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Beyond Prop 8: International Queer Rights
"As faith leaders who work every day with LGBT people who feel the stigma of discrimination, this U.N. initiative speaks to our core belief that we show our love for God when we care for ...
theantidesi101 12/15/2008 104 12 - 49
Why I Didn't "Call in Gay"
I've been struggling with my thoughts on the recent " Day Without a Gay " protest, which sought to rally LGB (T?, the event didn't seem too trans-inclusive) ...
theantidesi101 12/12/2008 28 9 1 158
Equal Marriage in Iowa, Queer Orgs "Cautiously Optimistic"
Lambda Legal has dropped a very juicy quote about the upcoming equal marriage case in the Iowa Supreme Court Case:
theantidesi101 12/09/2008 15 19 - 14
Week in LGBT Comedy: "My Two Lesbian Moms Can Beat Up Your Six Wives"
Why this post? The LGBT community has had a rough election year, what with our rights being blocked a la constitutions now in Florida, Arizona and California (as well as our adoption rights taken ...
theantidesi101 12/06/2008 1 3 - -
Marriage: It's Not Just For The "Sexy" States Anymore
I'm still adjusting to life outside of a "sexy" state. I grew up in the electoral wet dream of Florida. That state is such a tease for progressives. It's always just around the corner for change, ...
theantidesi101 11/29/2008 32 7 2 2
One Small Step For The Queers? Office Etiquette Victory ;)
I don't know why this story caught my eye. Maybe it's that bigots don't pay attention to warning signs that they're behavior ...
theantidesi101 11/28/2008 39 19 - 33
What I'm Thankful For: Harvey Milk
This man was the queer movement's Barack Obama. His watchword was “Come out, come out, wherever you are,” and he used tactics those who recently watched Barack Obama’...
theantidesi101 11/27/2008 41 26 4 177
Hi Reader, Meet The No More Mr Nice Mormons.
Thanks to Affirmation for posting these personal stories I’m very grateful to have heard from many of the readers about my previous post ...
theantidesi101 11/26/2008 13 12 1 5
My Path To Equality Is Incomplete Without My Mormon Kin
Of all the tragedies in our nation due to the passage of proposition 8 this year, the most significant loss must indeed be the hardening of attitudes on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate. ...
theantidesi101 11/24/2008 68 8 - 36
Virgin Encounters With Activism
Reflections on the recent protests against Prop 8, the ballot initiative which took away equal marriage rights in California “It was just a bunch of us, mostly young, ...
theantidesi101 11/19/2008 2 1 - -
$4.3 Trillion, Bailout Costs Exceed WWII, Welcome to the "Debtest Generation"
Veterans of WWII were part of what is now known as The Greatest Generation. By veterans, I don't just mean the soldiers, but also the women in the factories, union members and racial minorities that ...
theantidesi101 11/18/2008 7 5 - -
Reflections on D.C.'s Latest Rally for Equality
Half of life is just showing up. To the thousands who came out to the mall on Saturday to protest prop 8, thank you. I loved seeing all of you and I hope that this is just the beginning for all the ...
theantidesi101 11/17/2008 6 4 - 10
How a couple & a web server sparked a national movement... in 1 week.
“The minute we say we are going to boycott the LDS, for example, we stray. It is time we take back the conversation and do it responsibly. There is already too much finger pointing.
theantidesi101 11/12/2008 7 10 1 1
Lessons Learned on Marriage Equality
When same-sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004 I assumed that other liberal "blue" states would not be too far behind. I was in high school at the time and not as politically ...
theantidesi101 11/11/2008 2 4 - -
Prop 8 Protests, Not Enough. Wake the Heck up!
For 5 days now, thousands of people have flooded the California streets protesting the ...
theantidesi101 11/10/2008 23 4 - 14
My Day With the Green Movement
Today on a whim I trekked down to the Convention Center in Washington D.C. for 2008’s Green Festival . I came down primarily to hear 3 of the most ...
theantidesi101 11/09/2008 6 3 - 168
Underfunded Mormon & Black Heroes Against Prop 8
Thousands of activists, volunteers and first time engaged citizens contributed their efforts to fight Prop 8 and preserve equal marriage in California. While I celebrate every active opponent of ...
theantidesi101 11/08/2008 25 23 1 27
You Cannot Live on Hope Alone.
