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Flight MH370: Australians spot objects, 4 aircraft + ships headed to area in southern Indian Ocean
Search Area Australians have spotted and had experts analyze satellite images of ...
teresahill 03/19/2014 119 63 - -
Lost Malaysian plane: collected DK wisdom
Pluto's dairy on this subject is getting huge, and I think some very good comments with new information are getting lost. So I'm copying comments from people I (in my completely unschooled opinion) ...
teresahill 03/11/2014 136 54 - -
Breaking Bad: Place your bets
Can't wait for the Breaking Bad finale tomorrow night. Curious about what everyone thinks will happen. Frustrated because you can only do 1 poll per diary, and I have so many questions. I'm ...
teresahill 09/28/2013 101 9 - -
Press conference: Boston Marathon Explosion
From Press Conference with Governor Patrick and Boston PD on explosions: From Commissioner of Police : At about 2:50 PM, near simultaneous explosions 50-100 yards apart near finish line. All ...
teresahill 04/15/2013 5 2 - -
Help me write about rape?
I'm a novelist, writing a female character who's been raped. I want to get it right. Wondering if there's anyone willing to talk to me about how you came to terms with what happened? ...
teresahill 03/16/2013 14 6 - -
No Joke: Stephen Colbert's sister vs. Mr. Appalachian Trail for SC House seat
One of Stephen Colbert's sisters is planning to run for the vacant SC seat in the House of Representatives against our former disgraced governor, Mr. Nude-Hiking-On-The-Appalachian Trail Mark Sanford.
teresahill 01/18/2013 85 109 1 -
Women. We are inferior beings.
They try to look so earnest, sometimes so pained, as they explain. It's just what they believe. It's about God. Their idea of God. God's will. God's gifts. Right and wrong. Their idea of right and ...
teresahill 10/26/2012 53 96 1 -
My book is No. 1 on B&N's Nook bestseller list
I'm sure the minute I post this dairy, I'll jinx it, but for the past 20 hours or so, I've been No. 1 on the Nook bestseller list at Barnes & Noble , oddly above such names as Bill O'Reilly, James ...
teresahill 10/13/2012 267 269 16 -
A challenge: Find best Right-Wing response to Mitt Tape
I'll be brief. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find the best, most outrageous response from Wing-nutia to the Mitt Tapes. My entry, from comments on a New York Magazine story ...
teresahill 09/17/2012 12 5 - 96
Two Days in the life of the President
If you haven't read Michael Lewis' profile of President Barack Obama just released in Vanity Fair , you must. It's oddly, perfectly timely right now, focusing on Obama's decision to intervene in ...
teresahill 09/12/2012 19 53 3 262
Book: Bin Laden shot as SEALS came up stairs
Read a ton of accounts of this last night and this morning, and it seems now that the book says as the SEALS came up the stairs to the top-floor bedroom, a man stuck his head out the doorway above ...
teresahill 08/28/2012 65 11 - 547
How to knock Paul Ryan off his Game
I suspect many will dismiss this as silly, pseudo-science, but what the hell? I think Paul Ryan has a really interesting face, and not in that Eddie Munster way, although I do see the resemblance. ...
teresahill 08/12/2012 64 5 1 335
Mitt's Magical IRA
Mitt Romney has somehow accumulated between $21 million and $102 million in his IRA. I don't know what's in your IRA or if you even have one, but I bet it's nowhere near $102 million.
teresahill 07/18/2012 32 48 2 208
What did Romney say in 2002 testimony?
I searched for records today of Mitt Romney's four hours of testimony before the Massachusetts Ballot Law Commission on June 17, 2002, but couldn't find them online. (Have requested them by e-mail.)
teresahill 07/14/2012 8 27 1 197
How my 6% became 70% this year
I've been a working writer for 25 years now, the last 20 as a novelist. My salary consisted most often of 6% of the cover price of my books (if sold in the US in a regular retail outlet, less for ...
teresahill 12/22/2011 40 37 15 249
Obama's pop quiz: What's Congress been doing instead of tax cuts?
The President's Tweet said, "Pop quiz: What's Congress been doing instead of passing middle-class tax cuts?" And then he really takes it to Congressional Republicans. See if you can pass the quiz. ...
teresahill 12/21/2011 9 10 - 91
ACTION Diary: Send some baby food peas to Repugs.
