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The Nuremberg Defense
Like any war, there are those more interested in profit than victory.
thefarleftside 05/25/2015 1 13 - -
Are CEOs 300 times better than you?
The Wall Street Journal recently weighed-in on income inequality and opined "Tish-tosh! If you took all the salaries of a million-employee company and shared them equality it ...
thefarleftside 05/18/2015 6 6 - -
There's a fine line between "ecological disaster" and "love potion"
Americans will drive far out of their way to save a nickel on gas but they'll happily pay $1 for one penny's worth of water. STOP DOING THAT! The only scam worse than bottled water is homeopathy.
thefarleftside 05/15/2015 1 6 - -
Who needs Jade Helm?
"Don't worry, folks. You're safe, because we're watching you. Allllways watching."
thefarleftside 05/04/2015 3 7 - -
The knights who say "Ni-gro".
Took a while but I finally found my visual metaphor.
thefarleftside 05/01/2015 3 5 - -
The Institutionalized Political Process
It's important to understand where they're coming from.
thefarleftside 04/29/2015 1 - - -
Earth Day (Over)Fish Story
The Orange Roughy can live to be 150 years old. It becomes sexually mature at age 20. The Acadian redfish can live as long as 50 years and begins breeding at about age ten. The Atlantic halibut ...
thefarleftside 04/22/2015 4 8 - -
thefarleftside 04/17/2015 4 13 - -
Talking through one's butt.
For historical perspective: Paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-1899) once posited the intriguing notion that dinosaurs, specifically the stegosaurus, possessed a second brain located in ...
thefarleftside 04/06/2015 4 12 - -
Let the President make all the Iranian deals he wants.
Maybe the Congress would feel better about the President's handling of Iran if Michelle Obama consulted her astrologist.
thefarleftside 03/16/2015 3 5 - -
Why does Israel need nuclear weapons?
If America's nukes protect the Western Hemisphere, why can't they also protect Israel as well?
thefarleftside 03/11/2015 41 7 - -
"Take us to your loser."
Do you know what Bibi Netanyahu's appearance before Congress this week proved? That there is a hard core of American conservatives who will embrace anything, even treason against their own country, ...
thefarleftside 03/06/2015 2 6 - -
Comic - Cancelled Food Stamps
I get the feeling that a Republican legislator could never have written "The Wizard of Oz" because they have no concept of brains, compassion, or courage.
thefarleftside 02/23/2015 3 12 - -
To Direct and Serve
These new body cams the police are using makes me think of those guys who take pictures of everything they eat.
thefarleftside 02/18/2015 2 4 - -
How low can you go?
You have to be 18 to see Fifty Shades for Grey though they should really be carding for IQ.
thefarleftside 02/16/2015 7 8 - -
The obligatory "I'll Miss Jon Stewart" cartoon, with bonus comedy censorship.
The moment of not-zen when we suddenly realize that Jon is gone.
thefarleftside 02/11/2015 7 9 - -
Accidental Terraforming
Terraforming is a process whereby a perfectly good planet has its atmosphere, temperature, and ecology altered to suit the needs of its intended host. Generally this is imagined occuring on other ...
thefarleftside 02/09/2015 7 20 - -
They said it on the TV, so it must be true.
Believe it or not, this is the Republican plan to stimulate the economy.
thefarleftside 02/06/2015 7 10 - -
"Would you like a cool refreshing glass of my tears with that?"
Considering what's in that food this is sort of a murder-suicide pact.
thefarleftside 02/04/2015 2 13 - -
Questions to ask abortion protesters
"Final question: Should humans continue to pump out offspring until we're all literally swimming in our own poop?"
thefarleftside 01/27/2015 10 12 - -
The real price of cheap gas.
Does it seems suspicious to anyone else that just at the same time that certain corporate interests are trying desperately to curtail the surge in renewable energy we suddenly have all this ...
thefarleftside 01/21/2015 9 7 - -
What "open carry" says to me.
