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She'll work 3 days a week while she's dying until she can't work anymore.
This is not an information intensive diary. Just passing along the most basic of circumstances of the end of someone's life. This is not one of those friend of a friend of a friend legend kinds of ...
thepdxbikerboy 09/20/2009 25 24 1 46
F*%k you.
It's been a hell of a last 8 months. Perhaps you've been spectating. Perhaps you've been so fully ground up in the gears of this economic apocalypse that there's no one around who can relate. Me? ...
thepdxbikerboy 03/13/2009 460 1337 41 45
McCain: "I have many of the people"
Yup, Grumpy McCain continues his downward spiral into . . . um, did I mention that when I was a POW I didn't have a table ? To the jump! Ah, ...
thepdxbikerboy 09/22/2008 7 6 - 4
Sh*t. Just got laid off.
ugh. Well, count me as one of the people now unemployed in this non-recession recession. My boss just came in with the HR person and gave me the news. They're taking the budget back to 2005 and ...
thepdxbikerboy 07/03/2008 93 43 - 25
Wanna be married? "are you male or female"
I've often argued (but then again I'm no lawyer) that one of the more solid arguments against the current "one man one woman" marriage paradigm, is that it's gender discrimination. Really. It seems ...
thepdxbikerboy 07/01/2008 42 10 1 29
The Mars Lander has found ice! Take THAT Republicans!
Yup! There's ice up there. And as a political junkie I'm psyched! Why? Why should this news make a political junkie happy? Why is this news for a political blog? Because science best describes ...
thepdxbikerboy 06/20/2008 17 13 - -
7 years of Beavis in the White House
I never really watched Beavis and Butthead back in the day. Probably had/has something to do with the fact that I don't have a TeeVee. But I do remember watching it on occasion over at friends' ...
thepdxbikerboy 06/02/2008 19 5 - 4
NPR swallows the golf "sacrifice" hook, line, and sinker.
Oh my god. Just finished having to hear NPR provide the Bush Administration with a custom made propaganda piece. Noah Adams was the server of this tripe. ugh. to the ...
thepdxbikerboy 05/16/2008 44 7 - -
Californians change their minds to Obama
I gotta say that I've been thinking about this. With how this primary has been going, I've thought that there must be some people who voted for Hillary, who wish they could change their vote. Turns ...
thepdxbikerboy 05/09/2008 62 17 - 29
Outspent by "real Americans"
3/1 3 to 1 By a margin of THREE TO ONE. Yup. It'll be burned into your brain by the end of the day if it isn't by now. It's the new HRC mantra. And like some guy named Kos said here, "But that's ...
thepdxbikerboy 04/23/2008 7 6 - 1
My reponse to Krugman and what I think he missed.
This is a new angle for me. I've never diaried something that was initially written without publication in mind. It is an email I wrote to my brother-in-law. Anyway, at the end of the day, I've re-...
thepdxbikerboy 02/11/2008 38 5 - 2
"Obedience to lawful authority is manly"
Hat tip to MB at found via leftyblogs . Hey all you ...
thepdxbikerboy 02/01/2008 19 4 - 5
No Country for Old Men - The Bush version
Warning! This diary contains spoilers for the movie No Country for Old Men . If you haven't seen it, and don't want to know what happens, don't read past the jump. I just ...
thepdxbikerboy 01/03/2008 9 7 - 1
Gay marriage can happen. People change.
Just watched a video of Jerry Sanders, the mayor of San Diego, announcing that he will support a resolution that was recently approved by city council. It's no small moment for a man who opposed gay ...
thepdxbikerboy 09/21/2007 25 8 - 1
The convenient rape/incest exception. I call bullshit. (with poll)
Heard a snippet this morning on NPR about Mitt Romney's "pro-life" renovation. It included something along the lines of opposing abortion except in cases of rape, incest and when the woman's life is ...
thepdxbikerboy 06/15/2007 50 15 1 40
Watch the broad brush on amnesty
Work has been crazy lately so I didn't have time to comment on a statement made in a diary yesterday. The sentiment contained in ...
thepdxbikerboy 06/01/2007 19 9 - 1
Only 202 Iraqi refugees allowed in the US last year!
Not 202 per week, not per month, but in a whole freakin year! That's it. 202. Just heard the following quote on the radio from Secretary of State Rice. I think it is an issue we must ...
thepdxbikerboy 02/07/2007 9 9 - 1
Juan Williams gets called out on NPR
It would probably come as a surprise to many conservatives that NPR is NOT the darling of everyone on the left. I myself have serious issues with NPR's MSM approach and will never forgive them for ...
thepdxbikerboy 02/01/2007 128 81 3 13
What's so scary about peace, love, and microwave rayguns?
As most of you have probably heard and read, the pentagon has unveiled and budgeted for a ray gun . According ...
thepdxbikerboy 01/26/2007 12 8 - 4
Anti-fair trial Pentagon official gives really crappy apology
First off, the background on this story is that Charles Stimson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, speaking in an interview on Federal News Radio suggested that large ...
thepdxbikerboy 01/17/2007 5 3 - -
How to take responsibility but not really, and more.
This is sure to one of hundreds of diaries over the next few days taking Bush to task over his dramatically underwhelming speech to the nation on Wednesday eve. As one of the commenters said on NPR ...
thepdxbikerboy 01/10/2007 6 10 1 -
Captain refuses to abandon Titanic until it reaches NYC!
This is my first diary. I had planned a more fully formed initiation on a different topic, and even have a draft that I'm working on at home. But this morning, argh, his voice on the radio. That ...
thepdxbikerboy 11/28/2006 8 4 - 1
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