar's show? I missed the first part, but in what I caught, he was discussing Curveball. He said Powell was lied to. He said they lied to the ...
stef 02/17/2011 24 16 - 166
Deep Fried Turkey Disaster Videos
Gawker has culled the best of the Deep Fried Turkey Disaster videos from YouTube and, wow, they are spectacular. ...
stef 11/25/2010 60 20 - 107
Tim Profitt Charged with Assault
I can't bear watching that video. I hope I never see it again. I am glad anyway to see that the assault is being taken seriously.
stef 10/31/2010 263 276 1 195
Jacob (Dude!) Isom Has a Dream
Actually, Jacob "Dude, you have no Quran" Isom has several dreams. They are modest, and adorable. His first wish? He'd like to be featured in High Times . Awesome! Also, he'd ...
stef 09/15/2010 13 21 1 125
Glenn Beck Launches "News & Opinion" Website About Glenn Beck
This takes the cake in shady marketing. Beck's handlers have designed a new website for him, ostensibly along the lines of HuffPost or Daily Beast, except for one catch. All the stories are about ...
stef 08/30/2010 45 8 - 85
Action Item: The Stabbed NYC Taxi Driver Needs Our Help
We should help him. Gawker Cabbie-Stabbing Victim's Story Almost Unbelievably ...
stef 08/29/2010 71 117 2 170
Join the Coalition to Support Park51 & Religious Freedom
Apologies, I am publicizing a press release rather than writing a diary today, but I feel it's needed. September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows , which formed shortly after the ...
stef 08/25/2010 21 30 2 70
Q:  Who Is (Anti-Mosque Leader) Pamela Geller?
A: Pamela Geller is the Birther Racist NeoCon Loony Toons Instigator of the Anti-Mosque Hysteria , or, for short,
stef 08/23/2010 27 17 2 189
We Are Fools to Fall for Another Ginned Up Controversy
The "Ground Zero Mosque" is this summer's Death Panels. It's a phony controversy based on right wing lies, created and promoted by the usual suspects, and amplified by some absolute ...
stef 08/20/2010 67 19 - 38
Anti-Mosque Rally Set for 9/11 in Lower Manhattan
This is beyond. Maggie Haberman at Politico writes: I'm one of the New York ...
stef 08/18/2010 110 29 - 60
Bush Made 77 Trips to Crawford TX at $226,072 a Pop
This is a repost from June 2, 2009, when Wingnuttia was in an uproar over the Obamas' visit to New York City for dinner and a show. Reposting just the relevant info regarding the costs of the Bushes'
stef 08/09/2010 247 241 6 178
Republican Ratf*#king - A Sad, Desperate Tradition
Ratfucking . Republican Ratfucking. A time-honored GOP tradition. I'll repeat, a GOP tradition . Not ours.
stef 07/21/2010 28 20 - 38
O RLY Sore Loser
What did you think Orly was going to do after losing the CA SOS primary Tuesday night? She's suing, of course. Over massive fraud! I NEED ALL THE PATRIOTS OF THIS COUNTRY TO HELP ME ...
stef 06/10/2010 67 28 - 44
Orly for GOP SOS Nominee Campaign Headquarters
Will the wackiest loon in Rancho Kookoobananas win the GOP primary for CA Secretary of State? Politico yesterday ...
stef 06/08/2010 48 18 - 122
GOP Strategists Say Orly Could Win Today's CA Primary!
This is so awesome! Republicans are terrified Orly Taitz could win the GOP primary for California Secretary of State today, and they are blaming her opponent Damon Dunn's "less-than-stellar campaign."
stef 06/07/2010 39 27 - 68
Orly Gets Down to Business
Orly Taitz is running for CA Secretary of State. She is seriously in on the Republican primary ballot. Today she states her motivation quite clearly: Keep Obama Off the California Ballot in 2012.
stef 06/03/2010 56 20 - 36
The GOP, Out of Ideas, Wants Yours!
As already reported on the front page , the poor, sad Republican Party needs some Ideas. Ideas to help America. Ideas ...
stef 05/26/2010 21 5 - 84
Is Orly Taitz Your Next Secy of State, California?
