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Corporations Aren't People
Others have hit this topic, and more eloquently, but here's one counter-corporate attorney's take.
tbrucegodfrey 09/06/2014 27 26 1 -
Are you pissed off about North Carolina? Then hearken to Maryland
Yeah, losing on the North Carolina stank, but Maryland needs your help.
tbrucegodfrey 05/08/2012 10 37 - 202
Rosedale, Maryland: the kids are all right
Do not stand by idly at your neighbor's blood. Fortunately, there are some good neighbors in Baltimore and Maryland generally. I don't have pictures, but I got to see America the Beautiful last ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/26/2011 8 20 - 112
In defense of "criminals"
I recently got some blunt, if not friendly, advice to "stay in my lane" in terms of what I comment on. Well I have been defending so-called "criminals" for 16 years, so I figured I talk about so-...
tbrucegodfrey 03/17/2011 10 19 2 151
A 9/11 non-story
Offered to show how technologically dependent we all have become.
tbrucegodfrey 09/11/2010 6 4 - 27
The case for burning books
an liberal atheist unexpectedly defends a wingnut Christian preacher....
tbrucegodfrey 09/09/2010 75 3 - 100
If Wingnuts Produced Sesame Street
A thought experiment....
tbrucegodfrey 09/06/2010 20 16 - 216
Why I fight for the unemployed
Unemployed workers face a bewildering set of procedural burdens, unhelpful laws and hearing examiners of questionable quality and wisdom in some instances. These are their stories.
tbrucegodfrey 07/08/2010 6 19 2 183
Remembering Steve Gilliard (RIP)
Steve Gilliard of The News Blog was the blogger who most inspired me to get active with blogging both here and on my own site. I still miss reading him and ...
tbrucegodfrey 06/06/2010 12 31 - 44
Rand Paul: Hiking the Underground Railroad
pace David Letterman...
tbrucegodfrey 05/20/2010 12 11 - 57
Good God, I need some pie. No, some cheesecake.
I don't know what this nation or this community will come to if I don't get some cheesecake on this website.
tbrucegodfrey 03/21/2010 36 12 - 32
Carlton Bunker, RNC Chair - a new meme for a new decade
Calling all Kossacks to a worthwhile effort of beclowning the easily beclowned Michael "Carlton Bunker" Steele. Aux armes, comrades!
tbrucegodfrey 01/05/2010 4 1 - 12
What's White Culture, Glenn? Oh I'll Tell You....
So Glenn - the mouth and tear duct that whined - got real damn quiet when Katie Couric called him out for his references to "White Culture." Well, I don't have Glenn's shyness problem.
tbrucegodfrey 09/27/2009 38 19 - 314
Teabagger March II: The Anacostia Edition
So you Tea-partiers, Tea-baggers, etc., think you can march for "freedom"? Okay, take my challenge for your NEXT march.
tbrucegodfrey 09/13/2009 5 9 1 16
Concept for Netroots Nation - Fake Birth Certificates....
I would propose the following as a contest for Netroots Nation as a way to rib our friends and mock our opponents.
tbrucegodfrey 08/02/2009 14 4 - 18
Prop 8's Failure Came Home to Roost on DOMA
My musing on how a conversation between Obama and Rahm Emanuel might have gone.
tbrucegodfrey 06/16/2009 25 6 - 12
Calling on the Maryland Kossack Caucus
An effort to get Maryland DKos readers together for socializing and activism.
tbrucegodfrey 05/16/2009 22 8 - 10
Credit Default Swaps - A Reelmaker's Perspective
I have tried my best to explain how these credit default swaps work, and I think I now have the answer.
tbrucegodfrey 03/01/2009 17 5 - 5
What Team Obama FORGOT to Text Message for January 20th....
A respectful proposal offered to, the Presidential Inauguration Committee (and, remotely likely,, to the extent appropriate for each, by email and by web link by text ...
tbrucegodfrey 01/11/2009 11 4 1 1
Suggestions on Enjoying Inauguration Day - Elsewhere
A Washingtonian offers his suggestions on how to enjoy Inauguration Day - elsewhere.
tbrucegodfrey 01/10/2009 32 6 1 180
UPDATED: Travel and Lodging on Inauguration Day
This is intended as an open thread to assist Kossacks who want to attend the Inauguration festivities.
tbrucegodfrey 11/05/2008 35 17 6 22
Obama's underreported asset: discipline
Senator Barack Obama is certainly a man of many talents and strengths, but I think the one that we have overlooked to at least some extent as a community is his discipline, both personal and ...
tbrucegodfrey 11/02/2008 12 16 2 82
Zogby - Mr. Magoo in Bizarro World on the Chronic
Okay, we need a light moment or two. Or ten.
tbrucegodfrey 10/31/2008 6 3 - 3
A California Mormon votes NO on Prop 8 :-) ....
