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The value of
Right now, PBS NEWSHOUR is streaming the hearing on the prisoner swap. PBS NEWSHOUR There was a moment of rancor, but the Committee Chair brought it quickly under control, and is now quite ...
theRoaringGirl 06/11/2014 1 - - -
I"m at the midway point in my cancer treatment - halfway through radiotherapy, and five months of herceptin infusions left. I have small radiation burns, and slightly red, itchy skin. and fatigue. ...
theRoaringGirl 01/03/2014 6 8 - -
What's been going on with me?
Well, two weeks ago, I clipped all my hair off, after most of it was left ing my brush and comb over the previous 6 weeks. Yes, the hair loss was that fast for me, truthfully, it’s better than ...
theRoaringGirl 09/15/2013 12 18 - -
I have Chemotherapy
yes, chemotherapy. I had a lumpectomy two weeks ago, and although the cancerous spots were all removed, and the lymph nodes are clear, I have chemotherapy. I was diagnosed with HER2 Positive cancer, ...
theRoaringGirl 06/08/2013 13 12 - -
Cry.... Havoc, and let loose the whines of the Right
Today, there shall be gnashing of teeth and brandishing AR-15's for the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, hath released a study entitled Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America��
theRoaringGirl 01/18/2013 1 3 - -
My Pledge of Allegiance
Since the US Flag Code states: §176. Respect for flag No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental ...
theRoaringGirl 10/05/2012 3 - - 25
Mitty the Moocher
With apologies the great CAb Calloway, I wrote this the other day. It's on my wp satire/parody blog, 523Patriots and ...
theRoaringGirl 09/19/2012 4 4 - 32
Coup coup kah coup
F.E.A.R. AND LOATHING in the US Army. Prosecutors said the group called itself F.E.A.R., ...
theRoaringGirl 08/27/2012 5 7 - 84
Real-ID and Voting Rights
Many here remember my quest to obtain ID in The State of New Jersey, and the car that kept running me over called REAL-ID.
theRoaringGirl 08/16/2012 4 1 - 28
The more things stay the same
on the Right. I did this video back in 2004 for the now defunct website REDBLUE....
theRoaringGirl 06/23/2012 1 - - 19
New Questions about Orly Taitz
Orly in her "O RLY?" fashion, has lashed out at the media. The traget this time? The Sac Bee. She wrote a Letter to the Editor complaining about... well, complaining. Same old media bias chazarai, ...
theRoaringGirl 04/22/2012 35 10 - 278
A Song for Rickie Poo
With the ever growing crassness of the Santorum campaign, I wrote this little song parody of the sea chanty, Reuben Ranzo. The original story is about a New York tailor who has been shanghai'd (or "
theRoaringGirl 02/22/2012 3 3 - 31
Komen ends grants for embryonic Stem Cell research
bypassed in all the well founded outrage over Susan G. Komen Foundation's decision to defund Planned Parenthood, is the fact the the "Right to (Deny) Lifer's now running the Foundation's Policies ...
theRoaringGirl 02/02/2012 86 202 1 878
CPAC and Me
I just wrote the media contact for CPAC 2012 and requested credentials. I am awaiting a response. I have already been offered a place to crash, so I am taken care of in the food/lodging area. what ...
theRoaringGirl 01/26/2012 1 1 - 21
Little Dissension in BirtherLand
This may come as quite a shock, but there is no Joy in Vattelville, for Orly and Dean Haskins of are at odds. Yes, Dean has had the veil of incompetence ripped from his eyes and ...
theRoaringGirl 01/21/2012 12 7 - 116
Orly Taitz... Natural Born Fraud?
First, when one hits 5,000 friends you have to either create a fan page or a new profile. Taitz created a new profile. I found something rather interesting on her both of her facebook profiles.
theRoaringGirl 12/17/2011 37 4 - 264
Orly Taitz, anti-Semites and Sex offenders?