Dr. Orly Dentist-Attorney-Realtor-Blackbelt Taitz Esq. is still running for California Secretary of State. She claims the support of the Tea Party (that would be the Real Tea Party, not the ...
stef 05/21/2010 51 18 - 106
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Might Announce for AZ Governor Monday
Well, why not? As Arizona devolves into xenophobic insanity, Governor Joe "I Hate Brown People" Arpaio is the logical next step.
stef 04/30/2010 72 24 1 113
NCLR Launches Campaign on Behalf of Clay & Harold
I thought people might be interested in this opportunity to show support for Clay and Harold via the National Center for Lesbian Rights .
stef 04/19/2010 14 26 - 212
Oh Yes We Need a Little ORLY
Right this very minute. Fight if you like but DK has bigger fish to fry. Orly is running for CA SOS! She needs funds! She needs volunteers! She has an agenda that only the demented can discern, ...
stef 04/06/2010 42 19 - 34
AG Brown Finds ACORN Videos 'Severely Edited'
From AG Brown's press release, via MediaMatters Videotapes secretly recorded last summer and severely edited by O'...
stef 04/02/2010 18 43 1 27
Random Musings of Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ
Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ, birther/lawyer/dentist/realtor/black belt/poet. Below, some selected recent snippings from her virus-infected, bizarre yet fascinating site. An Orly Reality Show!
stef 04/01/2010 35 23 - 42
Tour Sponsors for Today's Tea Party The Tea Party Express III: Just Vote Them Out! Tour Join us ...
stef 03/27/2010 12 16 1 92
15 Executives Who Get Paid Millions To Deny You Health Care
From a timely article in Business ...
stef 03/19/2010 15 25 - 89
Dr. Orly Taitz 4 Ca Sec Of State 2010 dot com
Oh noes! She's going to do it! And she's doing it in her own inimitable, professional lawyer/dentist/Moldavian blackbelt style: http:/
stef 03/06/2010 68 38 1 126
RNC Powerpoint: Save the Country from Socialism! (i.e. We Ain't Got Nothing)
WHEN will the Gullibles wake up and smell the coffee? Here is the RNC, in all its Greedy Glory, laying out in very clear terms how they plan to shake them down for their cash by frightening them ...
stef 03/03/2010 16 6 - 47
Rush Limbaugh's $14M 5th Ave Penthouse for Sale
What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? Apparently it profits quite well, if you like tacky, ostentatious homes. Here's Limbaugh's $14M Manhattan ...
stef 03/02/2010 115 15 - 35
Harold Ford Meets the NY Stonewall Dems (Updated w/ Video)
Harold Ford Jr. looked rather shaken as he exited the Stonewall Democrats meeting at the LGBT Community Center in lower Manhattan ...
stef 02/24/2010 66 40 1 85
DA Investigating Bloomberg Donations to NY Independence Party
Well, well, well - what have we here? For those of you - I imagine that's most of you - unfamiliar with the history of the Independence Party ...
stef 02/10/2010 18 16 - 36
Orly, Queen of the Tea Baggers!
Yay! Orly is there at the convention. Now the Tea Party is Officially NUTZ! Orly Taitz in ...
stef 02/06/2010 40 22 - 32
Rove and O'Reilly Talk Sh*t About DK
Hilarious! If you hadn't heard , you, you denizen of the "radical loon website ...
stef 02/04/2010 122 33 3 41
Frank Luntz's New WORDS TO USE for Republican Misleaders
Here's what you'll be hearing ad nauseum tomorrow from the Just Say No Party. Frank Luntz Pens Memo To Kill ...
stef 02/01/2010 52 25 2 91
GOP "Solutions" for America (in 27 easy pages)
Wouldn't you like to know how House Republicans propose to save America in 27 pages or less? Stephen Colbert took a look, shouldn't we?
stef 01/30/2010 26 17 1 46
CA Secy of State Candidate Dr. Orly Taitz Esq.
I kid you not, she is planning to take a run at it. See below the fold for her exploratory post. All she needs is a campaign manager, volunteers, and "3-4 thousand dollars" -- "to start with." As ...
stef 01/26/2010 43 18 1 36
Orly New Year
You may have seen the Orly News in BarbinMD's Open Thread - Charles Edward Lincoln III, the Disbarred Attorney/...
stef 12/29/2009 67 28 2 29
Orly's Victory Against Al Queda
Orly's been quiet of late: her cases dismissed, allies fleeing, she's left to console herself with her imaginary friends on Facebook. But tonight, she credits herself with determining American ...
stef 12/01/2009 58 19 - 48
Glenn Beck's PLAN, Revealed
Glenn Beck unveils his new Plan. (edit: Actually, it's a Plan to Have a Plan, Eventually.) He's engaged a Shadow Cabinet. I am drafting plans now to bring us back to an America that ...