How my gay ex-Mormon friend got his California Mormon brother to vote NO on Prop 8!
tbrucegodfrey 10/27/2008 24 25 2 365
Will you stand up for justice in California when I cannot?
This is a heart-felt request for you to use your money, if you have it, and spend it on killing Prop 8.
tbrucegodfrey 10/18/2008 27 24 2 25
Gay Thoughts from a Straight Dad on National Coming Out Day, Take Two
"More and more I feel that the people of ill will have used time much more effectively than have the people of good will. We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words ...
tbrucegodfrey 10/11/2008 21 33 2 175
Kossack Attorney Roll Call
Hi, gang! I thought I would put out a call to all Kossacks who are lawyers or law students (or, perhaps unlikely under judicial ethics canons of neutrality, judges).
tbrucegodfrey 10/09/2008 53 4 1 3
The Best Place to Celebrate the Win on Election Night??
What's the best place to celebrate the win in your area - a fun diary to fight the jitters and the gloom.
tbrucegodfrey 10/08/2008 11 1 - -
Be Not Afraid - A Secular Sermon
Do not fear the new thugs among our opponents; they are the same as the old thugs.
tbrucegodfrey 10/06/2008 16 11 5 174
Does Gov. Palin find me to be D---???! Dubious....
A little humor, for inquiring minds do want to know.
tbrucegodfrey 10/03/2008 3 3 - 13
Happy Eid-Al-Fitr: Senator Obama's Non-Islamic Faith
Today is one of the happiest days in the Islamic calendar, Eid-al-Fitr. Since there are some people who are ill-informed enough to believe the slander that Barack Obama is a Muslim pretending to be ...
tbrucegodfrey 10/01/2008 60 5 - 8
DC Phonebanking for Team Obama
A brief insight into phonebanking phor the phirst-timers.
tbrucegodfrey 09/29/2008 4 3 - -
Are You Ready for Some Political Football?
Danh-dinh-denh-DANNNN (din-din, din-din, din) Dunh-dunh-DUNH-din-DUNH-DUNH (din-din, din-din-Dinh) Dunh-dunh-DUNH-dunn-DINH-DINN DANN, DENN, DUNN, DANN-DANNNNNNNNNNNNN.... Dunh-dinn-dinn-DANN-...
tbrucegodfrey 09/07/2008 4 - - -
Beyond Palin to Obama's Inauguration - The Path Ahead
Enough about Sarah-cuda. More about "I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear...." More about Obama fist-bumping Michelle, Malia and Sasha in victory up Pennsylvania Avenue in the January cold.
tbrucegodfrey 09/03/2008 12 3 - -
The case for firing PZ Myers
I am going to piss off some people I respect here , but I think PZ's conduct is reprehensible.
tbrucegodfrey 07/11/2008 256 9 1 38
Some Fun: Best Song Title to Describe McCain and Obama?
OK, let's enjoy ourselves with this one.
tbrucegodfrey 06/14/2008 62 5 - 18
Dream No More Deferred?
A tipsy meandering about Obama at a friendly venue.
tbrucegodfrey 06/06/2008 6 2 - 17
Non-Happy Memorial Day
The rant of one citizen.
tbrucegodfrey 05/26/2008 6 5 1 -
10 Feminist To-Do Items for Take Back the Blog 2008
Blue Gal the Great and I over at Crablaw are promoting the Take ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/20/2008 8 8 1 162
Secular Content: An Atheist's Iconostasis
If secular humanists drew and erected icons, who would be on their iconostasis?
tbrucegodfrey 04/06/2008 10 8 1 4
Autistic Bloggers - Voices We Need to Hear (UPDATED)
Many of us hear autism discussed in the third person. "My neighbor has an autistic kid," "I read about so-and-so", "my nephew's autistic." While that's fine, it seems we might do well to listen to ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/05/2008 25 28 2 18
How to Ride the Washington Metro Like a Champ
A lot of Kossacks will have occasion - for a rally, an academic degree, a conference or visiting friends - to visit Washington, DC. I certainly hope that if you visit, you have a good time and that ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/02/2008 90 14 2 38
"What will get you to concede the nomination, Senator?"