Hi, Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. I think it's time we had the President's back on the debt ceiling negotiations, and I propose we send a jar of baby food peas to our favorite ...
teresahill 07/13/2011 12 8 - 77
Growing Up Union
My mother had nothing but a high school education. My father dropped out of school in the 8th grade. I probably should have grown up dirt poor, instead of lower middle class, as I'd guess we ...
teresahill 02/25/2011 10 10 - 38
Mocking Sarah Palin, Movie Titles Edition
She has become an even bigger joke than she was before. With the mainstream media's attention to Sarah's now infamous crosshairs map, the kiddies caught on. The map was a hit on Facebook, where it ...
teresahill 01/13/2011 169 22 1 73
Tea Party E-Mail: Giffords shot, Give us Money
Yes, it's true. Never let a fund-raising opportunity pass you by. I'm too sad and frustrated to say much more. Will simply post the text of the e-mail, which I found on a link ...
teresahill 01/10/2011 24 17 - 84
Tax Cut Deal: By the Numbers
Before we rant and rave anymore, can we please look at the deal Obama struck by the numbers? $360 Billion -- tax cuts on income under $250,000 $450 Billion -- unemployment and Obama's ...
teresahill 12/07/2010 47 11 - 72
Job-hunting, Repub. Governor candidate style
Let's say, things weren't going well for you. You needed a new job, a situation many Americans have found themselves in recently. You were a state legislator, making about $10,000 a year, also ...
teresahill 10/10/2010 5 7 - 194
Big Insurance to my Doc: Prescribe more drugs!
My doctor showed me an astonishing letter, one of many she's received from insurance companies, complaining that she is not prescribing enough prescription drugs to her patients! I was shocked. Why ...
teresahill 10/04/2010 31 17 1 86
Hoops for Haiti -- meet Lebron, attend Cavs playoff game, dinner with Ashley Judd
Hi, I was born & raised on Kentucky basketball. My father actually helped build Rupp Arena. And our team is 18-0, people!!! (Sorry, had to brag a bit after the disastrous, embarrassing Billy G. era.
teresahill 01/17/2010 11 13 - 153
Wouldn't Al-Quaida know exactly how to detonate PETN?
Am I missing something here about the big terrorist link to Al-Quaida with the would-be Detroit bomber? Granted, I haven't follwed it as closely as most Republicans, but I do see today that the ...
teresahill 12/27/2009 80 19 1 230
Buy my cars. (The government says you have to.)
First thing you should know, you have to buy this car. You have no choice. The government has made it a law that everyone has to buy a car. And, I'll admit, I make about a 30 percent profit on this ...
teresahill 12/15/2009 21 22 - 31
PIE-GATE: Mr. President, the 1st step is admitting you have a problem
I can't believe we haven't had a diary about this!!!!! The White House released its official Thanksgiving menu yesterday, maybe even the night before, and no one... no one here has written about PIE-
teresahill 11/27/2009 91 21 - 124
Wilson's office claims calls 3-1 in favor
UPDATE: Rob Miller donations at $340,000! I say, we hit $500,000, Wilson will crap his pants, and I want Wilson to crap his pants today, people! Don't disappoint me. Finally got through to that ...
teresahill 09/10/2009 64 27 - 19
Sanford spreading rumors Lt. Gov. is gay?
Welcome folks, to the next insallment of Politics, South Carolina Style. In today's episode, state Sen. Jake Knotts claims Please-send-me-back-to-Argentina Gov. Mark Sanford is behind rumors that Lt.
teresahill 09/03/2009 14 4 - 39
Dear Mike Ross, I will give $ to your opponent
Mike Ross, leading Blue Dog, forgotten-he's-a-Democrat, member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, braving standing up for his own self-interests and forgetting those of our President and ...
teresahill 07/22/2009 11 5 - 12
Jenny Sanford asked him to leave 2 weeks ago
The governor's wife has issued a statement saying she asked him to go and that she still may take him back. When I found out about my husband's infidelity I worked immediately to first ...
teresahill 06/24/2009 122 24 - 84
Cheney Unhinged
A perfect analysis of Dick Cheney. Makes me think of John Stewart's segment You Don't Know Dick. This writer knows Dick. Like a zombie returning from the grave of the now-defunct Bush ...
teresahill 05/12/2009 4 2 - 1
Did Bush secretly pardon Libby & others?