stef 11/21/2009 70 19 - 130
As the Orly Turns - Charles Edward Lincoln III Tells All
OMFG If you have been following the Orly Story , you know that she and her sidekick (...
stef 11/17/2009 89 39 2 209
Orly Beyond the Pale
She's done it again. New Memorandum submitted to Judge Carter, please see below.
stef 11/16/2009 156 36 2 40
Orly's Massive Protest Against Fox News
Wow, wish I could have made it to midtown Manhattan today. Crowds were estimated at 15-20. Yes, 15-20.
stef 11/11/2009 174 47 2 62
Orly's Big Protest Against Fox News in New York Today
Here's your opportunity to meet Orly, New York! Her big protest against Bill O'Reilly and Fox News is set for today at noon. From her site (re-infected, don't go there): ...
stef 11/11/2009 78 14 - 43
Orly Files Again
When will it end? Orly's Motion for Reconsideration of Order to Dismiss: [I]ndeed the order reads as if it is written by the defense counsel, highly biased against the plaintiffs, 99 ...
stef 11/09/2009 156 38 1 139
Orly, Orly, Pants on Fire
She's not done yet. Orly lies in her latest Declaration to Judge Carter, then swears under penalty of perjury she's told the truth. THIS DECLARATION IS BEING ...
stef 11/05/2009 123 80 - 97
Orly Gone Mad
Orly selects certain comments posted by supporters on her blog and publishes them on the front page of her site. Today she's chosen to highlight this one: Category: HOT ITEMS!, Latest ...
stef 11/01/2009 401 222 2 75
Bogus NY Post Hit Piece on Corzine
link Man who claimed to be with Corzine's re-election ...
stef 10/31/2009 26 11 - 128
Orly's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
stef 10/29/2009 88 54 - 74
Orly Declares War on Fox News
And all media. Also.
stef 10/28/2009 90 44 - 110
Total. Birther. Meltdown. First, They Get Rickrolled
It just gets more hilarious. A mysterious story appeared at Native & Natural Born Citizen Explored today. Breaking News in the case ...
stef 10/24/2009 343 279 5 328
Lucas Smith: Orly Asked Me to Lie Under Oath (Decl is Real)
Last night we debated whether the Declaration of Lucas Smith posted yesterday at ...
stef 10/23/2009 56 18 - 136
Truth or Prank?  Orly's Star Witness Tells All (New Clue)
Can this be real? This is either an elaborate hoax or the Birthers have all gone round the bend. Submitted, the Declaration of Lucas Daniel Smith . I will note that while the document is ...
stef 10/22/2009 142 27 1 225
Crazy Orly's Notice of Appeal re: Judge Land's Ruling
stef 10/20/2009 390 125 3 52
A Very Special Glenn Beck Christmas
You won't want to miss this.
stef 10/20/2009 25 6 - 41
It's Civil War in Wingnuttia
Orly and Gary Kreep have been at war for some time. They are joined at the hip in the CA Birther case, Mr. Kreep representing two of the plainitffs, Alan Keyes and Gail Lightfoot, while Orly has the ...
stef 10/19/2009 45 16 1 34
How Orly Got That Way
In the absence of any new Orly news, I took the opportunity to review the recently released transcript of the CA case in Judge Carter's court. We've been waiting for a ruling from Judge Carter since ...
stef 10/16/2009 156 35 1 24
Orly Responds to Judge Land. She Mad.
A quick diary just to point out that Orly has finally responded to Judge Land's ...
stef 10/14/2009 232 46 1 35
Orly Fined $20,000 - Judge Land's Order (Orly on HLN @9)
It's here ! Judge Land took his time with this one. For a history of the case, see this ...
stef 10/13/2009 654 447 9 502
Americare, the Public Option Health Insurance Plan
Welcome to the U.S. Health Insurance Exchange , where you can compare policies, weigh your options, and choose the health insurance plan that's right for you and your family. Choose ...
stef 10/09/2009 11 8 - 16
Keep It Classy, Wingnuttia
Bitter much? Michelle Malkin: It's almost an insult to joke that Barack Obama has become Jimmy Carter, because Jimmy Carter at least had something to stand on.
stef 10/09/2009 53 28 1 73
O RLY? Judge Carter Orders Jury Trial in Birther Case?