When we face the likelihood of at least a semi-brokered convention, there will come a point at which one candidate, through surrogates, will ask another, "What will it take to make you concede the ...
tbrucegodfrey 03/21/2008 18 1 - -
Sexual Violence: Beyond Candidate Flames, Strikes, Boycotts and Other Circle J***s
The starred word above is "Jokes." A circle joke is a joke told amidst others in a circle of joke-tellers, in which all of the listeners stare at each other, half-embarrassed to be there but they ...
tbrucegodfrey 03/15/2008 5 4 - 16
Desperately Needed NON-Candidate Diary - Take Back the Blog 2008
I promise you a candidate-free diary, if you promise to read about this issue. You know you deserve a non-candidate diary and that you want a non-candidate diary. Deal? Deal. Thanks, and keep ...
tbrucegodfrey 03/03/2008 19 16 1 21
Not-so-live blogging the Donna Edwards campaign
One soggy blogger's take on a wet night in ...
tbrucegodfrey 02/12/2008 28 21 1 8
Why Obama's Advocates Must Not Take Maryland for Granted
I support Barack Obama and am superficially pleased that Hillary Clinton will be (reportedly) trying to move more of her effort for Tuesday's "Potomac Primary" across the river into Virginia and ...
tbrucegodfrey 02/08/2008 32 19 - 5
Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland: The Challenge is NOW
Senators Jamie Raskin and Richard Madaleno have introduced into the Maryland Senate the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act, as have a number of delegates (SB 290/HB 351). This bill ...
tbrucegodfrey 01/26/2008 23 29 1 22
Take Back the Night - and the Blog - 2008
A call to arms in support of decency, autonomy and justice. PLEASE NOTE AND ALERT: may be a severe TRIGGER EVENT for multiple forms of PTSD for assault survivors or others.
tbrucegodfrey 01/13/2008 16 10 1 25
Secular Content: Sex, Nava, Princeton and the Anscombe Society
A brief peek into one secularist's alma mater, an ass-kicking that never happened and the moral hazards of sexual obsession.
tbrucegodfrey 12/18/2007 33 11 1 15
Secular Content: Christmas, Gay Sex and a Mini-Pogrom
The 12/12 edition of our continuing examination of news and events from a secular perspective.
tbrucegodfrey 12/12/2007 12 7 - 10
Secular Content: "Anti-Christian" Killer? and Other News
A few recent examples point out how far we who advocate secular viewpoints have to go.
tbrucegodfrey 12/11/2007 20 13 - 25
Secular Sermon: Romney as Utah Plastic Jesus
Wherein I give the Mitt-ster the asswhupping what he been asking fer.
tbrucegodfrey 12/08/2007 7 3 - -
Secular Sermon: Regarding Marxism and the Slandering of Atheism
A favorite target of theist critics of atheism is Marxism, both in theory and in its practice. Atheist advocacy in 2007, 2008 and beyond requires dealing with this specific theistic whipping horse.
tbrucegodfrey 11/30/2007 19 8 1 43
Secular Sermon: Towards Secular Community
A few thoughts about practical secular and atheist organizing.
tbrucegodfrey 11/26/2007 12 4 3 138
Secular Sermon: Great Atheist/Humanist/Skeptica​l Podcasts
The following is an brief introduction to current atheist, humanist and skeptical podcasts from one liberal skeptic's perspective of religion, in the hopes that Kossacks may enjoy or appreciate such ...
tbrucegodfrey 11/25/2007 21 23 8 178
Secular Sermon: A Brief Lexicon of Religion and Politics
A guide to the perplexed English-speaking observer of American political discussions of religion, aimed primarily for non-U.S. readers but offered for all.
tbrucegodfrey 11/24/2007 35 30 10 147
Secular Sermon: De Festivibus
A few thoughts about the Holiday [sic] Season.
tbrucegodfrey 11/19/2007 4 2 1 -
Secular Sermon: Biblical Morality and Our Republic (if we can keep it)
A brief essay on Religion, Morals and Us Secular Hellbound Criminal Murderer-...
tbrucegodfrey 11/17/2007 26 15 5 148
Secular Sermon: Descriptive and Prescriptive Advocacy
A policy "pivot point" that we liberals encounter frequently is the difference between "prescriptive" and "descriptive" definitions of good and evil, right and wrong. While this distinction may ...
tbrucegodfrey 11/14/2007 5 7 1 154
Civility for Karl Rove! in 50 words or fewer
A brief ...
tbrucegodfrey 11/09/2007 24 9 - 9
Best and Worst Blog Posts Evah....?
