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Sheriffs and Bi-polar, I sure could use some guidance
(I'm going to start out brief and elaborate as required if that's ok) I have a daughter who's bi-polar. I'm her dad. I had her hospitalized for mania on Christmas day and she spent nine days there.
suspiciousmind 02/15/2013 47 14 - -
So, I contacted my congressperson....
Like Obama asked last night, I put together a quick letter to Sue Myrick. I know I could've gone to extreme lengths and given many more examples but, this one has stood out in my mind for a long time.
suspiciousmind 07/26/2011 45 8 - 234
Back to the Sixties?
Something's happening here, and it's feeling a lot like we're back in the sixties. I've been a Kos member for several years now and have never done a diary before but I'd like to point something ...
suspiciousmind 10/07/2008 14 1 - 1
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