Can this be right? Orly is boasting about it at her virus ridden site ( - don't go there!). Per Orly: ACTUAL ORDER FROM JUDGE CARTER:MY CASE BARNETT ET AL V OBAMA ET ...
stef 10/07/2009 99 12 - 148
UPDATED: Anthony Weiner vs. Betsy McCaughey - Smackdown!
I'm back from the Weiner vs. McCaughey debate in NYC. It was Lincoln Douglas style, so Rep. Weiner spoke first for 15 minutes, then 20 minutes for McCaughey, ten for Weiner, five for McCaughey, ...
stef 10/05/2009 213 503 22 720
Anthony Weiner Debates Betsy McCaughey - Monday in NYC
Not a diary, just a Public Service Announcement, because this will be the best show in town next week. DL21C's Health Care Debate: Cong. Anthony Weiner vs. Dr. Betsy ...
stef 10/01/2009 39 21 - 36
Birther Case in Ruins: Orly's Client Now Her Adversary UPDATED
In our previous episode, Crazy Birther Lady Orly Taitz had been chastised by Judge Clay Land for filing a "frivolous" Motion for Reconsideration after her case was dismissed in Georgia Federal Court.
stef 09/28/2009 246 110 2 104
Katie Couric Asks Glenn Beck to Define "White Culture"
And she asks him about a dozen times! She gives him the Full Palin, trying again and again, politely, to get him to answer the question. Katie : Adrian from Florida ...
stef 09/25/2009 757 676 13 222
Would You Like to Meet Orly Taitz in Sue Falls?
Hie thee to the Sue Falls Sheraton. UPDATE Posted on | September 24, 2009 | No Comments A reporter from Washington Post flew in yesterday. A bio and ...
stef 09/24/2009 147 17 - 78
Orly Taitz to Continue Battle with Judge Land
Orly announced today she will respond to Judge Land's Order, and thus will surely find herself with a $10,000 fine and possible further sanctions. The "...
stef 09/20/2009 448 196 4 47
Judge Considering $10,000 Fine for Orly Taitz
Orly had better put a few dozen more PayPal links up on her site. She has pushed her luck with the court. Judge Clay Land threw Orly's cast out of court this week. Her response was to file an ...
stef 09/18/2009 76 25 - 103
March of the Tea Baggers: Ignorance on Parade (great video!)
It's time for the Tea Baggers to ditch the Republicans and revive the Know Nothing Party . Watch these insane interviews from Saturday's Tea ...
stef 09/15/2009 79 45 1 184
This Is a Very Moving Speech
It is so connected, so personal, so convincing. Watch the whole thing if you haven't seen it. Obama enters at 2:00.
stef 09/08/2009 7 4 - 1
Glenn Beck, Cult Leader
Is it safe to ignore Glenn Beck? After all, he's just a self-described "rodeo clown," spouting nonsense on a fictional "news" channel, and anybody who takes what he says as gospel is "an idiot,"
stef 09/07/2009 10 6 - 63
Glenn Beck Names His Next Targets
Now that the wingnuts have taken down Van Jones , ...
stef 09/06/2009 30 31 - 38
Prayers Of The Faithful - Ted Kennedy Funeral Mass
I transcribed the Prayers of the Faithful from Ted Kennedy's Funeral Mass. Words of inspiration, from Teddy, to us.
stef 08/29/2009 27 23 3 140
Ted Kennedy Rides a Bucking Bronco in a MT Rodeo, with Photo
In August 1960, Edward Kennedy came to Montana to campaign for his brother John at the Montana State Democratic Convention. Then he rode a bucking bronco in the Miles City Rodeo. ...
stef 08/26/2009 108 255 10 577
Outsourcing HC: Insurers Send Patients Overseas to Cut Costs
Is this where we're headed if HCR doesn't get done right? Insurance companies are launching pilot programs to send patients to India, Costa Rica, Singapore and beyond to reduce their payouts on ...
stef 08/23/2009 97 37 2 50
Glenn Beck Site Helpfully Lists His Remaining Advertisers
Color of Change has done an awesome job of alerting advertisers to Beck's racist rants. Many have pulled their ads from his show. Now ...
stef 08/15/2009 75 39 2 57
Katy Abram is a 9-12 Organizer (Updated)
Katy Abram of Arlen Spector Town Hall fame was interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell last night and claimed that this health care initiative woke her up to politics. In fact, she helped to organize the ...