Keith Olbermann's Countdown Item No. 4 included a blockbuster (I thought, at least) when Keith asked former White House Counsel under Nixon John Dean: Is it possible Bush did pardon Libby and we don'
teresahill 01/22/2009 65 13 1 20
Rev. Lowery could make an atheist shout Amen today
Forget that bozo, that cheap hack, Rick Warren. Watch a master at work as the Rev. Joseph E. Lowery closed the inaugural ceremony with a benediction that soared with beauty, inspiration and a nod ...
teresahill 01/20/2009 62 33 2 24
SC Priest's hand slapped by Diocese
Hi, This will be short, because I think I'm coming down with something and I hope I didn't miss a dairy on this. (I searched for one, really.) The administrator of the Diocese of Charleston ...
teresahill 11/14/2008 461 462 11 74
Election Liveblog: Georgia & South Carolina
Wait just a minute! Georgia results apparently do not include early vote totals, which went heavily for Obama! From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: With nearly 90 percent of the state’s ...
teresahill 11/04/2008 46 2 - 12
McCain learns nothing, New Ad: "I'm Joe the Plumber"
Just spotted a new McCain ad running on the Asheville, NC, station with tons of people saying, "I'm Joe the Plumber." No, I'm not kidding. McCain obviously doesn't realize that the whole Joe ...
teresahill 10/23/2008 68 13 - 2
Ohio: Hackers attack Sec. of State web site, death threats coming in
Hackers on Monday repeatedly attacked the official web site of the Ohio Secretary of State's office. Hmm. The office responsible for handling information on voting and voter registration in Ohio. ...
teresahill 10/21/2008 27 53 2 40
Weekend update: McCain dissed by Joe the Plumber!
This reminds me of the Stephen Colbert segment, Who's Honoring Me Now? Except in McCain's case, it's Who's Dissing Me This Weekend? Colin Powell turns out for Obama, and not just for Obama, but ...
teresahill 10/19/2008 107 120 4 46
South Carolina? Seven Reasons Why I'm not crazy to think so.
So, Georgia's race is turning competitive. North Carolina. West Virginia! Even the Kentucky Senate race! And yet poor South Carolina has been relegated to the forgotten, hopeless dark red, not even ...
teresahill 10/10/2008 31 10 - 7
Ky Trip Report: That black man, somebody raised him right!
Just back from my grandmother's funeral in Ky, and from my sometimes racist father, who for reasons I will never understand watches Fox News all day... of Obama, said, "That black man...somebody ...
teresahill 09/26/2008 34 46 - 22
Emergency re-casting: Role of Peggy Noonan, political pundit
Top Secret: Emergency Recast of the role of Peggy Noonan, Republican political pundit. This is an Ad Lib role. We give you the Republican Talking Points, and you are judged on your ability to Sell,
teresahill 09/03/2008 7 4 1 -
Now appearing at convention: the baby daddy
The AP is reporting that Levi Johnson, the father of Bristol Palin's baby, is on a plane for Minneapolis to join "the family" at the convention. And that Levi's mother says there has been no ...
teresahill 09/02/2008 83 8 - 2
NYT: McCain vetting team arrived Thursday in Alaska
The NYT is questioning McCain about how closely he could possibly have vetted Sarah Palin when his vetting team didn't even arrive in Alaska until Thursday, the day before he announced his VP pick. ...
teresahill 09/01/2008 47 21 - 27
Protest Bush Saturday in SC: Faculty admonishes Furman Prez. over invitation
Furman University is a very conservative university in a very conservative area, the upstate of South Carolina, whose faculty has voted to admonish its own university president, David Shi, over his ...
teresahill 05/28/2008 3 4 - 10
Sharpshooters on the roof, Updated
Obama came to Clemson University sometime before the South Carolina primary, and my son went to hear him speak. His first and most-lasting impression? The sharpshooters on the rooftops that he ...
teresahill 05/23/2008 839 1393 46 284
I am bitter when... (w/poll)
I think of so many things that have happened, especially since George Bush was president. I am bitter when I think of the days after 911, when George & Co. started doing the hard-sell on the Iraq war.
teresahill 04/14/2008 9 3 - -
Planning the unnofficial DK/Obama Super Tuesday Phon-A-Thon
Kid Oakland says it's time to get involved. That someday, we'll want to tell our kids and grandchildren that in 2008, we helped elect Barack Obama President of the United States. And I find a ...
teresahill 01/30/2008 5 11 1 -
SC: record turnout?, numbers to watch; early exit polls
Spot checks of precincts indicate high voter turn-out in SC today, possibly shattering previous records for Democrats. One big number didn't get much play last week from the South Carolina ...
teresahill 01/26/2008 16 14 1 1
Columbia SC paper: Watch Edwards, May take 2nd
John Edwards poll numbers in South Carolina having been rising since the Myrtle Beach debate on Monday, and on Friday, The State newspaper of Columbia (biggest in the state) writes: "Watch ...
teresahill 01/25/2008 97 32 - 10
It's official: Republicans fear Hillary more than Obama
Unless they're using reverse psychology, in which case, maybe they fear Obama more. I can't decide. All I know is that the Greenville News had the audacity to endorse Barack Obama today. Given the ...