Open carry. A primitive idea that a safer society is achieved if we all walk around visibly bristling with weaponry, up to but not limited by the kind usually found on the battlefield. Open carry is ...
thefarleftside 01/17/2015 139 37 - -
Muhammad's self-portrait
The spirit of the Lord did enter me and move me and, lo, my bowels didst most shake and holy art didst spring forth. Hallelujah!
thefarleftside 01/14/2015 14 16 1 -
A Poem, by Mitch McConnell
He's a regular Axel Rose.
thefarleftside 01/12/2015 4 6 - -
So you're out of office. Now what?
Move over Jimmy Carter.
thefarleftside 01/09/2015 2 10 - -
Cops and Robber Barons
Kids these days.
thefarleftside 01/07/2015 1 4 - -
Is The Interview still a thing? Good, here's a cartoon about it.
Do you know why I don't think North Korea had anything to do with the Sony hack? Because even NK is smart enough to know that protesting something only make it more popular.
thefarleftside 12/22/2014 3 9 - -
Waterboarding, stress positions, cat-shaving...
Every kid in America is thanking the Bush administration for the "Guantanamo loophole".
thefarleftside 12/15/2014 1 5 - -
It's not torture if you kill 'em.
"Cognitive dissonance? What's that?"
thefarleftside 12/12/2014 3 7 - -
On the Second Amendment Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
And a cartridge in a Glock 17.
thefarleftside 12/10/2014 9 9 - -
Times change, oppression doesn't.
My heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Eric Garner. I hope the memories of the man outweight the injustice.
thefarleftside 12/05/2014 1 4 - -
Walmart Welfare
Because nothing's too good for our menial-job-creator pals.
thefarleftside 12/01/2014 4 5 - -
Meanwhile, in Ferganistan, Missouri.
If all police officers can be reliably protected by a prosecutor who won't indict for misconduct, regardless of any damning evidence, then we're standing on the edge of a brand new jurisprudence ...
thefarleftside 11/26/2014 3 7 - -
Halt and I'll Shoot!
The original message on the 4th panel of today's offering was "Reason NOT to shoot: If the suspect is white." Yes, I know. In the past two months we have seen two different black individuals ...
thefarleftside 11/24/2014 2 11 - -
Love some of thy neighbors.
The GOP is actually very pleased to have Mexican immigrants working in America, as long as they do their menial shit jobs, pay into a Social Security that they'll never benefit from, and remain too ...
thefarleftside 11/21/2014 4 4 - -
Take Your Change In Smith & Wesson.
Our country is currently experiencing a recent rise in violent crime, and the culprit is... right-to-carry laws? Well, yes, according to a Stanford research study.
thefarleftside 11/17/2014 32 24 - -
Bascially, every post-election argument.
In case you hadn't heard the news the recent mid-terms had the lowest voter turn-out since 1942. You know, right in the middle of a REAL world war. Yes, only 34.6% of registered voters bothered to ...
thefarleftside 11/12/2014 4 8 - -
Name Your Poison - a fracking good 'toon
What's the difference between a rattlesnake and an oil company executive? One's a remorseless, cold-blooded killer and the other's a reptile.
thefarleftside 11/10/2014 2 6 - -
Remember Mother's Day, November 4, 2014.
Conservatives who just happen to be reading this comic, do me a favor and take off your pointy white hood. Then reach up to your face and grab your nose with one hand. Now with your free hand please ...
thefarleftside 11/03/2014 3 6 - -
"Will pick cotton for food."