stef 08/13/2009 596 485 9 639
This is a Living Will; This is a Health Care Proxy
And below is the provision in HR3200 that orders Medicare to pay your doctor for a counseling session if your Grandma wants to learn more about these forms. Grandma doesn't have to have the ...
stef 08/07/2009 17 8 2 131
The Hospital "Birth Certificate" is Just a Keepsake, Orly
Orly "Out of Her Freaking Mind" Taitz said on MSNBC today: In Hawaii the way announcements were made in the newspapers, they ...
stef 08/03/2009 50 12 - 84
Gates Says 'Yes' To Beer With Crowley
Not really a diary, more like an update. Thought you all would want to know that Henry Louis Gates has taken President Obama up on his invitation to sit down for a beer with Sgt. Crowley.
stef 07/25/2009 176 33 - 17
Henry Louis Gates' Arrest, In His Own Words
Since President Obama tonight stated his reaction to the arrest of his friend, "Skip Gates", and since we all know the pundits will be talking it up it as a diversion from the health care debate, I ...
stef 07/22/2009 675 249 1 195
Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice Responds to Palin's Lawyer
Sarah Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, launched a press release Saturday threatening journalists and bloggers who'd openly wondered whether her curious resignation on Friday had anything to do with ...
stef 07/06/2009 186 293 5 87
I Think It's Housegate!
I had a hunch and now I have a clue - from Bradblog: FURTHER UPDATE: Okay, I've now been able to get independent information from multiple sources ...
stef 07/03/2009 37 31 1 232
Bush Made 77 Trips to Crawford TX at $226,072 a Pop
I am delighted that President Obama took Michelle to my town, New York City, for dinner and a show. What a great advertisement for a great city! It was our delight to have them here, as the cheering ...
stef 06/02/2009 519 624 19 485
Report from Today's Freeper Tea Party in NYC - with photos
Yes, I was there at the Freeper Teabagger Rally in New York today at City Hall Park. It was underwhelming, to say the least. Approximately 200 people turned out and most of them got up to speak. ...
stef 02/28/2009 126 45 1 79
Burning Question #1: What's In Cheney's Basement?
With only nine days to go, I'm sincerely hoping Obama and Biden will shed light on some enduring mysteries of the Bush/Cheney years. Please guys, open the doors and let the sun shine in, enquiring ...
stef 01/11/2009 50 16 1 35
Salt Lake Weekly Fires Dan Savage for Utah Boycott
The syndicated columnist Dan Savage has been dropped by the Salt Lake Weekly for his support of a Utah boycott.
stef 11/13/2008 193 35 - 29
Barack & Michelle Go Out to Dinner
Date Night is back! Don't they look happy?
stef 11/09/2008 65 22 1 27
Who Is Funding the National Republican Trust PAC?
The ones airing the Wright ad incessantly. Not much info on the website . The domain registration is Domains by Proxy.
stef 11/03/2008 37 14 2 102
They Dressed Trig as an Elephant
Is that cool? Making your baby into a party mascot? Piper is a Snow Princess. Her mother is the Ice Queen of Mean. And scary Uncle Mac escaped from Night of the Living Dead.
stef 10/31/2008 216 4 1 46
Actual Meaning of "Redistributive Change"
" Redistributive change " does not mean what McCain says it does. Redistributive change is a narrowly-defined legal term referring to equal access to things like education and legal ...
stef 10/30/2008 6 5 1 1
McCain & Bush & the Upward Redistribution of Wealth
Can McCain and Bush deny that they have led the charge on redistribution of wealth over the past eight years? They have redistributed billions of dollars upward to the super rich in the form of tax ...
stef 10/28/2008 16 4 - 33
'Redistribution' Debunked
John McCain is a Desperate Man. Today he's obsessed with the single word "redistributive", which he plucks from a discussion of civil rights and constitutional law among Obama and fellow law ...
stef 10/27/2008 22 23 3 241
NY City Council Bows to Bloomie, Overturns Term Limits
This afternoon the shameless New York City Council overturned not one but TWO citywide referenda enacting term limits, to give billionaire autocrat Michael Bloomberg a shot at a third term. ...
stef 10/23/2008 63 7 - 8
Palin Fashion Parade: Can You Identify the Designers?
Fashionistas, start your engines. Which designers are represented in Palin's spectacular RNC-funded $150,000 wardrobe? Extra points if you can tell us the price of the outfit. Buy Baby Buy! (1)
stef 10/22/2008 54 6 - 1
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