Dr. Taitz' North Carolina "supporter" one Danny Alan Vestal, copy and pasted her Hawaiian challenge into an email and "filed" it with the push of a button to all 100 NC counties. In my latest piece ...
theRoaringGirl 12/15/2011 12 5 - 86
Calling Orly Taitz' Bluff
While Dr. Taitz gallopedes around the nation running her caucus race, she placed the following on her website: (Copy/paste link, please)
theRoaringGirl 12/14/2011 12 18 - 182
What I am Thankful for
I am thankful to all you Kossacks. When I've been in need of just vent space or commenting, you have been there to support me. Earlier this afternoon, I posted about my being able to continue to ...
theRoaringGirl 12/13/2011 3 9 - 43
The Sheltered Existence: Thanksgiving Meltdown Edition
This was written over the Thanksgiving Holiday. and was originally posted over at The Jeering ...
theRoaringGirl 12/09/2011 1 1 - 40
The Birth(er) Canal
I've created a livestream channel which will dramatically recreate the enmaddened, enraged, and ennervated loons known as "birthers". Got a favorite WND post? an audio clip you want re-enacted (...
theRoaringGirl 11/21/2011 3 - - 35
The Sheltered Existence: One Paycheck Away
x-posted from The Jeering Section As most of you know, I am among the "Working Homeless".
theRoaringGirl 09/27/2011 9 7 1 85
Shelter update.
The day I finally got all the ever-changing paperwork for transitional housing, I was "sent down" to a brand new shiny shelter, where I am enduring a replay of my intake at the assessment shelter. ...
theRoaringGirl 08/22/2011 8 3 - 64
Dkos, the fickle lover
How do I begin? With a word? a kiss? or a simple, what happened to us? Dkos, once I was yours and you were mine. We rejoiced in mucho Mojo and the ever-lasting TU. But no more.
theRoaringGirl 08/17/2011 4 - - 86
The Sheltered Existence.
I am notoriously a private person. I've talked/whined about my situation regarding REAL-ID and my TBI, but other than that, I don't think I've really exposed myself to the Kos Community.
theRoaringGirl 07/08/2011 9 4 - 54
short, not really a diary
Hey, everyone, after 12 years of dealing with the after effects of the assualt, I'm now in the hospital with a small nervous breakdown. I should be released this coming friday.
theRoaringGirl 05/29/2011 5 7 - 68
We Are Being Head Faked, or Glenn Beck says "PSYCH!!!"
Two Americas. Two Consensus Realities. We are witnessing a breakdown in what we define as "Glenn Beck". Nowhere more clearly can this be seen in articles from the NY Times regarding Beck's departure:
theRoaringGirl 04/07/2011 5 - - 41
Beck's "Howard Beale" Moment(s)
I was chatting with a friend about Beck, his repeated comments about "shoot me in the head" and his identification with NETWORK'S "Howard Beale". This sent me to the wikipedia entry on the film ...
theRoaringGirl 03/15/2011 4 1 - 56
and, it's 1, 2, 3...
what are we fighting for? If our men and women in arms who are fighting and dying for democracy are aware of the virulent rapacious behavior of the "teaparty" (IMHO, there is no more Republican ...
theRoaringGirl 03/13/2011 7 9 - 107
The Tale of Kochheaded Dave
Poor little Davey Koch. Someone punked his Governor, and now he's crying about "Identity Theft"
theRoaringGirl 03/05/2011 5 7 - 79
Going off half-cocked
I just finished an IM chat with a friend over the proposed change in the Missouri Child Labor Law. You know, the ...
theRoaringGirl 02/27/2011 3 - - 34
I take it back. Glenn Beck is not a Clown
Nor, is he nuts. He is rather, an adept at the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique called "Sleight of Mouth". He may be the BEST at it that I have seen. What is "Sleight of Mouth" you ask?
theRoaringGirl 02/27/2011 15 4 1 135
A half-assed attempt at why PGP
NOTE When I first wrote this diary, I had no idea about the "Persona" Software that HBGary Federal is considering using to troll forums such as this one. I blither a bit about it in ...
theRoaringGirl 02/14/2011 4 4 1 50
The message of removing my group
I ask this, as prior to yesterday, I had joined a couple of groups, and created a group, "The Message is the Message" a group focusing on turning the Rightwing anchors on their heads. The group is ...
theRoaringGirl 02/13/2011 10 - - 64
Suspicious Packages at NY Penn
at about 1:00 pm or so, as I was sitting in the AMTRAK/NJ Transit waiting area, an AMTRAK employee started telling people in the ACELA waiting area to leave. He then started telling us on the other ...
