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Obama is tanking in the polls
He is down 4 points in the latest Pew poll, a poll he lead by 9 points before the debate. As I said in my previous diary, Obama was too lazy and too arrogant to do the real prep work needed for his ...
themoderateman 10/08/2012 239 3 - 1324
Hey Obama, WAKE THE F*** UP!!!! With Update#1
I feel like I am going to puke. Everyday I see a new poll tightening or a new right wing pundit crooning about how Obama shit the bed during the debate and that Romney is beloved by the American ...
themoderateman 10/07/2012 227 7 - 1374
The implicit "win" in Obama's loss.
Obama lost the first debate. I don't think that is up for "debate". Obama lost. The next question is why did he lose? Well I think some people would say he was not plussed like Romney was. Obama ...
themoderateman 10/04/2012 15 11 - 174
The Revenge of Bill Clinton
Obama is pulling away from Romney. According to recent polls, Americans feel more optimistic about the economy and they trust Obama more than Romney on the economy going forward. Obama has highest ...
themoderateman 09/20/2012 24 10 - 293
Values, CEO's and Reality TV...
I think reality tv shows starring CEO's suck. Look at Apprentice. It's a show where people kill themselves to not get fired by Donald "ass clown"Trump. People break down in tears when Trump ...
themoderateman 09/16/2012 4 1 - 34
Obama 2012 = Hillary 2016
As an avid HRC supporter I can see her 2016 Presidential election happening tonight. The path for HRC to become the first female President and I am sure a phenomenal President was laid forth tonight.
themoderateman 09/04/2012 83 6 - 328
Yes conservatives, we want to take away your guns...
As a person of principle let me be very clear to any "conservatives" who troll the Kos for proof that liberals want to take away thier guns. Here you go conservatives: We liberals really do want ...
themoderateman 03/24/2012 126 12 - 454
Why I am wishing for a Santorum nomination!
This is my humble and respectful reply to another diary rooting against Sen Santorum. While I understand and respect the reasons for not wanted to give such a biggoted person a megaphone, I hope ...
themoderateman 02/20/2012 30 8 1 143
Yes, Obama is a kick-ass President! Deal with it GOP...
Yep. I said it. Obama kicks ass! Why? Because he does, so deal with it Republicans. I am so sick of hearing the GOP bash Obama. I am so sick of hearing the media bash Obama. I understand some ...
themoderateman 01/09/2012 346 351 14 1989
Obama is a stud!!
I am such a fan of Obama. The closer we get to 2012 the more excited I get to work for Obama! His recent move to get the Consumer Protection Agency rolling is the one that did it for me. This guy ...
themoderateman 01/06/2012 27 11 - 177
Palin Announced but not as GOP Candidate!
I beleive Palin tipped her hand yesterday on Fox News that she will indeed run for Prez but not as a Republican. Take a look at her statement...
themoderateman 05/20/2011 47 5 - 271
This new website sucks
Whatever. I don't really care about added features and benefits. All I see are more ads and I don't come to the site very much anymore.
themoderateman 02/20/2011 3 - - 44
The "Free" Market sucks
I have been on hold with Time Warner for almost 35 minutes. They over charged me, my phone service and televison are out and they are not answering the phone. How is this good service? Oh and I ...
themoderateman 02/05/2011 16 7 - 111
A Post from 2008
I wrote this on Sept 28th 2008. I think this was an acurate post. I predicted the eventual win for Obama and the troubles coming from the left. Read below...
themoderateman 12/30/2010 17 4 - 40
Dear Daily Kos - Love GOP
You earned it Daily Kos.
themoderateman 11/02/2010 82 1 - 60
The Greatest Generation?
Is The Greatest Generation undoing thier greatest legacies?
themoderateman 10/09/2010 9 - - 46
Is HuffPo all about the Huff?
I have been following the Huff Po since inception. I am starting to wonder if Ms Huffington is making an attempt at third way poltics to favor her own career and book sales rather than simply ...
themoderateman 09/21/2010 35 10 - 45
Michele Bachman and the phoney Jim
I don't how many of you know Tarryl Clark and I don't know if this diary or one like it have been posted yet but Bachman got busted for using phoney "Jim's" in a campaign ad.
themoderateman 09/20/2010 8 7 - 32
I am begging on my knees!
As a moderate I have been flamed on this site over and over but I am a Democrat. I am voting Democrat and I am giving money to Democrats. Please join me to help keep conservatives out of office.
themoderateman 09/17/2010 17 10 - 12
Obama is starting to FIGHT BACK
Obama is recalibrating his role as President. He is moving away from conciliator in chief and accepting his role as a partisan. We live in a partisan country and I think Obama is tired of getting ...
themoderateman 07/09/2010 69 27 - 44
The GOP mindset
In considering the GOP strategy and excuses for not winning elections I think this video does a good job of explaing thier mindset.
themoderateman 05/22/2010 6 2 - 38
I was called a racist
The Kos community attacked me with venom and hate when I posted the fundamental fact that illegal immigration is...well...illegal.
themoderateman 05/06/2010 551 12 - 27
Follow the law - even immigration laws.
The new AZ law is flawed, but I do agree with the spirit of enforcing our laws. I contend it is the intellectualy honest position.
themoderateman 04/25/2010 180 7 - 38
The are "illegal" immigrants after all...
I am just curious, isn't it illegal to be in the country illegaly?
themoderateman 04/23/2010 282 3 1 47
Are Sunglasses and Ballcaps replacing White Hoods?
