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Wed Aug 06, 2014 at 09:13 AM PDT

How Often are Kossaks Wrong?

by thenekkidtruth

There's a dot in the middle of both the Yin and Yang that contains a grain of its very opposite - there's some Yin in Yang, and some Yang in Yin. Similarly, I contend that there's at least a grain of truth in every commentary a Kossack has to offer here.

So why do we see comments that start with "Wrong" here so much? Trip the omnilepticon fantastic with me . . .


How often are Kossacks really and truly wrong?

29%18 votes
29%18 votes
8%5 votes
9%6 votes
6%4 votes
4%3 votes
9%6 votes
3%2 votes

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A letter he's promised he'll read and respond to. I've written it on your behalf, and on behalf of all of the people in the US. Here's what it says:

We give great credit to the President who, on 01 Aug 14, told the world “we crossed a line” with regards to torture. Torture:

•    Violates the 8th Amendment banning cruel and unusual punishment

•    Is banned by The Convention against Torture, signed by the US on 10 Dec 84

•    The US Terrorist Watchlist, section 3.18.39 includes torture as a criterion, citing 18.U.S.C. 2340A

•    Has no statute of limitations

From Ford, to Reagan, to Bush 41 to Clinton, to Pelosi, we have an unfortunate history of pardoning the guilty in high places, only to find that this practice results in a feeling of entitlement among those elite that they can revisit those crimes upon us again and again. Let’s take a stand here and end that corruption – bring immediate action against these international torture perpetrators.

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I remember reading about missing 28yo mother of two in the Pacific Northwest - turns out it was a week ago today exactly.

Here is that diary. Well, I was putzzing tonight, really, just winding down for the night, but I stumbled across this story in the NY Daily News which pretty much all but confirms that it's the missing mom, Jennifer Huston, caught here on surveillance cameras at a convenience store in the San Juan Islands, close to the Washington/Canada border.

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Robert D. Monroe, age 50 of Shorewood, WI, has been charged with 13 felony counts, including voting five times in Scotty Walker's recall election in June of 2012.

A complaint claimed that Monroe voted five times in Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) recalled election. He also was accused of voting illegally in a 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election, a 2012 primary, and the 2012 presidential election.
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If you ask someone what the most popular food in the world is, one will get you ten they’ll say it’s “bread”.  Not the correct answer, however.  It’s sausage, in one of a myriad of its worldwide forms.

There’s rice cultures that pretty much don’t do wheat breads whatsoever, but almost every worldwide cuisine has a sausage of some kind.  Here’s just a small sampling, but this compilation barely scratches the surface – there’s dozens of cultural indigenous sausages to be found around the circumference of the North Polar region alone!

It all makes sense - so you've got that pig you need to butcher.  About 70-80 percent of the animal will be easily divided up into identifiable “chunks” – ham hocks, spare ribs, picnic, boston butt, etc., but what about the rest?  The “miscellaneous” 20-30 percent of the animal?  And what about the meat trimmings left over from liberating those large identifiable parts from the carcass?  All that gets ground into a sausage.

Sausages represent one broad category, so I’m not only going to cover only a small subsection of this huge genre, I’m even going to delimit that.  Specifically, meatballs – sausage lite which lack formal casings, are seldom marinated, smoked, dried, cured or aged.  Almost always, your meatball will be prepared fresh just before dinner – an easy, tasty main dish that makes up in flavor for what it lacks in formality.

Since every culture pretty much has a meatball of some kind, let’s take a look specifically at kofta. Indigenous to the Middle East, kofta in some form have spread as far as India and Indonesia.

Country Anglicized Name Indigenous Name Description
Afghanistan  kofta  كوفته
Albania  qofte Very popular – sold in ubiquitous small shops called Qofteri which usually also serve beer.
Arabic Countries  kufta,  sometimes  kafta  كفته Often cigar shaped and/or formed on a stick.
Armenia  kyuft’a  քյուֆթա Regarded as the national dish - often made with lamb.
Azerbaijan  küftə
Bangladesh  kofta
Boznia, Herzegovina  ćufta
Bulgaria  kyufte  кюфте
Croatia  ćufta
Georgia  kuleti  კუტლეტი Often served with a sour plum sauce.
Greece  kefté  κεφτές Commonly fried, then served with tzatziki.
India  kofta  कोफ़्ता Introduced to India from the Muslim conquests – Indian kofta is commonly simmered in gravy or curry.  Hindu varieties are usually vegetarian; often non-melting paneer curd cheese is deployed.
Iran  kufteh  کوفته Regional Iranian Tabriz kuftesi contain yellow split peas and boiled eggs and are usually larger than a grapefruit!
Kurdistan  kufte  کفتە
Lebanon, Syria  kefta Usually prepared with ground beef, onion, parsley, allspice, salt and black pepper.
Morocco  kifta (regional) Often prepared in a tajine.
Pakistan  kofta  كوفته
Republic of Macedonia  kjofte  ќофте
Romania  chifteá
Serbia  ćufta or  ćufte  ћуфтa,  ћуфтe
Türkiye  köfte The king of kofta – sources famously cite 291 varieties! Certainly you could say that there are at least fifty.
Beef and lamb are common meat choices for kofta, since cheap cuts of these meats can be readily obtained. Traditional spice choices include garlic, onions, cumin, sumac, allspice, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, and harissa.  Harissa, by the way, is a North African hot pepper paste with a distinct, intense flavor.