theRoaringGirl 01/19/2011 16 9 - 57
November's Mad Teaparty
While listening to C-Span, there was a comment about Boehner raising money for Rand Paul, yet not endorsing any of the winning teaparty candidates. cross-posted ...
theRoaringGirl 09/08/2010 5 1 - 19
My landlord is a total sleaze, or, Hooray, they screwed up (I hope)
Remember my diary about eviction? July 20, 2010, I signed a stip agreement with the Calello Agency in the presence of their lawyer, that in return for paying my July rent, they'd make repairs and ...
theRoaringGirl 08/17/2010 33 13 - 55
I am about to be evicted
but, don't worry, it's all my fault. Really. Remember when I enthused about being rehired? well, in my mTBI cognitive fog, I hadn't. After being laid off, I had enough money to pay my rent through ...
theRoaringGirl 07/04/2010 62 32 - 40
BP: It's not the first time an Oil Company got around Federal Regulation
In September of 1968, just far enough outside the 3-mile limit of the Santa Barbara coast, an oil/gas drilling rig was built. There was no choice. California had regulations for off-shore drilling ...
theRoaringGirl 06/15/2010 4 2 - 33
Are we still free to express our feelings?
No matter how objectionable, are we free to speak our minds without fear of retribution? In my opinion, no. Why? because any one of us, who speaks or even misspeaks can lose our livliehoods. Just ...
theRoaringGirl 06/07/2010 43 7 - 12
 The Destruction of the Hebrew Holy Places
This has nothing to do with the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians - This is about double standards regarding the sanctity and preservation of Holy places with a mini rant thrown ...
theRoaringGirl 04/18/2010 199 12 - 42
On Repealing the 17th Amendment
Calls for repeal has been floating around for a while, and, is another Libertarian concept- I saw Ron Paul supporters with signs advocating repeal at that teabag rally I attended last year. The ...
theRoaringGirl 03/25/2010 54 4 - 35
Why the shock over what Glenn Beck said?
Indeed. The brouhaha over his "flee the socialist churches" commentary is right in line with Schafley and his "Conservative Bible" Project. Glenn Beck is only promulgating the precepts of ...
theRoaringGirl 03/13/2010 22 12 - 30 founded in 2004
yes, indeedy. These teabaggers have been steeping since 2004 relevant /whois: Domain ID:D104838905-LROR Domain Name:TEAPARTY.ORG Created On:02-Sep-2004 18:54:10 UTC Last Updated On:05-Apr-2009 00:31:
theRoaringGirl 02/07/2010 15 14 - 27
 What 17 years of loyalty bought Conan O'Brien
a lovely memory hole. Go ahead - go over to or even and search for "Conan O'Brien" Here's what you'll find: NOTHING! No seven months of The Tonight Show with ...
theRoaringGirl 02/06/2010 46 11 - 33
To everyone, Thank you
Thank you for your support. You have not idea what it meant and means to me. So, want you all to be the first to ...
theRoaringGirl 01/31/2010 14 26 - 28
 Life Fail (another WATB diary from me)
I'm 54. I'm disabled, but not enough for disability. I have been unemployed for a month, and I have been chronically homeless. I have been looking for work, I'll fucking work at McDonald's but they ...
theRoaringGirl 01/27/2010 63 17 2 30
California, Code of Civil Procedure § 1279.5 and Family Code § 2082 regulate common law and court decreed name changes. Code of Civil Procedure § 1279.5 (a) reads, “...
theRoaringGirl 01/07/2010 19 2 - 17
Glenn Beck is indeed a "rodeo clown"
Glenn Beck is indeed a "rodeo clown" Glenn Beck calls himself a "rodeo clown" and all we hear is "clown" . when we hear "clown" we think "circus clown". Not men who throw themselves in front of ...
theRoaringGirl 12/25/2009 30 6 - 201
And, While We Laugh
another madman has surfaced. His name? Mark Epstein. an "Orthodox Christian" vet and a seditious , vet, at that. (&#
theRoaringGirl 09/14/2009 35 4 - 18
Kostric a diversion?