teresahill 01/23/2008 178 10 1 7
Huckabee: Money woes, unpaid staff
Poor Huckabee. One moment, the queen of the right. The next, going broke. His staff is working without pay. Others are simply leaving the campaign. There's no more chartered plane for reporters ...
teresahill 01/22/2008 22 8 - -
Repug slate called "lackluster" in SC
Hi, This is a wonderfully blunt and I think truthful assessment of the Republican slate of candidates, and it's in The State newspaper of Columbia, SC, the capitol of our once very red state, ...
teresahill 01/19/2008 1 1 - -
Repugs robo-calling SC for Huckabee
I keep getting robo-called and push-polled for that crazy fried-squirrel-eater, Mike Huckabee. The latest call today was caught by my answering machine, with a recorded voice saying, "Mike Huckabee ...
teresahill 01/18/2008 8 2 - -
SC Poll: Nearly 40% Repugs undecided
Has to be quick. I'm going to bed. New Clemson University poll of Republicans, done Jan 9-15, nearly 40 percent of respondents said they're not sure who they'll support in Saturday's SC Republican ...
teresahill 01/16/2008 9 5 - -
McCain's preemptive mailer to SC on black baby smear
John McCain's first mailer arrived at my house in South Carolina today -- a giant, full-color post card supposedly touting his pro-life record, but actually a preemptive strike against old lies that ...
teresahill 01/08/2008 31 27 2 151
Dear NH, Give us an Heir & a strong Spare
Dear New Hampshire, As you go to the polls tomorrow, and we're all waiting excitedly for the results, please think about what comes afterward. A very compressed primary calendar. We test our ...
teresahill 01/07/2008 17 5 - -
Sometimes you need a trial lawyer
This little girl needed a trial lawyer. She was four and went to preschool with my kids. Tiny for her age and quiet and a little shy, she'd been at my house to play recently. It had gotten really ...
teresahill 01/01/2008 27 38 - 155
Huckabee, So sly, Bad w/out being bad
This is a trip. Mike Huckabee calls a press conference, saying he has dirt on Mitt Romney. The corporate media obligingly shows up, and Huckabee says, Wait. Had a change of heart. Won't be airing my ...
teresahill 12/31/2007 16 9 - 1
Pre-Oprah, 2nd SC poll shows Obama w/in 3 pts of Hillary
The latest South Carolina poll shows Barack Obama within 3 points of Hillary Clinton, who is still leading but fading here -- mirroring results for the Democrats of a Clemson University poll ...
teresahill 12/09/2007 12 6 2 9
Hillary, Rudy sinking in South Carolina poll
Clemson University released a poll yesterday that showed South Carolina voters souring on both Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, with support dropping 7 points for Hillary and 9 points for Rudy ...
teresahill 11/29/2007 50 10 - 9
South Carolina's 3rdQTR money trends to Democrats!
South Carolina really soured on Republicans in general in the 3rd quarter, donating a total of $50,000 less than they did in the 2nd quarter, while Democratic fund-raising numbers in total came in $...
teresahill 10/28/2007 9 5 - 8
Three weeks in a Ford Focus
Having driven a number of Toyotas to more than 100,000 miles with little if any problems, and now driving a Hyundai Santa Fe with 104,000 miles and few, if any, problems, I used to wonder what was ...
teresahill 10/22/2007 79 4 - 6
Bob Jones dilemma: pro-choice "disasters" or scary Mormon?
Bob Jones III, of Bob Jones University fame, announced today this presidential race is "all about beating Hillary," and shudders thinking of the possibility of a Hilliary/Rudy Guiliani race, the ...
teresahill 10/17/2007 19 5 - 41
Easy LTEs on SCHIP Veto
Not surprisingly, the Greenville (SC) News is defending Bush's veto of SCHIP. I fumed for a day and then sat down to write. Clicked around on the web and found some easy numbers anyone can use for ...
teresahill 10/09/2007 7 10 - -
Bigotry disguised as religious truth
A new religious/political group has just moved into South Carolina to take on the bullshit of the so-called Religious Right. In a full-page ad in the Greenville, (SC) News, on Monday, the groups ...
teresahill 10/02/2007 22 10 - -
Geico sucks big time! Any advice?
Hi, Anyone take on Geico and actually get them to pay a car insurance claim? Because I could use some advice. If they tell me one more time I could always file a claim with my own insurance ...
teresahill 09/07/2007 109 7 - 7
Mother abandoned by 1st born, off to college
Though my son swears he googled the subject and found that no mother ever died of sadness, due to being abandoned by her beloved son for a college education, I am not so sure. After all, broken-...
teresahill 08/19/2007 124 27 - 16
Report in: Candidate support in your town?
