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Brief Thoughts on The Deal: Don't Forget 2014
Now, I am a relative newcomer to the Kos community (I've been here for a few years now, but I only began writing diaries relatively recently), so I will briefly introduce my political thoughts as ...
steveholt 01/02/2013 8 2 - -
Taxes: What you need to know about the coming fight and why
Unfortunately, two contemporary trends contribute significantly to the convolution of the economics behind taxation: the lack of public education on the fundamentals of economic theory and the ...
steveholt 11/20/2012 8 4 - -
An Open Letter to Conservatives
Attn Conservatives: You know what the problem was? You weren't conservative enough! In 2016, you need to make sure you elect someone who is actually a conservative, not some prissy CEO from that ...
steveholt 11/07/2012 2 3 - -
House Effects: An Updated Comparison and Final Projection
As it turns out, my last diary about polls was not my last diary about polls. I have previously posted about the suspicious up tick in polls from conservative outfits after the first debate ( here ),
steveholt 11/06/2012 6 5 - -
Funny Appeal from Gary Johnson's Google+
Just sharing this because it's always fun for me to make fun of libertarians, and pointing out the shallowness of their beliefs and hypocrisy never gets old. Gary Johnson's latest post on G+: Of ...
steveholt 10/26/2012 9 9 - -
Slicing and Dicing the Data: We Are Winning and Will Landslide with Solid GOTV Effort
Alright, so this may will be my last diary on polls between now and election day, as I plan to shift my blogging efforts to more substantive policy arguments. I have previously written about the ...
steveholt 10/26/2012 4 5 - -
Quick (and I mean quick) thought on Mourdock comments
First, I must make the important, up-front statement that I am not religious and believe very , very , very (I don't know if I can emphasize that enough) strongly that religion, politics, government,
steveholt 10/24/2012 9 - - -
Debates 2012: In my mind, the KO of the debate
Although the horses, bayonets, and battleship segment from Obama provided a great jab, dressed down Romney for his empty rhetoric and amateurish knowledge of how government and military planning and ...
steveholt 10/23/2012 4 14 1 -
Alarmism and Nate Silver's New Forecasting
I just read a few diaries here and here about Obama's dip in Nate Silver's new forecast. The alarmism from both Nate and the Kossacks that follow him is surprising, as the dip can be easily explained,
steveholt 10/12/2012 134 35 1 -
One Short, Two Minute Response Obama Can Use to Crush Romney (Probably for Good) In the 2nd Debate
I offer my humble opinion below the fold of how President Obama can walk into the second debate, prepared with a few previous "severely conservative" quotes from Mitt Romney and the dates they were ...
steveholt 10/10/2012 7 10 - 213
Debate 2012: Chill-out because we are still winning, and some final thoughts
In light of the recent Pew and PPP polls (both very legitimate polls with understandable findings and using reliable, scientific methodology, I have been seeing a resurgence of panic, both here ...
steveholt 10/09/2012 13 3 - 86
Google+ Debates: Coffee with Conservatives about Contraceptives
Cross-posted from In today’s installment of Google+ debates, I took on a Catholic conservative male on a thread about the new study showing that free birth control reduces ...
steveholt 10/08/2012 14 7 - 90
2012 Debates: Why Lying and Bullying Moderators is a Short-term Win
Cross-posted from .com I've been seeing a lot of glum, "house is on fire," "Obama lost the debate" loser talk here on Kos. I say non-sense. President Obama did exactly ...
steveholt 10/04/2012 14 15 - 165
Are You Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago? A Sampling of Sept. 15th, 2008 Headlines
I present the first in a series of related entries to combat the Romney/MSM lunatic question, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" Beyond simply being a dodge tactic designed to ...
steveholt 09/12/2012 5 8 - 86
Can We Stop Talking About the Political Implications of the #@%^$&# Weather?!
Short diary, don't want to dwell, but seriously, what the hell? So now, evidently, Nate Silver has written about this, complete with a misguided, waste-of-time statistical analysis. Here's the non-...
steveholt 09/06/2012 5 5 - 129
A Google+ Argument with a Conservative
Hey all. Quick hit diary, because I don't have much time to write too much in detail. Basically, the context: I was on Google+, which I use as just another news aggregate by following the streams of ...
steveholt 09/06/2012 14 18 1 296
The Most Destructive Myth Today: “We Can’t Afford That Anymore”
Cross-posted from In the current climate of austerity, recession, and anxiety about perceived national decline, we, as a nation, face numerous large, complex, multivariate ...
steveholt 08/20/2012 11 9 - 165
A Cure for Voter Amnesia: Changing the Frame About the Economy
Hello Kos Community! I have been following the community for about a year now, and some of you may have seen my occasional comments in various threads. This is my first diary (of hopefully many), ...
steveholt 08/01/2012 8 14 1 126
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