Underfunding education isn't always a bad thing. The lower one's level of education means the higher one's chance of conservative politics. It also means increased rates of enlisting as a non-...
thefarleftside 10/31/2014 1 4 - -
Voting Preference: It's All In Your Head
Who are you voting for this year? Why? Are you certain the straight party ticket you're no doubt about to punch doesn't have a loony or two in the bunch? Is it fair to give those people your support ...
thefarleftside 10/24/2014 5 3 - -
Cartoon: Reagan Never Looked So Good
Official South Dakota motto: "Under water the people rule."
thefarleftside 10/22/2014 3 14 - -
Cartoon: The Socialists At My Door
Last year children collected $6 million dollars for UNESCO. During the same period Americans spent $330 million on pet costumes.
thefarleftside 10/20/2014 3 15 - -
That Halloween classic: The Foxorcist
There's a terrible disease rampant in this country, and it didn't come from Kenya.
thefarleftside 10/17/2014 2 2 - -
"The GOP's Number One Goal this year is..."
"There is only one motivation for imposing burdens on voting that are ostensibly designed to discourage voter-impersonation fraud, if there is no actual danger of such fraud, and that is to ...
thefarleftside 10/15/2014 2 7 - -
Ed. 'toon: Mike comes out of the closet for renewable energy.
GOP motto: "We don't care, because we're scared."
thefarleftside 10/10/2014 1 8 - -
The More You Pay, The Less It's Worth
It probably only cost the Koch boys a couple of billion dollars to buy the whole of the Republican Party. I'm not for a minute sugggesting that they have anything close to a functioning conscience ...
thefarleftside 10/08/2014 2 10 - -
If you were the only Republican in the world and I was the only Democrat
Sometimes when I feel bad and things look blue I wish a pal I had... say one like you.
thefarleftside 10/06/2014 1 11 - -
"My way or the highway!"
Slow movers stay on the right. The left side is the passing lane.
thefarleftside 10/03/2014 2 9 - -
You have to be careful what you ask for. Sometimes you get it.
thefarleftside 09/26/2014 2 1 1 -
Iraq, the Sequel.
And never, ever, feed a terrorist after midnight.
thefarleftside 09/24/2014 2 3 - -
The CDC does it again!
This comes as no surprise considering the CDC's success with the Harlem Shake.
thefarleftside 09/19/2014 5 2 - -
You Can Trust The GOP
You just can't get the GOP to shut up abut jobs. It's "jobs this" and "jobs that". Jobs, jobs, jobs. They just can't seem to think about anything else. Of course it's mainly for the 42,000 3900 35 ...
thefarleftside 09/17/2014 1 11 - -
Contemporary Role Models
"Say! That John Boehner guy certainly has a cushy job. All he does is play golf."
thefarleftside 09/15/2014 3 3 - -
Republican positions on the issues.
Yes! It's the 2014 Midterm Voter's Guide! Rated I for Immature.
thefarleftside 09/10/2014 2 6 - -
Flag Burning Fun!
This cartoon was made and manufactured in the USA using 100% recycled pixels.
thefarleftside 09/08/2014 1 4 - -
An adorable solution to prison overcrowding
What'd you expect her to say? "First, kill all the lawyers"?
thefarleftside 09/03/2014 4 22 - -
The GOP: Stealth Eco-Warriors
Just to play it safe, maybe we ought to lay off the George Foreman grills for a while.
thefarleftside 09/01/2014 2 7 - -
Young Guns; A girl and her Uzi.
The lesson here is, I think, when grown men let little girls play with their guns things tend to blow up in their face.
thefarleftside 08/29/2014 3 6 - -
"Let them drink bottled water."
If money were water.
thefarleftside 08/27/2014 2 10 - -
Land of the free, home of the scapegoat.
Except Chris Rock and Bill Cosby. They can stay.
thefarleftside 08/22/2014 2 8 - -
An argument FOR overcrowded jails.
And the more overcrowded the better. (For reasons of space, and relative sanity, I had to leave out: ivory traders, rhino poachers, sex traffickers, Fox News executives, baby seal killers, TV ...
thefarleftside 08/20/2014 2 5 - -
The Miranda warning, Ferguson style.