Once formed, your kofta can be grilled, roasted, baked, broiled, boiled, fried, steamed, or poached.


Lebanese style €œoriginal kofta


Malai paneer kofta from India


Brits learned Scotch Eggs from the Moghuls


Albanian Qofte traditional dinner


Turkish akçaabat köftesi


Tabrizi (from Tabriz, Iran) kufteh can be huge!


Azerbaijani küftə evening meal


Moroccan Bedoin with a pot of kifte

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What have we learned from yet another in a long line of horrendous campus gun murders at Seattle Pacific University?  That pepper spray turned out to not only be just as good an emergency defense strategy as a "good man with a gun", it turned out to be better.

Cross through the police barrier with me, and let's investigate.

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That was then and this is now.

So virtually unlimited open carry in public places is no longer "downright weird" or "crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness", and the NRA now "unequivocally" supports open carry laws.

What a difference lobbyists a day makes!

A review of the database of casualties in the Afghan war suggests that Sergeant Bergdahl’s critics appear to be blaming him for every American soldier killed in Paktika Province in the four-month period that followed his disappearance.
This from yesterday morning's New York Times, which clearly demonstrates that the probability that anyone died in the Bergdahl search effort is remote at best, and much more likely, non-existent. Let's do something virtually no other source seemed to be able to accomplish, and follow the truth crumbs to see where they lead.

Ok, here's the timeline:

1 - Bergdahl is discovered to be missing on 30 Jun 2009, and a search effort was launched immediately.

2 - The search effort was partly unmanned, leveraging "Predator drones, Apache attack helicopters and military tracking dogs."  No one on this assignment was officially pronounced as a casualty during its tenure, nor, ultimately, at any point in time.

3 - The main search effort wound down after eight days, which would make it 08 Jul 2009 at the latest.

4 - Approximately two months later, two members of Third Platoon lost their lives (Bergdahl was with Second Platoon), and rank and file service personnel of Second Platoon apparently believed that Third Platoon's mission at the time involved the search for Sergeant Bergdahl.

Lieutenant Darryn Andrews and Private First Class Matthew Martinek, both of Third Platoon, lost their lives on 04 Sep 2009 and 11 Sep 2009 respectively.

5 - Did either of these servicepersons on routine patrols in tandem with Second Patrol lose their lives while officially searching for Bergdahl? Especially considering that the official search period concluded almost two months before, the possibility is unlikely, according to reliable sources:

A Defense Department official said it was unclear whether the two men were killed directly because of the search for Sergeant Bergdahl.
6 - American lives were lost on 04 Jul 2009 when a combat post was nearly over-run by Taliban forces, and "some soldiers" contended that enemy forces chose that date and time to conduct the operation because they were convinced that US forces would be divided due to the ongoing search for Bergdahl during that period.

Conducting "surprise" attacks on major holidays (in this case, US Independence Day) is a such a time-honored practice as to become so cliché as to be practically expected.  

And once again, US Military Officers, who's function it is to provide answers to such questions, seem to disagree with the Taliban-attacking-during-a-Bergdahl-search conjecture:

American military officers said they saw no evidence that the Taliban started the attack on the outpost because they thought everyone would be out searching for Sergeant Bergdahl.
One Senior Officer in particular provides this analysis:
“This was a dangerous region in Afghanistan in the middle of the ‘fighting season,’ ” the officer said in an email, adding that although the search “could have created some opportunities for the enemy,” it is “difficult to establish a direct cause and effect.”
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We're all aware that then FCC chair Michael Powell thought that behemoths like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast should be classified as "information service providers" instead of "common carriers".

I know Verizon the best, so I'll use them as my example.  It's true - Verizon is a content provider.  Proof of that fact is that if you go to, you'll get some lightweight news and entertainment.

So by Powell's definition, if not Verizon or Comcast, who, then, is the common carrier of record?

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Can't think of a more egregious waste of time or money than to drug test social safety net recipients, who often have barely enough resources to buy food for their families.  And I just drove 80 miles round trip last Friday to take my sixth drug test in sixth months at the start of my latest upcoming contract, and there's no need to drug test me either.  They always come out the same, and they always will.

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 at 05:22 AM PST

POLITICO: Trey Radel to Resign

by thenekkidtruth

Politico as well as "multiple sources" are reporting that Trey Radel (R-FL) will resign as a Representative from the House today.  Radel was convicted of cocaine purchasing last November and was given a slap on the hand.

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The shrimp is on the barbie in Sydney, and the barbie doesn't need charcoal.  Massive expanses of Eastern Australia set new heat records - many of which have eclipsed the prior high temperatures records set only one year ago in 2013. Twelve separate Australian locations recorded temperatures that topped 45.8 degrees C (118 degrees F).

What sets this heat event apart from similar recent hotspell occurrences in the region is the expansiveness of the affected area.  Between January 1st and 4th (2014), 8.8 percent of Australia experienced record-breaking temperatures.

If you know a smartass wingnut who is snidely demanding to be shown where all the Global Warming is, you can point to Sydney, where it's been so hot that walking around without your shoes might well produce blisters.

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