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I don't take kindly to partisan attacks, least of all partisan attacks on people's faith (or even their atheism should that be their choice in our free society). I've written a number of times about crass, hypocritical smears coming from the ill-informed editor of the conservative blog Illinois Review, Fran Eaton, a long-time and well-documented Obama hater and former Alan Keyes campaigner.

Ms. Eaton is hardly alone in her partisan, anti-Christian zeal.

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I have written several times before, as have others (here and here by ArchPundit plus here by Pastor Dan), about the anti-Christianism emanating from conservative Illinois Review editor Fran Eaton...

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(Background: The conservatives recently wrapped up a week or so of faux outrage over Sen. Obama's lack of sufficient flag pin wearing...)

Anyone else notice that former Gov. Mitt "Multiple Choice" Romney was naked pinless (link to video, with commercial) on stage at the CNBC/MSNBC debate this afternoon?

Maybe, he had on his star-spangled underoos instead.


Multiple Choice Quiz in Honor of Multiple Choice Mitt

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Let me get this straight -- Fundamentalist Dominionists feel a sense of entitlement and thus engage in a frivolous lawsuit to try and impose their way of revolutionary, outside-the-norm thinking on an entire state (California in this case) after becoming upset because a secular collegiate system declared their quasi-education standards lacking due to a religious-based rewriting of historical and factual information so as to actually remove factual info to the point of rendering the Dominionists' education meaningless.

It's fine if you want to educate students from a religious point of view, but this lawsuit by Dominionists against the University of California school system is beyond ridiculous. Basically, the UC has decided that any religious-based or secular-based high schools need to meet certain minimum standards in teaching information to their students. They've rejected curricula from both religious-based and secular-based schools due to their curricula being under those standards.

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The recently completed Yearly Kos conference certainly seems to have thrown partisan-conservatives of all stripes into a tizzy. Indeed, one recent offspring of the burgeoning anti-Kos rhetoric has led Daily Kos diarist James Boyce to note that he is not anti-Semitic.

This might seem like an odd thing for someone to feel a need to write about, but Mr. Boyce's diary is a direct response to an email recently making the rounds in Illinois's Tenth District. (I myself do not know Mr. Boyce, though Mr. Boyce does seem to know Jay Footlik one of the Democratic candidates seeking to challenge Mark Kirk. Mr. Footlik is himself Jewish and his wife is Israeli, according to the Footlik for Congress website.)

The email itself is the basest form of attack by innuendo and smear, replete with half-quotes, lies, and twisted words. The acidic email is aimed squarely at Democratic Tenth CD candidates Dan Seals and Jay Footlik.

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On Thursday, Illinois political journalist Rich Miller sent me a copy of a press release from Sen. Dan Kotowski's office. (I posted on the ongoing police investigation into alleged threats against Sen. Kotowski earlier.)

Here is Sen. Kotowski's statement:

Illinois State Senator Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) says threatening phone calls, faxes, and letters his office received during the past few months were handed over to local law enforcement including the Illinois State Police.

Kotowski says, "When someone calls my office saying, ‘I have a gun. I am going to come and kill you’, I have to worry about my safety, and the safety of our staff." Kotowski added, "That is why I followed proper procedure and forwarded any correspondence with threatening material to the Illinois State Police."

(statement continues after fold)

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Still more resonance over the weekend on the Obama Campaign's memo slamming Sen. Clinton's chumminess with outsourcing interests. This memo was supposedly written by someone low on the campaign totem pole, who was directed by a middle-manager to make it more harsh, according to Rich Miller's CapFax blog.

UPDATE: Rich Miller indicates he has sources telling him it was no middle manager, but was in fact Obama camp higher-up Robert Gibbs that ordered the 'harsher' rewrite ... Gibbs has a history of engaging in internecine bloodbaths and bullshit.

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Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 04:01 PM PST

Help Needed: Cartoonist/Illustrator

by thesill

I'm a graphic designer helping out a local school board campaign -- election is in just over a month.

The folks I'm helping are running against a group of social conservative challengers. One of their allies (the cons) who managed to get elected a few years back is fresh off a drive to ban books. She lost, but would have a majority if all the challengers get elected this year.

I and a few hundred other folks are working to avoid that (the school district's as big as a Congressional district).

Details on the help I'm looking for after the flip.

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So the nasty RNC robocalls worked. Guess what? Rahm Emanuel has half a middle finger and it still works too.

They won't go to jail. They likely won't even be fined. Heck, they probably won't even be investigated. It's up to us Americans to put a stop to it. We need to quit our whining and do something proactive about it.

If it wasn't Ken Mehlman running an obscene number of robocalls at the Dems' expense, it's going to be Karl Rove inviting bums to a Dem fundraiser, bugging Repubs' own phones and blaming the Dems, or the Maryland GOP printing highly questionable flyers, or Republican-paid Kerry-haters trumping up bogus BS about his combat service.

We already know they'll stoop to any level. Playing dirty is all a cheater has left in order to steal win.

Why do we whine about it? We must act.

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While tomorrow is the mid-term election that we've all been working so hard for, November 7th is also the first day that candidates for 2007 local elections can begin circulating petitions for ballot access.

That means as one election ends, another one literally begins.

That is why November 8th is just as important as November 7th. The long-term goal of the 50 State Strategy is to rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up, in all 50 states. That also means running candidates at every level and in as many districts as progressives can -- as Bowers, Markos, and Howard Dean have noted many times over (and been ridiculed for).


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This essentially a lame repost of a comment I made earlier today, but in a diary we can open it up to everyone across the country. Add your recommended local progressive candidates in comments.

In Illinois there are several open state Senate seats where Republicans resigned and Dems are doing surprisingly well against GOP opponents. Illinois election law allows any US citizen to contribute political funds.

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I'm going to beg for recommendations on this and I'm going to pimp the heck out of this diary. John Shimkus' opponent is woefully underfunded and outmanned. No one expected him to win, possibly still don't.

For as much as the Republicans want it to be, the Mark Foley issue simply is not about politics. It's about protecting our families. If John Shimkus and Denny Hastert couldn't protect 16-year-olds from a pedophile among their own Republican ranks, then how on earth can we trust them to protect us from our enemies, foreign and domestic???

And, as we know, we can't rely on the media to tell the truth. The Illinois media are horribly inadequate on the reporting of the Mark Foley issue. Both Speaker Denny Hastert (IL-14) and Rep. John Shimkus (IL-19, Congressman overseeing the Page Program) are getting off practically scot-free in their home state by the local media.

We have to tell the truth ourselves.

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