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WaPo: PASS HCR-"Important Seeds of Reform"
"HEALTH REFORM IS A RISK WORTH TAKING" While the Washington Post has been tracking to the right recently, it has this morning come out with an ...
tassojunior 03/18/2010 10 15 - 45
BREAKING:Summary of Reconciliation Bill !
Extremely short diary for those who can't wait on official posting Got this as a Tweet so not even sure it'll open for everyone. Says it's as-of 3.15.2010 so last night's changes wouldn't be there.
tassojunior 03/18/2010 11 2 1 18
Corporation Runs for Congress
tassojunior 03/13/2010 10 8 1 23
State Single Payer Plans In Peril
Several states' legislatures are close to enacting single-payer healthcare bills. This is a complete healthcare solution that eliminates the for-profit insurance industry, lowers the cost of ...
tassojunior 03/12/2010 11 18 3 51
Senate Bill is '93 Repug HCR Bill
While neither condemning or endorsing the present Senate HIR bill, the startling thing is that it is almost identical to the plan proposed by Republicans in 1993 to counter the Clinton ...
tassojunior 03/09/2010 96 14 2 48
Is O Giving Up on Fiscal Conservatives for HIR?
NYT has two interesting stories today. First, President Obama is meeting with progressive members of the House who are sceptical of current HCR bills. Next he's meeting with potential swing vote ...
tassojunior 03/04/2010 16 2 - 12
PhRma Generic PayOff Scheme Costs US $35B/Yr.
From today's Washington Post: Pharmaceutical lobbyists are also targeting Obama's plan, which includes administration proposals to secure an extra $10 billion in cuts from the ...
tassojunior 02/28/2010 10 6 - 32
BREAKING Obama:Kill PhRma Scheme, Save Consumers $35B/yr
We all know that PhRma was jawboned into contributing an extra amount of at least $10Billion to further close the donut hole in Medicare, meaning PhRma will be contributing about $100Billion total. ...
tassojunior 02/22/2010 26 53 3 62
Richest 400's Median Tax Rate 16%, Their Income Up 400%
Leona Helmsley's statement that "the rich don't pay tax" isn't true; they pay about 16%. An annual IRS study of the top 400 taxpayers was first made public during the Clinton presidency.
tassojunior 02/18/2010 45 42 - 46
Feds, States Now Pay Half of All Health Costs ($1.2Trillion)
Short Diary: An article in today's WaPo, getting circulated fast, says the government by 2012 will be paying half of all health care costs in the US. Total healthcare spending in the US is about $2....
tassojunior 02/04/2010 9 11 - 12
Save HCR with Risk Equalization
By necessity this is a somewhat short diary because there frankly hasn't been any real discussion (yet) of using what most of the rest of the western world realizes is the most important aspect of ...
tassojunior 01/30/2010 1 5 - 26
Homophobic Belfast PM's Wife (60) had Teenaged Lover-Photos & Poll
"Just as a murderer can be redeemed by the blood of Christ, so can a homosexual". ...she condemned homosexuals as revolting and called on them to seek help from psychiatrists and ...
tassojunior 01/09/2010 51 10 - 37
DEMS Kill Drug Re-Importation !! "DEAL" UPDATE
The final vote was 51-48 with 60 votes needed for passage. Democrats who voted against Drug Re-Importation were: akaka, baucus, burris, bayh, cantwell, carper, carden, casey, durbin, ...
tassojunior 12/15/2009 519 365 5 689
Poll- What's Our Main HCR Objective ?
While HCR will hopefully insure many uninsured, reduce premiums and enhance coverage for policy holders, and reduce the deficit, many of the diaries and comments seem to be confused as to which goal ...
tassojunior 12/04/2009 13 3 - 52
Trades to Make in HCR
It's time for us to start thinking about "outside the Public Option box" things to bargain for that would allow those on record as opposed to it to save face, get a much stronger HCR, get expansion ...
tassojunior 12/02/2009 1 4 1 34
Geithner Shows His Ass on FTT - Poll on Geithner
While we're pondering whether to make health care affordable for moderate income Americans, how to keep Medicare and Social Security from bankruptcy, and the peasants are storming the government ...
tassojunior 11/23/2009 38 39 - 133
Trigger the Damn Mandate
Of all the aspects of the HCR bills, the Mandate is the most politically destructive for the future of the Democratic party. While average Americans may understand the mandate to have auto insurance ...
tassojunior 11/22/2009 60 11 1 164
Marine Terrorist Priest Attacker in Gay Circuit (Photos!)