Out queer politicians matter to LGBT people. They inspire the next generation of out political leaders, who right now might be very young people in college, high school or even younger. Just like ...
theantidesi101 11/07/2008 9 5 - 251
"but we will soldier on." On Prop 8
Many of my friends found themselves in awe the past few days. In awe of the fact that this nation has elected it's first black commander in chief, but also in awe at its continued penchant for ...
theantidesi101 11/06/2008 28 33 3 190
A New Morning in America
Ronald Reagan once famously quipped in his 1980 Presidential campaign that "It's morning again in America." I'm proud to say that, 28 years later, America is truly seeing a morning, bright and ...
theantidesi101 11/05/2008 1 - - -
LGBT Communitie(s), Divided we Rise. United We Fall.
Like what you read? Please add me to your blogroll and check me out regularly! Sure, this generation is not free of homophobia, but this is a generation that grew up ...
theantidesi101 07/28/2008 86 5 - 8
Confessions of a Schoolyard Bully (Part II)
Like what you read? Please add me to your blogroll and check me out regularly! I'll be frank, my previous diary on school bullying touched a nerve both here ...
theantidesi101 07/25/2008 31 3 - 3
Confessions of a Schoolyard Bully
If you like what you see. Please add me to your blogroll and check me out regularly ;)
theantidesi101 07/24/2008 30 13 1 45
At What Point Did We Condone Rape?
Please add me to your blogroll and check me out regularly ;) At any given time there are 1,500,000 individuals enlisted in one of the branches of the U.S. military, 15% of which are ...
theantidesi101 07/23/2008 5 22 1 33
NYC ACTION ALERT: Help Show Your PRIDE. Fight For Your RIGHTS.
Is helping the LGBT community important to you? Is defending my rights, your rights or the rights of friends and family something you care about? If it is, and you live in New York City, I’...
theantidesi101 06/26/2008 4 2 - -
FEMINISTS UNITE: Why Don't Ask Don't Tell is a Womens' Issue
theantidesi101 06/23/2008 29 21 1 17
Poll: 70 Percent In Jamaica Oppose Any Rights For Gays
article here .
theantidesi101 06/22/2008 32 37 - 175
LGBT Election Battlegrounds 2008
The LGBT rights movement long ago has invested itself in a state by state election strategy. National politics has disregarded our concerns for decades, literally, with no national legislation on ...
theantidesi101 06/11/2008 9 9 - 1
My (Our) Inner Conflict With The American Military
As an American I am honored to have protection from the nation's most advanced military. As a valuer of critical thought I worry about my protection- our military- becoming a force of ...
theantidesi101 04/21/2008 9 3 - 156
Kiss Away! PDAs and Social Change
Public Displays of Affection are a touchy subject for a single person to defend. Many single people see couples practicing PDAs as a flaunting act. Many see it as a needless showing of affection ...
theantidesi101 03/31/2008 20 9 - 2
The Queer Western Thing
It was Freedom to Marry Day (FMD) at American University two days ago and there was this map that I saw that I had conflicting feelings about. I remember when it was being made. It was a regular ...
theantidesi101 03/28/2008 5 14 - 136
Labor Unions/Queer Rights: For Economic and Sexual Justice
Baby Blogger. This is my first post originally from Progressive Queer Flair . Primary season is unavoidable. As Obama by the day becomes ...
theantidesi101 02/20/2008 4 12 - 142
Linking our Way to Diversity (10/29/07 Edition)
It's time for action. There is so much discussion on the major blogs about diversity and the blogosphere. The question often asked is how can we make the most popular progressive blogs more ...
theantidesi101 10/29/2007 2 3 - 7
Diversity Blog Sundays
It's time for action. There is so much discussion on the major blogs about diversity and the blogosphere. The question often asked is how can we make the most popular progressive blogs more ...
theantidesi101 10/28/2007 6 12 - 136
Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech
“He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemys’ life” - Neitzsche Hate speech has always been a very controversial issue in ...
theantidesi101 10/27/2007 28 6 - -
Diversity Blog Sundays!
