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RIP Eugenie Clark "The shark lady"
Eugenie Clark (May 4, 1922 – February 25, 2015), often called, The shark lady, was an American marine biologist known for her research on sharks using scuba based techniques. She died a few days ...
tharu1 02/27/2015 10 23 - -
My sky is not falling, it is blue!
All politics is local (Byron Price / Tip O'Neill ~1932) I imagine if I lived in Florida or Iowa, I would think that the midterm elections were a national tragedy... But here is the situation from ...
tharu1 11/10/2014 3 4 - -
Uncovering a trove of historic Pacific Ocean tuna fisheries photos
I first ventured into the Central Pacific Ocean tuna fisheries in 1991 as a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration /"NOAA"/ biological technician (GS5-I was 28 years old), that year ...
tharu1 09/25/2014 6 19 - -
The U.S. Peace Corps and the heroic service of female volunteers
As a white male returned Peace Corps volunteer (Nepal 1987-1989), I dealt with issues of isolation, malnutrition, privacy, loneliness, and harassment... My future wife (left) with a fellow PC Nepal ...
tharu1 05/19/2014 9 9 - -
Why I give things away for free
Once you give something away it forges a new path for itself. Today, I gave this Washburn mandolin to a colleague that I do not know so well --- I played this instrument for about 20 years (...
tharu1 05/01/2014 12 17 - -
After 22 years, my wife cancelled World Vision
Last week, my wife did something that shocked, surprised, and gruntled me. After 22 years of sponsoring children through World Vision (WV), she cancelled all of our sponsorships. During the good and ...
tharu1 04/07/2014 134 234 1 -
I went to a midnight wedding last night!
I don't know if it is for the better or the worse that the wedding I celebrated last night did not get coverage here within the Kossack nation. I expected more accomplished diarists than I to cover ...
tharu1 12/02/2013 6 14 - -
A Thanksgiving homage to my parents
My dad was great at creating masonry products that wealthy people wanted and we lived in a community of many "well to do" people. Fireplaces, brick walls, fancy entrances, whatever you wanted, my ...
tharu1 11/24/2013 3 10 - -
the outsourcing of US domestic fisheries
In my job as a research fishery biologist, I work closely with the Hawaii commercial fishing industry. This industry is dominated by pelagic longline vessels that target tuna and related species for ...
tharu1 09/13/2013 39 107 - -
Jobs that matter- Janitors
I grew up working in blue collar jobs and have an instilled respect for people who do the daily tasks that other folks do not like. Fast food workers, garbage truck drivers, administrative assistants,
tharu1 09/04/2013 49 52 2 -
On unbecoming Catholic
I share this story as an atheist who still embraces the lessons I learned and continually reflect upon having grown up Catholic in America. So why am I compelled to write this post?
tharu1 08/09/2013 18 25 - -
I've called 911 and CPS, now what do I do?
I keep seeing a naked boy displayed like an advertisement on a public street and no one seems to care! The whole situation is driving me bonkers and I don't know what to do!
tharu1 05/06/2013 101 3 - -
Meet Penny Pritzker nominee for DOC
The Department of Commerce has not had a secretary since June of 2012 when John Bryson had his rather public seizure incidents. This vacancy preceeds the recent flurry to fill other more recent ...
tharu1 05/02/2013 71 16 1 -
Was I a jerk to chastise a feral cat feeder?
Today, I passed a hand written note to a feral cat feeder-- I was shaking as I did so, and I had no idea how much this practice bothered me until the interaction happened. When I handed the ...
tharu1 04/25/2013 120 41 - -
A few other observations on the Boston bombings
May the deceased be cherished for the lives that they shared. May the injured recover as best as they can and do wonderful things towards the communal good. May the culprit(s) be stopped from ...
tharu1 04/15/2013 2 9 - -
May this Korean cemetery be forever unfilled!
With all the saber rattling going on in the Korean peninsula I am reminded of a rather somber trip I took last year to the United Nations cemetery in Busan, South Korea . By September of 1950, the ...
tharu1 04/09/2013 21 39 - -
Oahu, Hawaii- places too few visit: Kaena Point
I have been blessed to live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu for 22+ years now and it has always struck me odd that too few visitors see the parts of this island that I love the most... Kaena Point ...
tharu1 02/11/2013 19 23 1 -
How to run a cash grab scam on Dailykos
Step 1: Set up a sympathetic persona (a couple sock puppets are also helpful, but not necessary--- if you can fool a few established members of the social community to fill the same role- so much ...
tharu1 02/08/2013 342 25 2 -
Al Gore for Sec. of Commerce
Al Gore - Nobel Peace Prize - 2007 Full disclosure, Though this diary reflects my personal opinions only... I am also an employee at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (...
tharu1 01/11/2013 16 8 - -
Congratulations fellow Kossacks!