As I type, a discussion is unfolding as to what blog posts anywhere in the blogosphere are the worst, the lamest, the most pompously perfectly craptastic as well as the finest, the most well-thought ...
tbrucegodfrey 11/02/2007 21 2 1 1
Beyond McClurkin: The "Real" Christianity
The politics of Barack Obama's anti-gay activist and self-professed fan of Jesus of Nazareth Donnie McClurkin have already been beaten into a coma. Beyond McClurkin, however, lies an embarrassing ...
tbrucegodfrey 10/30/2007 72 16 1 6
Race: Culture and Caste
This post is adapted from an essay that I placed on another liberal community site. It is apropos of a continuing discussion here at Daily Kos on how liberals amd progressives, including ...
tbrucegodfrey 10/06/2007 22 8 1 -
Mormhovaologists Back Romney
In a stunning move, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Sea Organization of the Church of Scientology have ...
tbrucegodfrey 09/29/2007 11 3 1 60
From Libertarian to Democrat, with a few tears
Well, after almost 12 years as a registered Libertarian, I changed my registration to Democratic this week. It actually felt good. And bad. But good.
tbrucegodfrey 09/19/2007 31 20 - 1
Screw Despair: Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland
Today, the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled against a number of individuals and couples seeking to marry spouses of the same sex , holding ...
tbrucegodfrey 09/18/2007 5 9 - 15
The Martini and Maggot Guide to Politics
The French Revolution thrust into the political lexicon the concepts of the "left" and the "right" from the fundamental political conflicts of their day. While these concepts matter still today, we ...
tbrucegodfrey 09/15/2007 3 3 - 23
Take Back the Blog - request for assistance
Four and a half months ago, in response to controversies involving this site and more general issues of discrimination, underrepresentation, devaluation, harassment, stalking of and FBI-investigated ...
tbrucegodfrey 09/09/2007 4 5 - 1
Thank you, Mr. Moulitsas!
Mr. Moulitsas, I owe you a debt of gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this community. Your clarification of your view of your responsibility in the recent matter involving Kathy Sierra ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/15/2007 36 17 - 37
The First Annual Take Back the Blog March!
You may perhaps recall the Take Back the Night marches from your college or community. Or may be considering attending one this year. If you are not familiar with the term, it refers ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/12/2007 12 12 1 157
Their Eyes Were Watching Caesar: Friendly Christian Theocrats
One of the most ironic things about religion is its capacity to make men and women either a lot more humble or ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/08/2007 3 3 1 -
Bitter and NOT Sweet....
In my view, the struggling but surviving liberal radio network founded by Al Gore and other liberal pioneers in 2004, Air America, should fire its Young Turks commentator Kossack Cenk Uygur ...
tbrucegodfrey 04/01/2007 198 12 - 17
Contra Gonzales: An Attorney Ethics "Indictment"
In the midst of the many characterizations of Alberto Gonzales, a number of terms come to mind: stooge, hack, liar, enabler. But the most important term is "attorney." If you pull out a typical ...
tbrucegodfrey 03/31/2007 6 11 - -
Document Review - An Unsexy Way to Volunteer
I have an "unsexy" but useful way for Democratic-friendly volunteer attorneys and others to contribute to efforts to hold Team Bush accountable.
tbrucegodfrey 03/20/2007 16 12 1 35
The Radical Irresponsibility Party
This is preaching to the choir, I suspect, but I think we need to hammer home that the Republican Party is, fundamentally, the Radical Irresponsibility Party. It is not the "Dad" party but the ...
tbrucegodfrey 03/04/2007 3 6 - -
Plameology and Its Blogospheric Yield
Jane Hamsher, The degree to which this [Libby perjury trial] story about the lies that lead to war has been ignored by the media (relative to the feeding frenzy over [the ...
