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Okay, if your office was shot, wouldn't you know which day it happened?

And if you were not so smart and got your days mixed up, wouldn't you at least check on the date before having a big press conference where you spewed it out and fanned the flames that are already burning out of control?

WTG Cantor. You really dampened things with your little baby rant.

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NEW INFO - Law enforcment is saying it's a NON-SERIOUS incident, the individual did not have a device -


Now we should all turn off the teevee and do something else and not watch the pundits beat this dead horse.

I am not sure what this is, but CNN is reporting that there is an incident, some emergency declared by the pilot of a plane with the same flight number and the plane is now on the ground, secluded.

I hope it is just an over-abundance of caution.

The flight originated in Amsterdam and landed in Detroit. Just like the one Christmas Day. Not the same plane, but same flight number and airline and flight itinerary.

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I promised myself I wasn't going to post today. I have a little boy and I am struggling through a HUGE depression and I need to get Christmas ready for him. He is counting on me and no matter what -

I will not be crying this Christmas over health care reform.

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I am dumbfounded to see comments here and from outrageous liars like  Mary Dumbass Landrieu that Candidate Barack Obama never promised a public option during the campaign.

That's bullshit. He did. From the debate with John McCain, October, 2008:

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Wed Dec 16, 2009 at 01:52 PM PST

Not to be outraged is the crime.

by the girl

I grew up watching Disney movies where the Prince would always pick the girl who worked hard and did the right thing. I grew up watching the Wicked Witch of the West melt and her flying monkeys cheer when they were finally released from her oppression. I grew up watching the hero ride in on a white horse.

What a crock. What a total crock.

Democrats, we gotta realize that karma isn't going to save us. If it does, we won't live long enough to see it. Karma takes a long ass time to arrive. I don't know about you, but I need health insurance right now. Waiting for karma or the ying to meet the yang and everything to balance out is driving me nuts.

I am watching and listening and remember the girl I used to be, back when I believed in heroes and princes and white horses. I used to believe that everyone around me was operating like me, from a sense of altruism. It's only through a few really painful experiences that I've become someone who doesn't get eaten alive anymore. Looking at the people around me as potential predators who want to eat me isn't the way I want to be. But it is the way I have to be.

Or in the end, I get eaten.

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I don't see the liveblogs being updated or I would have posted this there.

And I have to run - will someone put this into the next liveblog?

I don't care about recs or tips, just HCR.

Lincoln is onboard.

Also a FP story up right now.

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Thu Nov 19, 2009 at 09:38 AM PST

Stop Bullying Now - Action Guide

by the girl

I think I am writing this for myself today, as much as for anyone else here.

I have a thing about bullying. I can't stand it.

For the past several weeks, I've been battling with my son's school over a bully teacher who has done some pretty serious things in his elementary school classroom, and as parent after parent files a complaint, the principal, superintendent, school board fail to take these complaints seriously.

It takes tremendous courage to speak out and trust someone to take your concerns seriously, and not be considered a "tattletale" or troublemaker. If those concerns are ignored, it exposes all those involved to some serious retaliation, an escalation of the abuse, and a situation that rapidly deteriorates into something really dangerous.

If this is how my son's school handles complaints of bullying from parents, I can't imagine how horrible things are for the kids.

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Do not rec this diary, but please rec the Liveblog Mothership!

The house debate can be viewed live at C-SPAN

Liveblog Template Here for livebloggers to follow. See citizenx to host.

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Fri Nov 06, 2009 at 11:43 AM PST

Boom goes the teabag.

by the girl

This will not be pretty, but it will be sweet.

I bagged me some teabaggers yesterday. You guys helped.

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Well, I got it. It wasn't easy. But I did it for my country, as I am a patriot and I am grassroots and I stand.

I have obtained the next big move in the fight to kill the bill. To Kill it dead. To KILL it. And make it die.

This is the real ACTION GUIDE for American Patriots who want to be part of the action. The big events. The Killapalooza.

Oh yea. It's Big. It's bold. It's Bachmann.

The big plans are in block, my comments in italics. This is their real plan folks. Get ready. It's big. They're going to be standing. Lots of standing in the plan.


Where will you be during Bachman's presser?

7%19 votes
1%4 votes
5%14 votes
0%0 votes
2%7 votes
5%15 votes
0%2 votes
3%9 votes
12%31 votes
0%1 votes
5%14 votes
54%137 votes

| 253 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun Oct 25, 2009 at 11:27 AM PDT

Stop Bullying Now. Part 1

by the girl

I wrote a diary last week after hearing Michael Brewer's story of being burned alive by a group of boys who planned a deadly retaliation against him after he reported them for stealing his dad's bicycle.

Many of you asked how to stop bullying now. There are solutions to this, but they require us to stand together and demand that bullying is taken seriously in our schools, in our neighborhoods and in our own homes. I will try to outline some of the proven solutions in regular diaries over the next few weeks and I encourage you to read the information in the links I provide.

Michael's mom asked us to do all we can to stop the violence - that escalates from pushing and name-calling in little children to lighting a young boy on fire as they get older. If not stopped early, this violence gets worse as kids get older. We can stop it though - together.

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I have been bullied.

In second grade, I was harassed by kids at my Catholic school because my family didn't have a lot of money. I was excluded and made fun of because I didn't have the clothes and other things the kids had.

And because we were Polish.

I remember the brutal teasing my little brother went through as we walked home from school because of his 'big ears.'

But I was never lit on fire.

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