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With Obamacare, the march (against Republicans) will not begin with the young!
A former neighbor wrote to me on facebook last night, after seeing the millionth post I was doing about the shutdown/debt ceiling (I usually post cute pics of my kids, so I’m sure this has thrown ...
tbctbc 10/09/2013 20 14 - -
Why it cant be up to men…things I never knew before becoming pregnant…UPDATE
When I was younger, I was 100% anti-abortion, no abortions for rape, no abortions for the health of the mother, not even for the life of the mother…I was taught that if you were to have the ...
tbctbc 07/31/2013 375 786 14 -
The future of the Democratic party and why its a fight that matters
I've been debating about whether to write this.. I'm tired and have a 9 month old baby that doesn't sleep - ever ( he is sleeping now - he's woken up about 4x since I started writing ...
tbctbc 12/10/2010 9 3 - 48
PARTY DISCIPLINE: The Lieberman edition (i.e. why we CAN'T "all just get along")
The Democratic Party has consistently been the party of “can’t we all just get along”. What many of us in the grassroots gripe about as lack of backbone, the democratic ...
tbctbc 11/17/2008 10 9 1 15
VP Debate WILL make a difference this time around
The pundits have been telling us for years that the VP debate doesn't matter, however, in this case, I believe that it absolutely WILL, and I think that is very bad news for McCain/Palin...and they ...
tbctbc 10/03/2008 64 20 - 24
Obama is not Kerry or Gore - STOP judging him as such!
I've watched Obama in many debates, and I've never seen him as focused as he was here. I was very impressed, and I think that John Q. Public will be as well - follow me below the break to find out ...
tbctbc 09/26/2008 25 3 - -
Sorry - apparently the video is not real...I didn't know...
tbctbc 09/12/2008 9 9 2 -
STOP being afraid of telling the truth OBAMA (and Biden)! WEB AD!
Throughout the primary, I was constantly amazed at Obama's ability to effectively frame the issues. However, ever since the Palin selection, it seems like the entire Obama campaign does not know ...
tbctbc 09/07/2008 8 7 - -
FOUND: John McCain - Get out of Gaffe Free Card (UPDATED)
In honor of the fact that every time McCain screws up, the McCain campaign predictably deflects the gaffe by using the fact that he was a POW 40 years ago to silence any criticism... this is the ...
tbctbc 08/21/2008 58 84 6 102
The ONLY people disenfranchised were those that believed that MI and FL wouldn't count
I'm satisfied with the RBC ruling, and quite perplexed at those claiming that not counting "every vote" in FL and MI is disenfranchising those that voted in the fact, I argue the ...
tbctbc 05/31/2008 7 15 1 18
Granny for Obama
Well, since I'm in Florida, and couldn't really make an impact on the primary voting because of our stupid legislators here, I took the opportunity today to call up my grandma in Philly and ask her ...
tbctbc 04/21/2008 7 14 1 1
The sad theme of the Clinton campaign: "Too far"
Gonna ask you two things before I start out here...first, this is my second dairy - so I'm gonna again ask you to please be gentle...and second, I can't figure out what a "tip jar" is, but someone ...
tbctbc 04/16/2008 2 2 - 3
Apathetic observer to enthusiastic supporter - my story
This is my first diary, so please be gentle... When this campaign began, I was a Gore person all the way. I'd vote for the democrat, no matter who it was...but I was completely apathetic as to ...
tbctbc 04/13/2008 12 14 - 3
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