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The Benghazi Song
Feel free to sing along to the tune of Dean Martin singing, "That's Amore"
tbs 05/11/2014 6 5 - -
Grover Norquist's Wet Dream Foiled by FEMA
Grover Norquist, the self-anointed high priest of Republican strategy, before whom all the Republican Congressmen and Senators bow, famously said, "I'm not in favor of abolishing the government. I ...
tbs 10/30/2012 16 29 - -
3 R's of Romney's Foreign Policy - Rash, Reckless, wRong
In the next debate, I hope the President can highlight 3 aspects of Romney's ill-suited temperament for the job. The attack on the Libyan embassy provides the perfect illustration. Rash -- ...
tbs 10/07/2012 1 1 - 24
Why The Election Made The Republicans Even More Unhinged
There's been no shortage of suggestions from the right that our President be impeached, assassinated, disqualified by the Supreme Court, or overthrown by a military coup so "we can take back our ...
tbs 10/01/2009 17 13 - 15
I Keep Waiting for the Presidency to Get Started
Okay, so it hasn't even been 100 days yet, but here's mostly what I see on a daily basis from my sorry little perspective of being a cable and internet junkie.
tbs 04/21/2009 68 1 1 22
Must Jews Always See Themselves as Victims? (Article)
First of all, I sincerely apologize to the readers of Daily Kos for my lack of understanding of what constitutes a diary. Although I am an avid reader of Daily Kos, I apparently violated a protocol ...
tbs 03/10/2009 182 5 1 20
Why were/are Republicans silent about THIS stimulus package?
There is a running calculator at which spins by at a dizzying rate to show the costs of war in real terms to American families. The ...
tbs 02/20/2009 4 3 - 10
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