The actual Miranda warning: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an ...
thefarleftside 08/18/2014 4 11 - -
"Take My Money!"
"Jason! You're 37! You can't play Settlers of Catan in the basement forever! It's time to get a job!"
thefarleftside 08/15/2014 1 6 - -
A tribute to Robin Williams... and others.
No one built it themselves. Support our nation's comedy infrastructure.
thefarleftside 08/13/2014 6 3 - -
How to make an Indian smile.
"Pass the popcorn."
thefarleftside 08/11/2014 7 4 - -
The keyboard is made of WHAT?
On the other hand, this piano is perfect for people who are all thumbs.
thefarleftside 08/06/2014 2 7 - -
The state of state-sponsored murder.
Just tellin' it like it is.
thefarleftside 08/02/2014 4 14 - -
Oh, for a supermajority of nails.
The point is this... DO SOMETHING!
thefarleftside 07/30/2014 2 12 - -
The Complete and Unabridged Republican Guide to Motherhood
"And don't forget to drink heavily, ladies. More fetal alcohol syndrome means more brain damage means more Republican voters. YEEEEEE-Hawwwwww!"
thefarleftside 07/25/2014 2 15 - -
Who's On First?
Unless your address has been "1 Olduvai Gorge" for the past million or so years you're an immigrant, too.
thefarleftside 07/18/2014 3 10 - -
Yes, the GOP has a plan. Unfortunately, it's this one.
Rinse and repeat until filibuster-proof.
thefarleftside 07/14/2014 3 15 - -
Open Carry vs. Open Carry
At the risk of giving away a possible million-dollar idea I think t-shirts bearing a bright, graphic "Open (choose from any in the cartoon above)" message would make a reassuring, public statement ...
thefarleftside 07/09/2014 10 19 - -
The search for habitable planets.
It's only sixteen light years away so don't forget to pack your togs.
thefarleftside 07/04/2014 22 8 - -
Comic: The Hobby Lobby case in a wingnutshell
There's a Constitutional escape from this corporate-powered judicial black hole we're in and that's to add a few more Supreme Court judges. I'm guessing at least another hundred should do it.
thefarleftside 07/02/2014 6 17 - -
Because I'm Black
"One of the biggest benefits of white privilege is that white people never, ever wonder if something has happened because of the color of their skin." - Thom ...
thefarleftside 06/30/2014 6 2 - -
"Allah bless us, every one."
thefarleftside 06/27/2014 3 10 - -
Please don't mind the smell.
Do you think Big Oil execs treat their homes like they treat the rest of the world? Probably not.
thefarleftside 06/25/2014 5 9 - -
Comic: The Job Creator
The ceaseless braying from the rich, which we hear over and over on the very media they themselves own, is that they're THE job creators. Which is the reason, they go on to say, why they deserve big ...
thefarleftside 06/20/2014 1 7 - -
It's Just Crazy Enough It Might Work
The official GOP handbook says, in Chapter One, page one: "If the negro in the White House wants it, we are against it." Actually, the handbook is just a one-page flier that Speaker of the House ...
thefarleftside 06/18/2014 5 5 - -
Cartoon: Stop human-fighting now!
We already know that fighting amongst their own species is just second-nature to these primitve brutes, often to the death over food, mates, and territory, but should we really allow unscrupulous ...
thefarleftside 06/13/2014 7 13 - -
Someone out there is wrong.
What time is it when a responsible member of the NRA with an assault rifle kills half of the children in a grade school? Time to reload. And what do you give the armed revolutionary who has ...
thefarleftside 06/11/2014 9 10 - -
I'm not qualified to lampoon the GOP.... Oh, wait! I am!
"I'm not qualified to debate the science over climate change." - John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives. He really said that. I am not kidding. You can look it up. To keep from ...
thefarleftside 06/06/2014 18 24 - -
What the Open Carry groups look like to the rest of us.
