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How science won the election, and why Repubs can't copy Obama's ground game
Obama's GOTV and voter identification was about a whole lot more than hustle. It was about research, the scientific method, and scholarly expertise. You know, "pointy-headed intellectuals"? ...
tcorse 11/08/2012 23 33 - -
The Surprising Science of Motivation - Animated!
A big hat tip to Rabbett Run , where I first saw this. Daniel Pink explains the ...
tcorse 07/17/2010 7 10 2 51
Guilty! TN GOP violates campaign finance laws
Top story in today's Tennessean covers the sloppy practices of our oh-so-special Tennessee Republicans: ...
tcorse 07/08/2010 4 9 - 18
NPR spouts right wing talking points on Napolitano
Dina Temple-Raston, NPR's counterterrorism correspondent, and Steve Inskeep got their talking points down, stating that Janet Napolitano claimed "the system worked" because the attack failed and the ...
tcorse 12/29/2009 51 10 1 105
Bush, Rice, and Imperial Germany: Armenian Realpolitik
The Bush Administration is hardly the first ally of Turkey that has chosen to publicly remain silent on the reality of the Armenian genocide. As the state secretary of the German Imperial Budget ...
tcorse 10/11/2007 1 3 2 16
TN - GOP Threatens TV Stations with Lawsuit Over Dem. Ad
tcorse 09/02/2006 24 20 - 4
House Republicans want to stop the poor from voting
tcorse 10/27/2005 5 17 - -
Census: Median income up with Dems, down with Repubs.
tcorse 09/14/2005 6 7 2 -
What Dennis Hastert REALLY Meant
tcorse 09/02/2005 3 1 - 1
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