The Ron Paul Revolution (signs where they highlight love spelled backwards in Revolution) has hit Greenville, SC! And as I saw three, cheap and unprofessional-looking signs for Ron Paul, I realized...
teresahill 07/06/2007 3 1 - -
Judge's powers over Libby? TalkLeft has ideas
My idea of a great July 4th holiday -- looking for ways Judge Walton can still screw with Bush & Libby (Yes, I enjoyed it. So what?). Jeralyn at TalkLeft has an article full of legal talk. For the ...
teresahill 07/04/2007 229 236 4 43
Impeachment poll: updated with 4th option
It keeps coming up, that sweet, sweet idea: kick the Bastards out. And we get our hopes up, and then... nothing. And we've all been burned before. All thought so many times that things are changing, ...
teresahill 06/28/2007 20 12 - 17
Obama draws 3,500 in Greenville, SC
Obama came to Greenville and Spartanburg, SC, on Friday and drew a crowd of 3,500 in Greenville. I didn't get to attend, but you can read what the local paper had to say here: http://greenvilleonline.
teresahill 06/16/2007 173 17 - 12
I honor the troops w/ a bumper sticker on my SUV
One that says "I support the troops" and one that says "Bush/Cheney," while I drive a vehicle that gets 9 mpg. I honor the troops by pretending Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 and that he is ...
teresahill 05/27/2007 29 31 2 135
Dear Jessica, Harry Reid, McGovern, Heroes of Truth
Dear Jessica Lynch, You are my hero today. You told a congressional hearing that you're not a hero, that the real ones were your fellow soldiers who died the day you were attacked, along with your ...
teresahill 04/24/2007 22 16 - 151
Elizabeth Edwards gets good news on her cancer
Hers is "estrogen receptive" which means its growth is fueled by the hormone estrogen, which means some of the newest hormone-based, non-chemotherapy treatments should help slow the growth of her ...
teresahill 04/03/2007 45 71 - 10
Did we freep this? 87 percent favor impeachment?
teresahill 11/10/2006 30 12 - 9
Bizarre -- 65 percent voter turn-out in Greenville, SC?
teresahill 11/07/2006 88 6 - 24
Crying on Tuesday, w/ poll
teresahill 11/05/2006 6 4 - -
Live Blogging Results: NC-08, NC-11
teresahill 10/31/2006 37 - - 40
Others' morals in the way of my health care
teresahill 10/29/2006 25 17 - 8
Nerdy-wrist syndrome help
teresahill 09/25/2006 20 13 3 7
AA employee, checked in Atta on 911, later commits suicide,
teresahill 09/11/2006 262 464 16 105
Ad Exec follow: We need a slogan
teresahill 09/09/2006 18 7 - 2
Rev. Frank Page's Free Medical Clinic
teresahill 06/14/2006 2 1 - -
Now that I think about it, my marriage is under attack!
teresahill 06/05/2006 8 9 - -
What happens when we run out of people to hate?
teresahill 05/15/2006 17 9 1 -
In BushWorld, Jeb will succeed Shrub? w/poll
teresahill 05/11/2006 17 - 1 -
Bush 31%, Does he know? Should we tell him? w/Poll
teresahill 05/08/2006 12 2 - -
Dear God, Please let us remain blind
teresahill 05/05/2006 3 3 1 -
Just for fun: You be Fox News! Spin this, if you dare.
teresahill 04/14/2006 28 7 - -
Voted for Bush? How stupid do you feel?
teresahill 04/12/2006 59 10 5 162
College advice? Engineering/Chemistry/Phy​sics/Math
teresahill 03/29/2006 72 2 - 5
The Proper Gift for Cowards?
teresahill 03/14/2006 16 2 - -
AZ Wingnuts ban egg sales!
teresahill 02/28/2006 17 4 - 4
Book Deals: George Tenet's + Army guy on 9/11 prediction cover-up
teresahill 01/24/2006 12 5 - -
Can we have some fun, please?
teresahill 01/05/2006 22 5 1 -
Help with Pardons? Naming VP? Civil suit?
teresahill 10/30/2005 28 5 - -
Boo! Fitzmas Day Terror Alert Poll
teresahill 10/24/2005 16 2 - -
Take Cheney's $8 million war profit
teresahill 10/19/2005 4 8 - 2
Play Indictment Lotto Now
teresahill 10/18/2005 40 4 - -
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