tbrucegodfrey 02/22/2007 15 20 1 139
Successful Ways to Talk About Religion
The following is a diary not "about religion" but about how to talk about religion successfully online, in print and in person for political success. Recent hyper-reported blogging incidents ...
tbrucegodfrey 02/14/2007 59 14 1 10
Getting Local, Real Local: The "Full Blue Deck"
I am trying to compile a list of local liberal bloggers from around the country - blogs that have at least 20-30% local content or focus, ideally more, toward mutual self-help and advice on local ...
tbrucegodfrey 02/11/2007 2 2 1 -
Beyond Blogrolls: A New Model for Netroots Expansion
There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth and tearing of garments over whom DailyKos includes or does not include on its blogroll. While I can understand how sites will dislike being cut off, I ...
tbrucegodfrey 02/09/2007 12 6 - -
Wartime Consiglieri Needed Against Donohue
In Mario Puzo's novel and Academy Award winning film The Godfather , the Corleone crime family used Tom Hagen as its counselor or consigliere . While Hagen was pretty competent as ...
tbrucegodfrey 02/07/2007 18 17 - 15
Erick the Very Red -- Faced, One Would Hope
In his recent post repeating the canard about the Protestant Senator Barack Obama as an alleged madrassa-trained terrorist sleeper cell, "Erick" - i.e. new RedState Chief Erick Erickson -
tbrucegodfrey 01/24/2007 18 - - -
How to Attend a DC March
Here is a guide on how to make the most of the next time you march on Washington. Most of the material is aimed at non-residents who have never lived or visited extensively here. Hope it helps.
tbrucegodfrey 01/21/2007 39 28 2 10
Letter from an Amsterdam Jail
Oh yeah, I have a dream.
tbrucegodfrey 01/15/2007 3 - - -
Constipatio bloggorrhea: the disease and the cure
I perceive a disease in the community, and wish its cure.
tbrucegodfrey 01/01/2007 13 11 - 1
Dumb-but-dumb, Ms. Copeland, about Lewinsky's Degree
Libby Copeland of the Washington Post, December 24, 2006 :Lewinsky, 33, is known more ...
tbrucegodfrey 12/25/2006 223 114 1 16
blogger-slamming editorial guidelines
As a public service to all blogger-fearing editorial writers and pundits, I write the following generic blogger-slamming editorial, lest you worry your beautiful minds with such things. We will ...
tbrucegodfrey 12/20/2006 7 8 - -
Time Person of the Year - Me? WTF!
From Time Magazine Online, ...
tbrucegodfrey 12/16/2006 33 15 - 6
Maryland Blogger Roll Call - 34th Street/Hanukkah House Edition
To all Maryland bloggers and friends - feel free to check in!
tbrucegodfrey 12/12/2006 22 7 - 109
Unitarian Church - in Maryland??! - Vandalized for Being Liberal
A small Unitarian church in the exurbs of Baltimore got attacked - with swastikas and BB guns - for being liberal. This diary is modified from a Maryland-specific website and may contain a little ...
tbrucegodfrey 11/19/2006 193 172 6 59
The Ethics of Google Bombing, or One Bad Day At The Office at
tbrucegodfrey 10/25/2006 78 19 - 17
MD-Sen: Steele Campaign: Michael J. Fox "In Extremely Poor Taste"
tbrucegodfrey 10/24/2006 65 28 1 23
Gay Thoughts from a Straight Man
tbrucegodfrey 10/11/2006 231 263 6 108
GOP? Do not let your mouth or keyboard utter it.
tbrucegodfrey 10/08/2006 4 - - -
Beyond Foley: Standing Up for the Survivors
tbrucegodfrey 10/01/2006 10 13 - 28
Maryland Election Day Fiasco - the Free State Blogosphere Begins Its Repair Work
tbrucegodfrey 09/15/2006 39 13 1 4
Goodbye, Grey's Anatomy, Path to 9/11 killed it for me.
tbrucegodfrey 09/09/2006 19 12 - -
Stand Your Ground re Irwin, Kos
tbrucegodfrey 09/04/2006 100 12 2 3
Embracing Evangelical Christians - a Uneven Thought Experiment
tbrucegodfrey 09/03/2006 4 1 1 -
MD-Delegate 18 - Dr. Dana Beyer - A Winning Transgendered Candidate?
tbrucegodfrey 09/01/2006 5 7 - 20
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