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Cars Suck
I'd like to first thank diarist mark louis for his strong stance on driving as it relates to our ...
superflat 05/22/2010 115 12 - 512
TSA fail, hope for health care?
Right now we're looking to the White House for leadership, but more than that, aggression. So I want to pose a simple question: If Obama can't ram through a TSA nominee after an attempted terrorist ...
superflat 01/20/2010 4 3 - 14
Work Does Not Equal Happiness
Tragically, too many policy makers, politicians, and journalists conflate work and "progress" with human happiness.
superflat 10/21/2009 10 8 - 110
Obama's Gamble
Sometimes it's worth waiting out the storm.
superflat 10/15/2009 17 8 - 42
Embarrass Your Kids
Don't write letters...
superflat 09/08/2009 7 1 - 7
How Did Krugman Get It So Wrong?
Krugman's thorough, well-researched piece "How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?" can overlook the obvious. In essence, his ...
superflat 09/04/2009 50 11 - 22
Preventative Medicine: The Bipartisan Health Care Solution
Prevention is the long-term answer to health care costs that everyone can get behind.
superflat 08/11/2009 4 - - 4
Where are the Cash for Clunkers Protests? (Update)
Socialized car buying? Awesome! Where are the conservatives when you need them?
superflat 08/10/2009 54 6 - 47
Drowning Ourselves in Catch Phrases
Green shoots, bail-outs, public options, oh my.
superflat 07/30/2009 11 2 - 32
Complain about Airport Security? You're the Enemy of Single Payer.
The notion that government bureaucracies are universally inefficient is a dangerous myth.
superflat 07/23/2009 18 5 - 13
You Can't Fix Health Care Without Prevention
A brief response to Jill Richardson's Excellent Diary, "You Can't Fix Healthcare Without Fixing Obesity."
superflat 07/21/2009 19 5 - 18
Sotomayor is Smart
Listening to Sotomayor, it's easy to forget that her hearing is political.
superflat 07/14/2009 20 8 - 1
During the Great Depression, We Destroyed Food
The essential lesson of the Great Depression was that we destroyed food to boost market prices while people were starving.
superflat 07/03/2009 17 15 1 23
The Auto Industry? What About the Auto?
In times of crisis we tend to focus on the most immediate -- and superficial -- problems. This is clearly this case with our intervention in the failing auto industry, which should be viewed as an ...
superflat 06/11/2009 76 3 - 50
David vs. His Credit Score
Like one's social security number or driver's license, one's credit score is something everyone needs to provide fairly often and something everyone needs to keep track of. However, like most health ...
superflat 06/08/2009 25 11 - 27
Presidenting at the Speed of Internet
To what extent has the the rapid pacing of information age affected our expectations of the speed at which Obama should be taking care of business?
superflat 05/21/2009 2 - - 9
The Healthcare Debate We'll NEVER Have
As two Rec diaries today point out ( here ) and (
superflat 05/20/2009 9 11 - 1
Unemployment Up? Work Less.
According to just about anyone, creating jobs is a good thing. I couldn't disagree more. A simple question: Could we thrive working less?
superflat 05/13/2009 75 11 2 38
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