It's time for action. There is so much discussion on the major blogs about diversity and the blogosphere. The question often asked is how can we make the most popular progressive blogs more ...
theantidesi101 08/26/2007 6 7 - 3
Racial Minority Blog Sundaes!
It's time for action. There is so much discussion on the major blogs about diversity and the blogosphere. The question often asked is how can we make the most popular progressive blogs more ...
theantidesi101 08/19/2007 5 7 - 14
Why is Everything Arab Suddenly "Al Qaeda!"
Americans generally must really have a distaste for everything arab. It quite simply is a very frustrating time for people of arab descent and for those with families that include arab members in ...
theantidesi101 08/14/2007 71 7 - 4
Racial Minority Blog Sundays!
This is a new Sunday tradition that I have begun in the quickhits section of the wonky (but oh so luvable) blog OpenLeft . Stop on by, or just feel free to see ...
theantidesi101 08/12/2007 3 7 - -
The Politics of My First Kiss
"The Politics of My..." Series is an effort to document seperate angles of my life thusfar through a political lens, linking my past personal history to current LGBT news. It was the ...
theantidesi101 08/03/2007 15 14 - 134
The Politics of My Raising A Child
I worry about a lot of things, like if I make a good boyfriend, if I make a good brother and if, maybe one day, I'll make a good father. Often times, I spend more times worrying than I do living my ...
theantidesi101 08/02/2007 15 5 - -
Concerns About the Presidential Debate on LGBT Rights
In an age where the LGBT community has been threatened on the federal level by inadequate HIV/AIDS funding and pandering constitutional amendments against basic rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual ...
theantidesi101 07/23/2007 24 11 - -
You Can't Just Say You Support Us
When one thinks of presidential candidates, whether Republican or Democratic, sincerity is often not the first word that comes to mind. The Nation Magazine recently did an expose exposing "pro-union"
theantidesi101 06/03/2007 7 3 - -
Fighting, F**king, Drinking, but most of all... Laughing.
The D.C. queer community made history tonight. At a little, new comedy club on the 14th street corridor ( Riot Act ), a bunch of faggots, dykes, trannys,
theantidesi101 04/25/2007 5 5 - -
Which is Worse? Racism or Homophobia?
As a person of color and a queer man, I'm often asked what I am outraged with more, slurs directed at the queer comunity or slurs directed at people of color communities. To be honest, I don't need ...
theantidesi101 04/24/2007 121 17 - 15
Mickey Mouse Wants Gay $$$, Not Gay Weddings
Recent reports about Disneyworld refusing to hold gay weddings should serve as a wake up call to all queer Americans that just ...
theantidesi101 03/16/2007 11 5 1 -
Gay Rights Leaders Arrested Protesting Pace's Remarks
Update: Thanks all in the comment box. Here's a cartoon that was brought to my attention from the WaPo :
theantidesi101 03/15/2007 14 8 1 -
What Really is Happening at the Scooter Libby Trial
PoliticsTV is providing coverage of the Libby trials on our site as news breaks. Keep up to date on the trail by visiting our collection ...
theantidesi101 02/01/2007 3 16 - 19
Digging McCain's Grave
PoliticsTV has a collection of two of the latest attack ads on McCain. Recommended viewing for all. Sign Up With Us ...
theantidesi101 01/28/2007 9 1 - -
Video of the Massive Rally in D.C.
PoliticsTV has exclusive video of the protest that can be found in their latest post. Sign Up With Us ...
theantidesi101 01/27/2007 10 13 1 155
YOUTUBE DEMOCRACY: The Revolution WEB Televised
The following is a guest blog by Politics TV's very own Dan Manatt. I've also edited in some of my own commentary into his post. Also a disclaimer, I am ...
theantidesi101 01/22/2007 4 2 - -
I Made A Good Friend Today. She’s Dead.
