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GUS Friday Morning Open Thread
Good morning, my dreams get on my last nerve. And my shoulder hurts from lifting a really heavy bag of cat litter a few days ago. And Flickr won't let me post any pictures. Ain't that tragic? Smooch ...
flumptytail 05/29/2015 12
GUS 5-28-15 Open Thread
I almost hate to tear away from Vacationland's pithy diary last night. It's a new day, washed clean by torrents of rain last night. I woke up this morning with a renewed zest for life. I have to ...
Portia Elm 05/28/2015 46
GUS: A Little Nudge
GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, suggestions or positive distractions are appreciated. If you are quitting ...
Vacationland 05/27/2015 58
GUS Memorial Day Open Thread
Hi Everybody! Happy grillin, or whatever you are doing today... Here's a grilled vegetable pizza that looks good Pizza with char-grilled ...
Portia Elm 05/25/2015 154
GUS: Happy LGBT Equal Rights Demanded by the Irish Weekend w/ Recipes
Good Sunday, GUSgreenies!!!!!!! Sure, we all know my entire ancestral family pushed the vote wayyyyyy over the top for the Yes vote in Ireland for Marriage Equality. You can thank me and mine later.
gchaucer2 05/24/2015 42
GUS Friday Morning Open Thread
Good morning, it was so much fun having anod visit me. My husband, Luis and my neighbor all got to meet him and they all liked him a lot. I am so flattered he came here to see me. I've finally met ...
flumptytail 05/22/2015 67
GUS - 5-21-15 Open Thread
Good Morning, all you Gusmaintainers! Hope you all are safe, warm, dry and happy! We have had a cold front sitting on us for a few days here, Sarah, Romeo and I. I am using the Mercury retrograde ...
Portia Elm 05/21/2015 93
Gus - 5-18-15 Open Thread
Hew, Gusskittehs! I know you can play amongst yourselves, so I am not worried that I can't be here for a few days. Hope everyone is well and happy, and smoke-free. Smoking is not only about your ...
Portia Elm 05/18/2015 33

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