"Welcome to Home Depot. You say you need to pry a gun from cold dead hands? Look no further than our fine selection of crowbars in our hardware section and your choice of hand-warmers on aisle nine. ...
thefarleftside 06/02/2014 56 30 - -
It's not just a job, it's 239 days off and a pension.
"I, John Boehner, do solemnly swear that I will manipulate the Constitution of the United States against all enemies of the GOP, especially any uppity negro Presidents; that I will bear true faith ...
thefarleftside 05/30/2014 7 7 - -
How to Kill Your Children, a primer for modern Americans.
Since the GOP won't do anything to protect our children from being murdered in cold blood by just plain old folks using the Second Amendment to exorcize their personal demons here are some ...
thefarleftside 05/28/2014 3 9 - -
Square scandals, round hole.
Hush little baby don't you cry Mamma's gonna find another scandal to try. And if that scandal isn't seen as priority Mama's gonna buy you a senate majority.
thefarleftside 05/26/2014 4 11 - -
H. G. Wells had it right.
Considering how fast our available antibiotics are losing effectiveness against disease the battle for dominance of the Earth may well come down to who has the strongest immune system.
thefarleftside 05/19/2014 12 17 - -
"Tell me, how do you feel about shooting your mother?"
Oh, sure. Now the administration well be accused of targeting fundamentalists. (Did you see what I did there with the "targeting" thing?)
thefarleftside 05/16/2014 6 5 - -
The GOP: Robbing Benghazi to play Paulitics.
Just for the record, the GOP cut half a billion dollars, that's billion with a "B", out of the embassy security budget in 2011 and 2012. After which then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was all "...
thefarleftside 05/14/2014 4 9 - -
Cartoon: They're Only In It For The Money
Allow me to add my voice to the thousands who have been imploring everyone to please contact their local representative and insist that the Internet Service Providers be re-classified as Common ...
thefarleftside 05/09/2014 3 10 - -
Cutting the Cartels
Is it a surprise to anyone that the coal-and-gas empire commanded by the noxious Koch brothers is currently waging war on the renewables industry? For example, just recently the American Legislative ...
thefarleftside 05/07/2014 3 5 - -
The (Very) Simplified 2014 Voter's Guide
What would you think if I had devoted my entire adult life to improving my skills as an artist, eschewing all other worldly matters, and then, after unexpectedly coming into a great deal of money, I ...
thefarleftside 05/05/2014 2 2 - -
Coyote Ugly
Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Clive Bundy, Dubya... the GOP has chewed so many arms off they need to consider writing a cookbook.
thefarleftside 04/28/2014 2 8 - -
The GOP Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no help."
In 1984 about 10,000 Americans were dying of AIDS. That's largely an estimate as solid figures weren't available until 1987, but it's close. Deaths from AIDS eventually peaked at 40,000 in 1994 and ...
thefarleftside 04/23/2014 8 12 - -
Suicide by Cow.
According to a recent U.N. report if we removed all the cars from the roads but kept on consuming meat at our current rate, specifically beef and lamb, the amount of greenhouse gasses in the ...
thefarleftside 04/16/2014 35 17 - -
There always has been, and always will be, a Dick Cheney.
There will always be the kind of person looking for an opportunity to nail another man to a tree, or its nearest equivalent. If they can make a buck on the deal, so much the better. For them.
thefarleftside 04/14/2014 6 1 - -
World of Whorecraft
I must have killed a thousand trolls and demons to earn a decent suit of armor and a good sword, then I learned you can just BUY one in the online store. FML.
thefarleftside 04/11/2014 10 15 - -
"Okay, time to play Final Plutocracy!"
"The game where you can't win if you can't win."
thefarleftside 04/09/2014 3 14 - -
"And The 1% Lived Happily Ever After."
"But the third little pig built his house on sub-prime loans and so the Wall Street wolves ate him alive. The end, until the next housing bubble."
thefarleftside 04/07/2014 1 12 - -
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