For those few who haven't heard yet a Marine reservist in Tampa attacked a visiting 5'6" Greek Priest with a tire iron, "assuming he was a Muslim terrorist". Not only did he attack him but actually ...
tassojunior 11/10/2009 52 16 1 129
Billions for New US/Afghan Bases
Anyone doubting that the major US escalation in Afghanistan is coming needs to read up on the stimulus-size amounts being put into base improvements there. This is a story the MSM has totally ...
tassojunior 11/09/2009 21 12 - 48
Males Routinely Ground Up Alive Video
I realize animal cruelty is part of human life and sympathy for animals risks provoking the GOP and the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. But still.... AP and HuffPo have gotten hold of ...
tassojunior 09/02/2009 71 15 - 48
Embassy Guards' "Gay" Orgies in Kabul on Video
POGO, the Project On Government Oversight, today exposed that employees of Wackenhut who guard the US Embassy in Kabul routinely have been having naked drunk-fests where potato chips are eaten out ...
tassojunior 09/01/2009 29 9 - 36
GOP Plan to Bankrupt USA
Steven Pearlstein has a great tongue-in-cheek article in today's Washington Post about what doing nothing about health care costs would mean for America.
tassojunior 08/26/2009 12 10 - 8
Boycott AZ  Over Guns?
Travel guru Arthur Frommer is suggesting that tourists may want to boycott Arizona after the legal carrying of assault rifles to Obama's speech there. He notes a new law also allows anyone with a ...
tassojunior 08/22/2009 89 4 - 4
Report: US Soldiers Executing Gay Iraqis
I searched and haven't found this posted yet. The Washington Blade is reporting today on a story coming out of a LGBT event in Lebanon in which a speaker has photos of many gays being tortured and ...
tassojunior 07/30/2009 50 16 - 86
Coleman Re-Thinks Election Challenge
We all remember Norm Coleman saying that Al Franken should refuse a recount to save Minnesota $78,000 and that if he were in the same situation that's what he would do. Well with half the recount ...
tassojunior 11/21/2008 21 17 1 26
HOT-Provide Refreshments at Poll Lines for Obama
Many people still don't have an activity planned for election day. If the three-to-eight hour waits are any indication Tuesday is going to be a nightmare-especially for the after-work voters. Many ...
tassojunior 11/02/2008 11 8 - 3
all McCain ads have disappeared
Has anyone else noticed all McCain ads disappearing? I live in DC which is the television market for northern Virginia, one of the most critical markets in the election.
tassojunior 10/14/2008 110 23 - 24
A Tiny Stock Transfer Fee Would Raise 150billion Year
As the government chisels together a Wall Street bailout certain follow-ups are probably coming. We are talking about forfeiting pay to executives, investigation on defrauding investors, and seizing ...
tassojunior 09/24/2008 18 14 - 10
Repugs Laying Bailout Trap for Democrats
An earlier diary from Kos today got me worrying this afternoon about the bailout becoming the October surprise and Swiftboat campaign turned into one. Forget the populist Democrat vs. corporatist ...
tassojunior 09/22/2008 35 6 - -
President Jed Bartlett Advises Obama "GET ANGRIER!"