I am noticing when I look at tea party videos/pics the partiers are often donning shades and ball caps. I wonder if this is because of weather or if it is being used as a means to hide thier ...
themoderateman 04/13/2010 37 3 - 27
There is no data to suggest Progressives can win
If you read Nate Silver he recently posted that the GOP could pick up 70 seats in the mid-terms. 70 seats! He also said he wouldn't be surprised in Dem's only lost 25. Republicans will in Nov but ...
themoderateman 04/10/2010 83 5 1 38
Break the Back of the GOP in Nov...Now is our Chance!!!
The GOP is on the verge of a huge electoral win in 2010. They have their eyes on the seat of Harry Reid and they want to take back the house. A new Wa-Po poll shows Dems are getting energized. If ...
themoderateman 03/30/2010 33 21 2 29
Thank you Progressives from the bottom of my heart!!!!!
As a moderate Dem, I just want to thank progessives for making hard concessions to make this HC Bill Law. This is personal to me, so I thank you.
themoderateman 03/21/2010 5 11 - 23
Remember These Talking Points
OK, so this is not really a full blown diary but I think it's important to remember these talking points when dealing with conservative friends or if you call into a right wing talk show. We ...
themoderateman 01/31/2010 9 4 1 12
You Can Vote For Dennis Kucinich Or Win Elections, Your Choice. POLL INCLUDED.
To all who bash Obama I say this, you can always vote for Dennis Kucinich, just like righties can vote for Sarah Palin. The spectrum has bent into a 360 circle and the far left is now holding hands ...
themoderateman 01/26/2010 130 3 - 27
Geithner = Rumsfeld
Obama should fire Tim Geithner tomorrow or Friday. If he hangs onto Geithner through the mid terms it will cost us both houses.
themoderateman 01/20/2010 46 13 1 27
2010 Call To Action: Boycott Right Wing Media
If you are like me you check out all the political websites: drudge, rcp, No More.
themoderateman 01/06/2010 12 3 - 9
Please ask yourself
Isn't it time for a liberal gut check?
themoderateman 11/05/2009 27 3 - 11
Do You Like Celebrity Gossip??
Well if you do, I think you will love this new gossip girl on lifetime....
themoderateman 10/07/2009 21 - - 20
To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required w/poll
Consider this list of Ted Kennedy's legislative accomplishments. Then try to think about the contributions the conservative movement has given to America. What lasting legislative achievments do ...
themoderateman 08/26/2009 10 7 - 21
I hate you Whole Foods, for so many reasons...
Whole Foods has been ripping us off for years. All I needed was an excuse to give them the finger. Here it is....
themoderateman 08/14/2009 20 13 - 81
Sarah Palin or who in 2012? Please Vote
Would you like to face Sarah in 2012? Do you think perhaps the left is misunderestimating Sarah? After all she did give Mac a boost after the convention. She is attractive. She does drive the ...
themoderateman 07/13/2009 75 1 1 45
Republicans need to UP the cool factor.
Republicans needs to work within the Hollywood system, not against it.
themoderateman 02/23/2009 19 1 1 18
Obama Has Some Explaining To Do
It ain't about the sinful nature of condoms. If giving condoms away improved the economy no one would say a word. Hell, I would pee on a spark plug if I thought it would do any good.
themoderateman 02/08/2009 26 3 - 1
The Problem With Republicans...New Poll
The Problem With they are Republicans. How long will it take for them to get on board?
themoderateman 01/29/2009 33 19 - 13
Sarah Palin's Inauguration
It could have been Sarah Palin today.
themoderateman 01/20/2009 20 10 - 9
SHOCK REPUBLICANS On Nov 5th - Don't Rub it in.
If we really want unity be nice to Republicans.
themoderateman 11/03/2008 73 13 3 13
Republican Reaction to LOSING! w/video.
I think this little video sums it up quite ...
themoderateman 10/26/2008 20 4 2 -
The "race issue" cuts both ways
Republicans and Democrats are making two differents cases about race...and both are right.
themoderateman 10/11/2008 7 2 - 1
If someone shouted "Kill Palin" what would the GOP do? - UPDATE
Republican know these rallies are getting out of control.
themoderateman 10/10/2008 74 2 1 5
How long until McCain calls Obama a (racial epiphet) Terrorist?
Into the dark and deep depths of the American psyche the right wingers go. Will they go all the way?
themoderateman 10/08/2008 31 2 3 2
Warning: Obama's lead is too small!
If someone came from Mars and looked at the election they would expect the Dem to be up by 15.
themoderateman 10/07/2008 27 7 - 2
Palin's Offensive "Joe Six-Pack" line - Update
Most working people I know don't label themselves after their vices. For example I don't call myself Joey Pot-head.
themoderateman 10/03/2008 48 7 1 6
Obama Should Declare Victory for "The Troops" in Iraq
Obama should declare victory for the troops, not Bush, then bring them home with parades. Saddam is dead, Al Quedda is on the run, election have occured. We won! Let's bring our boys home!
themoderateman 09/24/2008 5 - - -
Obama is the debate underdog
McCain was for the surge when Obama was against it. Set the bar low for Obama.
themoderateman 09/22/2008 40 7 1 1
I was banned from for telling the truth
I blogged on that I felt McCain was lying about Obama's tax plan. They replaced my blogs with McCain ads and banned me.
themoderateman 09/15/2008 28 2 1 11
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