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GUS before I'm ready
My husband and I have been long time smokers. We had tried E-Cigs and they worked until my MIL had a major health issue, then we started smoking again. Now my husband has a major health issue and ...
sylvien 05/19/2013 28 7 - -
Stupid diary
It was suggested that I post a diary about this so here goes. I'm calling it stupid diary because this reminds me of the time I got frustrated with the pothole at the end our street that just never ...
sylvien 06/03/2009 118 1 1 20
I posted this in WYFP It is HR1388, now S 277, the GIVE bill that passed whilst we were all dithering over the AIG bonuses. Great distraction and have heard nary a word on this in any of the msm.
sylvien 03/21/2009 19 1 - 2
I wish I could alter reality
I wish I could alter reality from my very own comforting sanctuary I'd erase all the bullies from the palm of my hand Or change a rock group to a peruvian flute band I'd alter every single ...
sylvien 01/07/2009 12 8 1 25
Michelle's Oustandingness and negative glitz.
This diary is going to be short and sweet, Michelle's wonderful speech being the inspiration. fart a rainbow down to the other side.
sylvien 08/25/2008 69 1 - 2
Critical Mass, Yay or Nay?
I'm talking about the Critical Mass movement whereby Bicyclists gather en masse and stop traffic, literally. They *cork* major intersections so that traffic can't move forward. Lately they ...
sylvien 07/29/2008 73 3 - 27
A Good Health Care Story
So many times on this blog we talk about healthcare nightmares and this is not to discount them but many times the horrendous experiences overshadow the everyday good ones that happen and are not ...
sylvien 07/22/2008 8 2 1 1
Honesty is a virtue.
Today, my 21 y/o son recieved a birthday card from his grandma. Enclosed was a check. His birthday was back in August and he had already recieved a card and check. But, my mom thought she forgot ...
sylvien 12/08/2007 13 5 - -
Hey now!
Hidden comments here are like wandering into my 5th grade son's classroom.. Honestly, all I have seen there is petty grievences punctuated with snotty oneups. Such drama. Such gossip. Such ...
sylvien 09/27/2007 20 1 - -
I don't give a s***.
And F-you, said my son to his friend tonight during a disagreement. Both boys are 10 and today was the last day of school so they were feeling their oats to say the least but upon hearing this ...
sylvien 06/20/2007 68 5 1 -
How many folks here are weather junkies?
As a departure from the political and all, are any of you into weather? Tonight here in upstate NY we are getting thunderstorms which btw I love. I love the thunder and lightening. Is anyone ...
sylvien 05/15/2007 55 4 - 12
Happy Mothers Day!
So many of us are moms here so I think it is appropriate to honor US! Now, I don't know the origins of Mothers Day but I do know that moms should be honored, afterall, it is us moms who rock the ...
sylvien 05/12/2007 17 10 2 -
Eville Suburban Everything.  
As a white suburban mom with white surburban kids working in a white suburban school I am getting really sick and tired of *bash the white surburban lifestyle* thingy as it pertains to bullying, ...
sylvien 04/21/2007 110 4 - 21
New York is the new North Carolina
It was 50 degrees today and foggy. On Jan 1. In Upstate NY. It has been mild, in the 40s for all of December. What's not to like, my husband says. No snow to shovel. Low heating bills. We'...
sylvien 01/01/2007 51 5 - -
What is your favorite Halloween Costume?
sylvien 10/30/2006 49 3 - -
Stay at home moms are Dems too!
sylvien 09/03/2006 36 6 - 12
Ha Ha Ha America
sylvien 02/26/2006 17 2 - -
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