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Iowa Dreamer hands Steve King her Daca card to tear up -- and Rand Paul scurries away ...
Huffpost link to youtube video of Iowa Dreamer talking with Steve King. Tablemate Rand Paul scurries away with his mouth still full of food.
the harder we try 08/05/2014 8 12 - -
To get a House majority in 2014 - Dems should focus on defeating moderate Repubs
To ultimately defeat the teabaggers I say the Dems should focus on defeating the moderate Repubs in purple districts in 2014. I live in Steve King's district in Iowa. Try as hard as you want you won'
the harder we try 10/02/2013 15 9 - -
Colorado Gun Rights
5280 - the "Denver Magazine" - has an in-depth profile of Dudley Brown - the NRA once called Brown the “Al Sharpton of the gun movement,” too extreme even for America’s most notorious firearm ...
the harder we try 07/31/2013 26 1 - -
Clinton would dominate 2016 Iowa caucuses, PPP shows
Sorry if posted previously Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would start ...
the harder we try 11/08/2012 139 6 - -
Did Polling Only in English Distort Key Polls?
Interesting TheAtlantic article with details re polls that ignore Spanish-speaking voters.
the harder we try 11/07/2012 6 - - -
ProjectNewAmerica GroveInsight MI O48 R41
One key reason for the President’s big lead is because Michigan voters are much more inclined to believe he “will be better for the auto industry.” By nearly 20 points, voters believe Obama ...
the harder we try 11/02/2012 1 2 - -
Methodology 101 - including cell phones does make a difference
Tweet from Project New America about their Grove Insight FL poll showing O47 R45 Project New America ‏@PNAmerica Here's why methodology matters: in Florida, we have Obama up 20 among cell phone-...
the harder we try 10/26/2012 2 3 - -
Here's all the background for the new Grove Insight PNA polls WI, NC, NH, CO, FL
Looking for background on all the recent "good news for Obama" Grove Insight, ProjectNewAmerica, USAction polls? Link to 2 page pdf discussions of each of these polls, with all supporting breakdowns.
the harder we try 10/26/2012 2 1 - -
PNA today released poll NC O47 R44 WI O48 R43
The polls, commissioned by USAction and Project New America, were conducted by Grove Insight.
the harder we try 10/26/2012 12 4 1 -
Consultant includes cell phones, text and online in survey -- FL O47 R45 CO O46 R43
Project New America systematically includes cell phones and online -- their new polls show Obama ahead in FL CO. “We’re about trying to get it right,” PNA’s Jill Hanauer told FOX31 Denver. ��
the harder we try 10/25/2012 9 9 - -
Mitt uses obfuscation
Mitt is really into obfuscation. Obfuscation, in general, describes a practice that is used to intentionally make something more difficult to understand. In a programming context, it means to make ...
the harder we try 10/10/2012 2 - - 25
Overwhelmingly undecided voters in the West want "a candidate they can trust"
A new poll of 500 undecided in four key western states from Project New America says Overwhelmingly, undecided voters say theyʼre looking for a candidate they can trust. These voters do not believe ...
the harder we try 10/04/2012 1 5 - 49
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