while hanging out on Twitter, I ran across a tweet from @NTARC: NTARC Man Arrested Before Obama Event Had Loaded Gun - #news NTARC is National ...
theRoaringGirl 08/12/2009 17 1 - 3
Glenn Beck freaks over batshit listener - begs listeners to be nonviolent
With the arrest of teabagging FEMA/Obama conspiracy believer, Nancy Genovese, for casing a ANG facility in NYC, and perhaps preparing an armed assault on the facility judging by what she had in her ...
theRoaringGirl 08/04/2009 73 34 1 20
Cyber Security Begins @home
Recently, there was a semi-hysterical(to me, anyway) about the DDoS of government computers. Computer Security has no politics. It is about securing our own information be it banking or facebook ...
theRoaringGirl 07/08/2009 16 3 1 7
REAL-ID Update - I have achieved Passport, but no  NJ State ID
Yep, I now have Federal proof of Citizenship & Name. Still not good enough for the State of NJ. They still want me to undertake an undue burden and go to court and CHANGE MY NAME. yes, New Jersey ...
theRoaringGirl 06/29/2009 24 5 - 13
The Weenie (whiny) Savage: Files suit against DHS
yes, that's right, kids, Michael Savage and the Thomas More Law Center has filed suit against DHS over it's Report ...
theRoaringGirl 04/20/2009 28 4 1 -
The Way of Terror - Hamas vs. the Palestinean People
I love twitter - it brings things to my attention that I otherwise would miss. One of the tweets was about Hamas and it's campaign of violence against Palestineans: guardiannews Hamas murder ...
theRoaringGirl 02/13/2009 91 - 1 -
An Update to my REAL-ID Nightmare
It's right where it was when I last wrote about my lack of "papers". It's apparently been sitting on the desk of an assistant of Sen. Lautenberg's since October. And now... To add to my nightmare, I ...
theRoaringGirl 01/26/2009 27 11 1 40
PJ TV.... so much for a "Free Press"
So first my apologies to those who clicked the link to Joe the Press Harrasser's clip. They're in Beta so you have to register to view more than one of the clips.
theRoaringGirl 01/12/2009 7 4 - 1
One Less Jew
While not a religious Jew, I am still a Jew. typing those words, makes me cringe, not because of the I/P conflict, but because I know the word itself is as much a pejorative as k*ke or "ikey" or ...
theRoaringGirl 01/05/2009 276 17 - 14
Homelessness - it's not just for the mentally ill
This is not a "me too" diary. This is me talking about my experiences of being homeless. of having a job and not having the money to afford a basic share in NYC For two years, I was terrified if my ...
theRoaringGirl 12/01/2008 15 22 2 29
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch....
Bush was launching a "rare" airstrike in Syria.
theRoaringGirl 10/26/2008 2 1 - 4
APOLOGY INCLUDED: ACLU/NJ on my REAL-ID Nightmare: Not interested
APOLOGYI wish to apologize to everyone I "yelled at. I have been dealing with this issue for three months now. my show at Walter Reed ahd to be cancelled due to this, and, I am indeed ...
theRoaringGirl 10/16/2008 41 1 2 1
UPDATE: Dear Johnny
UPDATE: youtube has informed McCain's Campaign, that they will not get a differing standard on DMCA compliance - that is is, no human review, citing risks to it's "Safe Harbor" provisions, ...
theRoaringGirl 10/15/2008 2 3 1 7
REAL-ID and Me
Yes, I am aware that the REAL-ID Act has not been placed into the States, but nonetheless, that's what this diary is about. I officially do not exist. While I was homeless, my NYS ID ...
theRoaringGirl 10/01/2008 25 7 - 19
"Values"? I think not
It's all so 'Valuey' These "Value voters"? Rather, these baseborn, servile nonentities. From Tony Perkins to Colson to Schafly to any jackanapes in office who thinks they have to suck the cocks of ...
theRoaringGirl 09/13/2008 3 1 - 5
From my personal archives: 9/11 - Aftermath
I wrote this one week after the Towers fell, and I was able to get off of Staten Island via the Ferry: In the World of the Discordian, I would hazard that as of 9/11/01, we have left the Age ...
