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Markets' stinging rebuke of GOP healthcare claims
We've heard a lot from Republicans about how the Affordable Care Act would be a disaster for the healthcare industry, how the medical device tax would drive companies out of the business, how the ...
tarheelian51 03/26/2015 3 11 - -
Bill Koch wins Nobel Prize for Irony
“It’s sacrilegious,” Koch says. “Here is something beautiful and wonderful they are destroying for base reasons. How would you feel if some guy burnt the Mona Lisa? I feel my love has been ...
tarheelian51 09/28/2014 22 11 - -
Non-citizens could vote in 13 states
American history is full of little surprises like this. Looking for information on an unrelated topic, I stumbled across this little nugget: "The period from about 1840 through about 1910 was оnе ...
tarheelian51 03/05/2013 5 2 - -
May 4, 1970: Nixon & Kissinger's Kent State phone call
Many of us at the time of Kent State wondered just how the White House saw the shootings. Given the Nixon/Agnew position that anti-war protesters were "bums," the common supposition then was that ...
tarheelian51 05/04/2011 6 7 1 126
Measured: How moving polling places depresses turnout
Anecdotes and educated guesses about why election officials make an unusual number of changes in polling places before an election are widespread. What's been lacking has been a procedure for ...
tarheelian51 04/15/2011 7 10 1 41
Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor Henry King (1919-2009)
Henry King was the youngest American prosecutor at Nuremberg and a pioneer in international human rights law. "Henry King is the George Washington of modern international law," said David M. Crane, ...
tarheelian51 05/16/2009 7 13 - 18
Missing emails: White House stalls to the bitter end
For years Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the National Security Archive have been ...
tarheelian51 01/16/2009 3 9 1 82
Lisa Jackson @ EPA: A warning light is blinking
After the last eight years of the Bush administration's environmental policies, it is difficult not to feel a sense of relief over their imminent departure. But I would be a lot more optimistic if ...
tarheelian51 12/10/2008 14 9 - 33
NC: "This is history - I don't have time to be embarrassed"
I got this story from Kevin Farmer, the Chair of the Durham County Democratic Party: "There's this fantastic voter registration dynamo in Durham named Louise. I gave her 500 forms a while ago, and ...
tarheelian51 10/03/2008 23 34 - 53
How Republicans Use Hurricanes in Florida
This story has been covered already by a few blogs, but not here, and none seems to have presented the graphic shown below. Jowie Chen, a doctoral student in political science at Stanford, obtained ...
tarheelian51 08/19/2008 17 14 2 174
Help free professor "disappeared" by Saudis
I'm normally skeptical about email chains, but this checks out. See, for example, . I've edited the email (below) for readability ...
tarheelian51 06/09/2008 8 11 - 10
NC Republicans give McCain 74% of vote
From the NC Board of Elections website: Mike Huckabee 12.17% 63,061 Alan Keyes 2.63% 13,631 John McCain 73.99% 383,401 Ron Paul 7.22% 37,392 No Preference 3.99% 20,...
tarheelian51 05/06/2008 10 7 - 3
Court Sets Deadline on Missing White House E-mail
Today, responding to the National Security Archive's motion in the pending White House e-mail lawsuit, Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola of the U.S. District ...
tarheelian51 04/24/2008 9 18 - 14
Without fanfare Bush alters deterrence policy
The shadings and subtle nuances that distinguish the Clinton and Obama words on deterrence have been given a lot of attention lately, but actual Bush administration policy has escaped serious ...
tarheelian51 04/21/2008 16 12 - 8
NC voter registration and opinion poll results
Most voter registration in North Carolina ended last Friday (the exception is people who vote early beginning April 17, and who register at the polling place.) This morning the Raleigh News & ...
tarheelian51 04/15/2008 11 5 - 4
Britain:  Conservative MPs cash in on their seats
"We are not supposed to be an assembly of gentlemen who have no interests of any kind and no association of any kind. That is ridiculous. That may apply in Heaven, but not, happily, here." ---
tarheelian51 03/23/2008 2 5 - 3
Court Orders Bush to Show Cause Why Emails Can't Be Produced
In an order issued today, the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia directed the Executive Office of the President (EOP) to show cause why it should not be ordered to create and preserve ...
tarheelian51 03/18/2008 11 26 1 11
Iraq: Decoding US and insurgent "surges"
One weakness of news coverage of the Iraq war has been the lack of convincing "big picture" stories. Even when reporters try to do this, they invariably give snapshot views of events in a few ...
tarheelian51 02/26/2008 2 - - 12
US now officially acknowledges Israeli nukes
In a story headlined "CIA: We said back in 1974 that Israel had nuclear weapons," the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on a ...
tarheelian51 01/11/2008 201 8 - 3
I.T. and politics -- new research
The first issue of the Journal of Information Technology & Politics is now available free online at: The Table of Contents is below. (Perhaps of special note: "WEB ...
tarheelian51 12/13/2007 6 4 1 1
TNR: "Fred Thompson Channels L. Ron Hubbard"
It might seem odd to link Fred Thompson to L. Ron Hubbard. But, as former Bush (Sr.) administration Treasury official Bruce Bartlett recounts in the current edition ...
tarheelian51 09/09/2007 19 6 - 21
Wolfowitz and the "3 camps" theory of the WH
I was hoping that the comments on Jerome's diary would have more to say about the original Financial Times story on the three camps supposedly inhabiting the White House. Since the string of ...
tarheelian51 05/17/2007 9 9 - 3
The economic consequences of reducing trade barriers, lesson one
Does free trade benefit everyone? This claim is advanced so often, and so casually, that one might suppose that it is a basic result in economic theory, a sort of Newton's Law for the international ...
tarheelian51 04/23/2007 10 10 1 -
Evidence that Dems overspend in safe seats
tarheelian51 10/24/2006 7 1 - -
Measuring "bias" in presidential approval polls
tarheelian51 08/27/2006 58 5 - 140
Understanding Voter Turnout, pt. 3: Less obvious patterns
tarheelian51 08/23/2006 7 8 - 131
Understanding voter turnout: Key insights
tarheelian51 08/21/2006 19 21 - 157
Understanding voter turnout: the basics (pt. 1)
tarheelian51 08/20/2006 2 7 - -
US policy towards the latest Arab-Israeli war: Is Djerejian right?
tarheelian51 07/14/2006 8 2 - -
Why not privatize marriage?
tarheelian51 06/28/2006 70 9 - 22
Global warming and earthquakes: The other shoe drops
tarheelian51 06/16/2006 17 12 - 1
WSJ attack puppy nips at Juan Cole's ankles
tarheelian51 04/27/2006 12 14 1 2
What a "bunker busting" nuclear attack would do
tarheelian51 04/11/2006 4 7 2 -
What are you doing on Tax Day? Something one person can do
tarheelian51 04/06/2006 3 1 - -
More on Democrats in Action
tarheelian51 04/03/2006 4 1 - 17
Democrats in Action
tarheelian51 04/02/2006 18 4 1 18
"We're CNN with secrets"
tarheelian51 03/31/2006 9 12 1 3
"They said it was democracy and freedom, but in reality, it was occupation"
tarheelian51 03/24/2006 1 5 - -
More disquieting revelations about contractors in Iraq
tarheelian51 03/23/2006 3 5 1 -
Iraq's indigenous sources of uranium ore
tarheelian51 11/27/2005 2 - - -
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