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The End of a (Mini) Era
A couple years ago, circumstances required me to find a job, and the only employer who gave me an interview was a retail box store. As it turned out, they were hiring, but only part time jobs and ...
the one who knows 04/26/2014 2 11 - -
Whom are they calling? They just don't care
The Republicans keep calling me. But they never call me by my right name. More below the orange Rohrshach test.
the one who knows 10/27/2012 81 112 - -
You didn't pick up after it, either
I'm a minimum-wage part time worker. This speaks to me. More beyond the squiggle.
the one who knows 09/01/2012 7 22 - 189
WHO Built That?!?
I have to confess...I missed all the excitement. But now that I've had a chance to think about it a little, it appears to me we all missed the point. More after we decipher this orange Rohrschach ...
the one who knows 08/11/2012 8 11 - 78
By the roots...
I've just realized: the Affordable Care Act has come to my home to roost. So when Boehner talks about pulling it out by the roots, he's talking about me. More below the thingamabob.
the one who knows 07/02/2012 5 11 - 51
All politics is local... (link)
At last! Someone realizes the turmoil is taking place in Nebraska over the TransCanada. And that it completely undercuts the political garbage that is getting spewed out of the Republicans in ...
the one who knows 01/19/2012 1 4 - 18
Why I don't vote R
It's a very simple reason. We don't talk about it much. We should. The Republican Party has all the flexibility of the Bolshevik Party. And for the same reason.
the one who knows 01/12/2012 6 5 - 52
The response I'd like to see from Obama
So Newt--with his panties in a bunch because (surprise, surprise) Swift-boating doesn't just happen to bad guys like Democrats and liberals--has come out to attack Obama's call for "fundamental ...
the one who knows 01/04/2012 5 3 - 53
Books that changed my life: Cycle of the West
The challenge to write about a book that has changed my life was intriguing all by itself. Where do I even start? Thoreau and Walden , which actually made high school bearable? Solzhenitsyn ...
the one who knows 11/04/2011 34 33 - 243
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