To everyone who walked, knocked, called, and cajoled--- You guys made the difference- We keep the Presidency and the Senate and make some major changes to the House of Representatives!
tharu1 11/06/2012 3 2 - -
Blue sharks don't care about polls
Blue sharks don't care about polls, so as a reprieve and an aside to the community consternation over the upcoming election, here is a diary that I have been drafting for way too long- Introduction:
tharu1 10/27/2012 18 36 - -
Polls are all tracking a dead fish
All the attention to the latest swings in tracking polls reminds me of my early days as a fishery biologist and the lessons learned from tracking a dead fish...
tharu1 10/24/2012 98 424 5 -
I admit it, I am the 53%
All these years I just thought I was a typical American paying my income taxes by earning enough to house, feed, educate and care for family with enough left over to kick in my fair share to help ...
tharu1 09/19/2012 12 13 - 121
My wife's LTE
My wife did a little shopping at the local drug store this afternoon and came home fuming because some jerk tried to ruin her day-- I think the LTE that she wrote in response to these events is ...
tharu1 08/19/2012 66 367 2 1851
Why did Ryan join the ticket?
During Mitt's intro of Paul Ryan this morning- he seemed to mess up and say that Ryan would be the next president of the United States---then he later corrected it to Vice-President. Was it a slip ...
tharu1 08/11/2012 31 4 - 140
Punahou student schools the President
Lookout Mr. President, your alma mater is busy prepping another constitutional scholar. Today's Honolulu Staradvertiser (there is a pay wall :() reports that... Matthew Shimura, who recently ...
tharu1 06/30/2012 7 14 - 201
An invite to Oahu Kossacks for Thursday (6/14)
Aloha, This Thursday evening, I will be giving a presentation at the Hanauma Bay Education Program on: Shark bycatch mitigation research in pelagic longline fisheries in the Pacific Ocean. This ...
tharu1 06/11/2012 8 3 - 44
Doc Watson died today
One of my musical heroes passed away today at the ripe old age of 89 (b. 1923). Doc Watson inspired me to play guitar the way that I play it and not to try and copy other folks. He was humble in ...
tharu1 05/29/2012 52 94 - 534
A hero in the Trayvon Martin story
This entire story is indeed tragic, a law-abiding young man gunned down while walking home from a neighborhood store-- a militant vigilante keen on tracking the activities of others whilst ignoring ...
tharu1 03/20/2012 83 220 3 1546
Will California's ban on finning save sharks?
I believe the answer is no, nor are most of the species involved in the shark fin trade in danger of extinction. Yet, the ban is still good legislation because it removes the incentive to kill ...
tharu1 09/08/2011 31 10 - 147
Can we save sea turtles one hook at a time?
This diary is about sea turtles and how simple solutions (like the changing of a hook) may help to solve complex problems. Over the past decade, many tax and donated dollars have gone towards the ...
tharu1 08/15/2011 18 29 - 166
Wisconsin rocks- democratic states rock too
As I've watched the recall drama unfold in Wisconsin, I am forever thankful that I live in the most democratic state in the union (Hawaii) According to Gallup-Hawaii shows the largest ...
tharu1 08/12/2011 5 5 - 69
I never realized I was rich until I left the US
Growing up in the 1960s-70s as the youngest of 8 kids in a blue collar (my father was a bricklayer) household; I had always thought that I grew up poor. I didn't always get a lot to eat, but rarely ...
tharu1 07/30/2011 139 258 1 1709
One pledge to rule them all
There has been a lot of chatter lately on the Kos and elsewhere about candidate and representative pledges. There have even been a few well intentioned versions of progressive minded pledges here ...
tharu1 07/13/2011 4 - - 83
DOC budget is on environment, not census
As a Department of Commerce (DOC) employee, I was thrilled when Sen. Gregg announced his decision to withdraw his nomination to head the DOC. And, from listening to the media and other blogs- it ...
tharu1 02/15/2009 10 10 - 10
Open letter to Rachel Maddow on Bhutan
I was chagrined to see Rachel give high praise to Bhutan's new heriditary coronation of their next ruler... She gave ample praise to his looks, his footware, and the his father's legacy of a gross ...
tharu1 11/06/2008 21 12 - 6
Status of 3 branches of Govt on Nov.5th
We live in a terrific country that can and will prosper no matter who wins the Presidency this election. But we are also, at a momentous time in our history as a people, embarked upon an experiment ...
tharu1 10/25/2008 4 - - 1
Truths I hold to be self evident (warning -1st diary & boring!)
Here is what I believe: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, ...
tharu1 10/19/2008 3 5 - 1
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