theRoaringGirl 09/11/2008 6 10 - -
What the GOP really thinks of their "Have's"
This is over at my other two blogs. It is a (hopeful) deconstruction of the GOP "base". Time and again they refer to their under $5 million dollar constituency as the "base". But what does that ...
theRoaringGirl 09/09/2008 8 1 - 2
youtube being scrubbed of Palin/AIP material
I just lost my youtube account - over the captioned video of Dexter Clarke of the AIP saying Palin was a member of the party till she got the job as Mayor. That would have been in 2006. She became ...
theRoaringGirl 09/03/2008 46 32 1 171
We will ram the POW experience down their throats
So, I was watching C-SPAN today, and during an interview with NYTimes reporter(?), David Brooks, was asked about Speeches, and he said they were working on one about McCain's POW experience:
theRoaringGirl 09/01/2008 14 2 - 1
Remembering Shirley Chisholm
With all the Hoopla surrounding Hillary and Sarah, let us harken back to the 1970's when what was possible for this Nation. A woman arose from our midst, and declared herself a candidate for the ...
theRoaringGirl 08/30/2008 17 26 - 21
On Honoring McCain's Military Service
We all have noticed that prior to "digging" at John McCain, a nod is given to his military service. This giving of status before taking it, has its beginnings in the deference paid to British ...
theRoaringGirl 08/19/2008 22 5 - -
McCain and the "definition of Victory in Iraq"
so, the NY Times has asked McCain to define "Victory in Iraq" as part of his OpEd. The whinging coming from the GOP is telling. Very telling. I means, at least to me, that he can't tell us the ...
theRoaringGirl 07/21/2008 9 1 - -
Food Riots - does anyone care
OMFG!!!! A non-candidate diary!!! Yes, folks, food riots are on their way - Across the country, rice, flour and cooking oils are being rationed, er, restricted. - The cost of bread is rising, and ...
theRoaringGirl 04/22/2008 94 28 - 39
when a candidates supporters drive me away
I had planned on voting for Sen. Obama. I cannot. I cannot for a ll the Two Minute Hates directed towards Sen. Clinton, and anyone who dares to disagree with them. I am a Lifelong Democrat. If Sen. ...
theRoaringGirl 03/19/2008 125 2 - -
Stop Ron Paul
oh, it started calmly enough: But then, a faction of his supporters are an undisciplined mob to wit, I give you the Sean Hannity incident. On it's ...
theRoaringGirl 01/20/2008 14 1 - -
The Prescience of Steppenwolf
though it was written in 1970, Steppenwolf could be talking about America today: The spirit was freedom and justice And it's keepers seem generous and kind It's leaders were supposed to ...
theRoaringGirl 12/18/2007 8 8 - -
I Walk the Line
Yesterday, I went down to Rockefeller Center and stood and walked with the members of the WGA. As a member of SAG and AFTRA, it was important that solidarity be shown. As Actor212 will attest, ...
theRoaringGirl 11/06/2007 13 15 1 5
Yik Wo... WHO?
THIS DIARY HAS BEEN UPDATED with more information on the Supreme Court Decision which extended Constitutional protections to non-citizens Yik Wo. Ever hear of him? No, you say? Who is this Yik Wo? ...
theRoaringGirl 10/04/2007 2 2 - 12
REAL-ID Disenfrachising the already disenfranchised
The Homeless Industry just love REAL-ID - how can you tell? They are awfully quiet about it. Especially this:
theRoaringGirl 08/21/2007 5 6 - 7
Welcome Citizens of the Colbert Nation
As a Citizen of the Colbert Nation, I, theRoaringGirl aka MadMoll, wish to greet my fellow Citizens on behalf of the members of DailyKos.
theRoaringGirl 07/26/2007 16 23 - 23
NewsMax Flash....CIA behind Rummys Fall
We all knew the folks at NewsMax were a but "tetched" but, this article, for me proves not only wear,but they design tinfoil headgear as fine as anything by Henri Bendel:
theRoaringGirl 07/19/2007 15 4 - -
Dear Presidential Hopefuls,
I hear a great deal on how you all intend to help the homeless. That's great! does that include those of us who have jobs and are homeless? You know, people like the adjunct university prof who ...
theRoaringGirl 07/09/2007 4 3 1 -
Birthing Chrion... or the Minotaur?