Maureen Dowd in yesterday's New York Times has a great would-be meeting of President Jed Bartlett of the "West Wing" with Barack Obama. (The piece was actually written by Aaron Sorkin, the writer ...
tassojunior 09/21/2008 28 13 - 10
NYT-Virginia's Turning Blue
The ole gray lady does it again with a great summary of how Virginia votes and how the Old Dominion is changing into a mid-atlantic state with the growth of the DC suburbs. Probably second only to ...
tassojunior 09/18/2008 53 47 1 14
LBJ's "Lost" Critical Ad- Tearing Up the Social Security Card
In all the excitement to dust off LBJ's famous "Daisy" ad, we forget that he was a master at devastating Republicans on many issues. I was a young teenager then but will always remember the Daisy ad ...
tassojunior 09/16/2008 29 44 1 25
HOT-Virginia GOP ex-Governor to Campaign for Obama
Former GOP governor Linwood Holton today endorsed a Democrat for president for the first time and is going to stump critical areas of the state for him. Linwood Holton is the hero of moderate ...
tassojunior 09/15/2008 369 1020 23 597
WOW- Hard Anti-McCain attack ad goes national !!!
I almost fell out of my chair while tuned into CNN just now. A 30-second version of the first ad below from a fellow p.o.w. just showed nationally. He says that being a p.o.w. has nothing to do with ...
tassojunior 09/14/2008 87 69 3 85
UPDATE:Want Attack Ads? Here They Are!
There's no shortage of diaries on how we need stronger ads attacking the Repug lies. What people don't understand is that the national campaign doesn't fund those- it's up to the "527's". Even LBJ's ...
tassojunior 09/12/2008 15 16 3 21
Hot News-Palin to Finish Rest of McSame's Campaign for Him
From NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger ABOARD PALIN CAMPAIGN PLANE -- The McCain campaign is "very seriously considering" having McCain and Palin campaign together more often than not in the ...
tassojunior 09/10/2008 19 7 - 11
CBS News Lead Story- Palin Lies About Bridge
Don't know how this slipped by Couric but the lead story on CBS Evening News is a really harsh story on how Palin supported the bridge. It shows repeated clips of her saying she opposed it and then ...
tassojunior 09/09/2008 68 52 3 18
New GOP Ad- Kay Hagan a Fibbing Yapping Dog
Dole's ad below shows Hagan as a nuisance yapping dog and says she is often called a "fibber."
tassojunior 09/07/2008 12 4 1 12
America's New Hero-Protestor - & POLL
tassojunior 09/05/2008 26 33 1 16
Obama up 14% in NM "Swing" District- SUSA
While conducting their poll of New Mexico's CD-1 SUSA also asked the presidential preference. The poll was of 691 "likely" voters for Roll Call and seems very reputable. (While NM-1 is the ...
tassojunior 09/03/2008 28 13 - 2
Alaska- America's Socialist State
We all know that pot was legal in Alaska (and still is in the 1st judicial circuit) and that Sarah Palin admits to smoking it "when it was legal". Alaskans know that the state has many more bars ...
tassojunior 09/02/2008 9 10 - 22
Palin was 527 Director for Ted Stevens
The Post is reporting that Sarah Palin not only was close to indicted Senator Ted Stevens right up until his indictment, but had been a director of his 527. Palin is making a very big point that she ...
tassojunior 09/01/2008 10 29 1 19
New Gallup Tracking: O Up by 8 Already
short diary but something beside Palin.
tassojunior 08/29/2008 9 6 - -
!! Obama Opens Lead in Florida- Mason-Dixon !!
It's only a 45% to 44% margin but that's something in the biggest "pink" state and Mason-Dixon is respected in southern states including Florida.
tassojunior 08/27/2008 29 20 - 22
Stunning HD DNC Coverage on DISH ch. 211
I realize after posting in several diaries how many people who have Dish don't realize it's got the entire convention with No Talking Heads !
tassojunior 08/25/2008 33 9 - -
A Tour of the McMansions with Poll
(I know this is short and I know I've posted it in some diaries already but people have said it should be a diary).
tassojunior 08/21/2008 12 4 - -
New Chomsky Interview on Iraq & $ Politics
Possibly the most intelligent summary of power in American politics and Iraq are in a new interview of Noam Chomsky by Al Jazeera. Since these are possibly the two most profound "unmentionables" to ...
tassojunior 07/07/2008 28 21 2 33
Absolutely Best VP
This is my first diary. I realize that much of the community today is deeply shocked by O's turn to the center for the campaign, and even more shocked by the New York Times brazen outing of Gov. ...
tassojunior 06/21/2008 34 2 - 1
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