What possible force can push you right to the podium of a perfect stranger’s funeral? Cosmic forces are strange things, for I’ll never be able to explain why I chose to attend the ...
theantidesi101 01/12/2007 16 43 1 135
I Left My Boyfriend Because of Don't Ask Don't Tell
This is a true story that I wrote to the new Democrat at the head of the committee in the house that will look into Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) the military's ban on gays openly serving in the ...
theantidesi101 01/08/2007 18 28 - 7
Letter To An Indian Prince
I promised a “nature vs. nurture” diary, but that’s not happening. Sorry. Today’s diary is dedicated to Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of India,
theantidesi101 01/04/2007 10 22 1 137
A Vocabulary Standard for DKos: "retarded" "faggot"...
Update: Earlier on I used a title that called for a ban on words such as "retarded" on I have been convinced by other Kossacks that a ban is wrong, but calling for a ...
theantidesi101 01/02/2007 162 13 - 9
The Politics of Gay Sheep
After a wonderful and lively New Years Eve party full of Bollywood, bellydancing, and Elvis impersonators, I felt it necessary to add some balance to my fun-filled days by reminding myself of the ...
theantidesi101 01/01/2007 47 4 - 3
America's Pointless Blood Ban
In a time of scarcity our nation should rise above petty hateful assumptions for the benefit of those in need...
theantidesi101 12/29/2006 16 3 1 3
TX-23: What Ciro Rodriguez’s Victory means.
Who is Mr. Rodriguez going to replace? Well let’s just say that last nights election means a 100% turnaround in support for queer issues from the representative of TX-23. Bonilla was ...
theantidesi101 12/13/2006 6 7 - 14
Which Dem Pres. Candidate is most Queer Friendly? Pt.1
With all the talk of possible Democratic candidates for the 2008 Presidential race, there's certainly a lot of confusion about who all these prople are and how they are different from each other. ...
theantidesi101 12/04/2006 22 8 1 -
How saying "I'm Not Good Enough" Hurts Progressives
For those who are familiar with my posts, I reserve Sunday for personal things. When it comes down to it, I love writing about me the most. It's self-reflection of the greatest sort, which is why I ...
theantidesi101 12/03/2006 6 3 - 16
Latest Weapon Against AIDS: Marriage
"Each branch of government must rise up out of the shadows of inequality and be counted on this important civil rights issue by using their powers to put an end to discrimination against all ...
theantidesi101 12/02/2006 10 8 - 4
Queer out the Kos!!!!
I've spent the past two days in a near robotic state preparing for finals here at American University. During a brief reprieve from the avalanche of work I took some time out of my life to browse ...
theantidesi101 11/29/2006 30 6 - -
The Legal State of Trans Individuals
"It's really a win-win situation, because she really loved the job and she was really great at it." - Attorney Mari Newman following agreement to end lawsuit against a ...
theantidesi101 11/25/2006 26 10 - -
Why Queers are Thankful Today
My post today is a reflection on the victories for the queer community this year. This is the only looking back I'll do for this year. When it gets closer to the end of the year, I'll post a wish ...
theantidesi101 11/23/2006 17 20 - 6
Breaking Equal Marriage Victory
theantidesi101 11/21/2006 31 21 1 9
Transgender Day of Remembrance
"The Transgender Day of Remembrance is a solemn time to reflect on those who have been murdered because of their gender identity or expression.” Mara Keisling, National Center for ...
theantidesi101 11/20/2006 5 10 - -
Personal Story Sunday
I spend the week writing about various issues affecting the queer community. I figure that by the time it gets to Sunday, I'm all written out, so why not have a personal entry about my own life. My ...
theantidesi101 11/19/2006 2 3 - -
The Anniversary of Queer Marriage in Massachusetts
theantidesi101 11/18/2006 6 9 - 2
Queers in the military are like "bed-wetters" according to the Pentagon
theantidesi101 11/17/2006 22 18 - 6
The Ethics of Outing Homophobic Closeted Queers
theantidesi101 11/16/2006 122 20 1 14
Marriage on one end, Death on another
theantidesi101 11/15/2006 201 15 1 23
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