Human-animal hybrid embryos conceived in the laboratory - so-called “chimeras” - ...
theRoaringGirl 06/30/2007 9 - - 7
Why we need an Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House
I am sick and tired of the "seen and not heard" First Ladies. We need more First Ladies like Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Roosevelt was an activist. When African American Opera Singer Marion Anderson ...
theRoaringGirl 06/27/2007 15 5 - 8
None may buy or sell....
or work lest they have the Mark of the Beast. What exactly is this mark? some say it's the barcode on your cereal box. others, a tattoo. in reality, it's your credit score.
theRoaringGirl 06/20/2007 21 17 - -
al-jazeera: Iranian Arabs decry discrimination
So much for the myth of Unity in the "Arab" World. We int e West forget that "Arab" is actually confined to the people Saudi Arabia, and that other ethinicities exist within the Muslim World. In ...
theRoaringGirl 06/05/2007 46 1 - 1
Michigan GOP: Ron Paul is "a Distraction"
Sometimes, Drudge is useful. While cruising his site, I found an interesting article ...
theRoaringGirl 05/17/2007 9 5 2 -
Challenges of the Heart
I want to examine the words of Mr. Godwin, who found Falwell unconscious. I find Godwin's words fascinating not only for the euphemisitic quality, but for the many layers of meaning to be found.
theRoaringGirl 05/16/2007 10 7 - -
one out of twenty falwell is dead diaries
was deleted. Mine. Is this unfair? Yes. I took the hint that the diary I wrote at 2:44 pm was overkill and pulled mine. what about the 19 remaining? So, in a bit of Schadenfreude,
theRoaringGirl 05/15/2007 31 7 - -
If only, if only if only
This were true:
theRoaringGirl 05/14/2007 6 - - -
When a Blue Service Star Turns Gold
This song was written by my Great Uncle Casper Nathan in 1919. Picture a Mother or Sweetheart Proud ...
theRoaringGirl 05/13/2007 5 6 - 4
Rudy: Record as mayor not a topic for discussion
In today's AMNewYork, which is available as a pdf here , has an article, a single column titled "Mob put spy in Ranks?" The article talks about a mob cop on Rudy's ...
theRoaringGirl 05/03/2007 29 20 - 60
A Beltain surprise?
Tomorrow is Beltaine,the Tradtional start of Summer. Once the holiday was celebrated by weaving ribbons around a pole erected just for the day. The Hobby Horse chased the young women. The day was ...
theRoaringGirl 04/30/2007 19 6 - 3
Imus and the Cult of Non-Responsibility
Once more the Right Wing Victim culture raises itself from the swamp and mewls "I was set upI I am the wronged party!!! ME!! Back in the 70's when these 'ginks*' as my mother would have called them ...
theRoaringGirl 04/12/2007 11 5 - -
Securing your PC (Long)
I am a mac user. I started on Windows 95, but due to some very shitty behavior by MS Tech Support, I switched. However, I am an Evangelical when it comes to Windows security. Spammers, virus writers ...
theRoaringGirl 04/04/2007 15 3 5 -
Missing the Point of Passover
UPDATE; For those that understood the diary: I did find a seder to attend. For those that thought I was shitting them, that's your problem. Tonight is the first night of Passover. ...
theRoaringGirl 04/02/2007 67 8 1 9
Crooksandliars - ddos in progress? has been unavailble for about an hour, now the error page returning: The connection was reset The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. *
theRoaringGirl 03/20/2007 11 2 - 3
Support the Troops - Urge Bill O to not accept the Therapy
there will be a fundraiser at The Comedy Strip Live in NYC on Mar 16 to raise money to provide Bill O with sensitivity training. With a show that will feature comics who are on opposite sides of ...
theRoaringGirl 03/09/2007 2 2 - -
Reality? what reality
While perusing m feed for, I cam upone this article: The rich see what they want It discusses how ...
theRoaringGirl 03/04/2007 10 1 - -
...And he goes for a bike ride....
While everyone else in the Government was conducting a three hour exercise revolving around multiple IED attacks in 10 cities, Dozens of high-level officials joined in a White House ...
theRoaringGirl 02/26/2007 16 10 - -
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