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Leviticus Levity, Exodus Examples
What if we took the letter of the law in Leviticus seriously? A little post caught my attention, which was just way too funny and thought provoking to share. So, if someone tries to say "...well ...
swilliamrex 10/27/2014 19 21 1 -
Who are YOU calling a racist?!
I've been called a lot of things online by assorted trolls, but this one took the cake. In a discussion that started about three weeks ago, on this article , I was called a racist. I'm going to ...
swilliamrex 10/15/2014 22 6 - -
You fired the coach, but will that fix the team?
Today, May 31, 2014, Eric Shinseki resigned as Secretary of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. While that, and the earlier firings of the heads of the Phoenix VA hospital may bring immediate ...
swilliamrex 05/30/2014 4 2 - -
"Sock" it to me?!
Just when I thought I'd be left alone (after I unsubscribed, online and on the phone)...I get yet another pitch from the GOP. Like a curse, I am still hounded for money...and this is just another ...
swilliamrex 04/29/2014 7 2 - -
I am a happy bigot
I saw this on a yahoo post...Not really sure if it was sent in jest or as serious commentary. It brings to mind Randy Newman (It's certainly his style!) and his satirical style of songwriting...yet ...
swilliamrex 03/04/2014 2 - - -
Don't join 'em...Beat 'em (sort of!)
First and foremost, let it be said I am not a violent man. I prefer to mind my own business, and defer to the law of the land. That said, I am an Okie and a vet...which means fighting is a part of ...
swilliamrex 02/05/2014 4 2 - -
Funny little rants from other forums
In this controlled environment, I tend to essentially see level headed folks writing pretty cutting edge articles (of course, Progressives tend to be in that lot). But in the netherrealms that is ...
swilliamrex 01/27/2014 3 2 - -
Putin in a dress?! (Gotta love it!)
President for Life (and I type this semi-sarcastically) Vladimir Putin may run Russia with an iron fist, but not everyone marches to the beat of his particular artists. And one has ...
swilliamrex 01/14/2014 3 4 - -
On glitter and bioterrorism...
As the new year beckons, and the old one slips away...I wonder how we as a civilization have made it this far, especially considering some of the dumb things we have done. And here in Oklahoma, ...
swilliamrex 12/28/2013 3 4 1 -
Deep purple
Well, so it begins... I've been aware of the Kos for a few years...another voice in the screaming din we call the world wide web. If John the Baptist were here in this environment, he probably ...
swilliamrex 12/24/2013 6 4 - -
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