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Joyless in Gen X? Share your feelings please.
As per usual, my generation voted center right. We are Reagan babies. We are that weird blip in the graph that voted more R than D in 1984. I really dislike the tiny group I identify with. I was ...
ten canvassers 11/09/2008 131 14 2 29
My Generation (X) - a bitter group and thankfully small
Hi. I admit I am 40 years old. I am a Gen Xer. I grew up poor and angry. I think a lot of us did. As little kids we saw: - Aftermath of Americans who just lost their first war and all the ...
ten canvassers 11/02/2008 121 22 3 38
Added a zero = $650 to the DNC
Once upon a time, back when I was in my 20s I was making all of $8,000/year (yes, a year). I was at a fund raising rally and a man around 40 was on stage. He said, "figure out what you can give. ...
ten canvassers 10/20/2008 9 10 1 -
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