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American reality distorted by media coverage and police response
In the last few days America witnessed something many have been stating for decades. The media coverage and interpretation of events is demonstrably race based. I walked into my home from after ...
Egberto Willies 05/24/2015 66
The TPP will pass unless progressives make compelling case that touches lives of Americans
A few weeks ago the question was What game is Obama playing with the TPP? A bargain? A ruse? . That question is yet to be answered. After all, should the American worker fear a ...
Egberto Willies 05/17/2015 304
Paranoia Will Destroya – Let Us Hope This Will Happen to Those Who Spread Paranoia
Talking points - The Week Magazine Jade Helm: The plot to take over Texas In July, dozens of Black Hawk helicopters will swoop down on southwestern America, depositing special forces troops in ...
thinkingblue 05/17/2015 8
Bill Maher: Liberals let old white people run the country
Bill Maher discussed Bill de Blasio's liberal Contract with America known as " The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality ." The panel included Heather McGhee, president of Demos, and ...
Egberto Willies 05/17/2015 105
Bill Maher: We are not a serious people and why the British accent is dangerous
Bill Maher asks why Americans won't take things seriously unless it is delivered with a British accent. He points out that in many movies where neither the actors nor the subject has anything to ...
Egberto Willies 05/16/2015 45
Jon Stewart takes down Fox News on denial they stereotype the poor
Egberto Willies 05/14/2015 31
What's In A Name? $20 When That Name Is Harriet Tubman
Let us hope most of the majority of men in Congress will see to it that finally a woman deserves the same kind of honor only granted to males of our species, their face on USA currency, too long a ...
thinkingblue 05/13/2015 5

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