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How to fight, & win, against the TPP
If we are serious about winning the fight against the TPP then we have to rely on an idea that is based on a joke. The joke is " If President Obama said breathing is good for you Republicans would ...
thoughtspitter 04/22/2015 3 2 - -
Use Edu Reform to Fight NYPD
I am disgusted with the actions of the NYPD and all police in this country. The protests have been, and are, great ways to let people feel heard. However, it is now time to start funneling those ...
thoughtspitter 01/07/2015 4 2 - -
The Republicans have declared war. It is past time hoping for change, it is now time to enact change
The Republicans have declared war on our country, our way of life, and on each of us. I am sick of their treasonous, sociopathic, terrorist behavior. It is past time hoping for change, it is now ...
thoughtspitter 10/02/2013 1 3 - -
Hypocritical Hypocrats
Hypocritical Hypocrats I am sick and tired of seeing racist, right wing, knuckle draggers making profits off of people that they hate as human beings. I am talking about, but am not being specific ...
thoughtspitter 07/21/2013 5 - - -
Republicans Fire, Democrats Hire Narrative
A narrative plays an important role in politics. For a long time the Republicans have been better at creating, and pushing forward on a narrative than we progressives have been. However, times have ...
thoughtspitter 11/25/2012 4 16 - -
Let's help Obama fight the imaginary cliff
Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff. You can almost hear the talking heads clicking their heals as they repeat this new mantra. What is the Fiscal Cliff? The Fiscal Cliff is the Republicans ...
thoughtspitter 11/12/2012 6 8 - -
Republicans Fire, Democracts Hire
The CEO of Pappa Johns, John Schnatter, and other like minded CEO's have been Revenge Firing , or if they have not yet begun to fire their employees, have stated they would if Obama won the election.
thoughtspitter 11/11/2012 9 5 - -
The 2008 delusion we should not repeat in 2012
In 2008 after Barrack Obama won the election many on this site said that the GOP were in their death throes as a party. In 2012 we see how that sentiment was hopeful but still delusional. Since the ...
thoughtspitter 11/11/2012 155 274 9 -
Help Fighting ER Bill
I am a teacher and recently I went to the ER because I thought I was having some heart issues. Turns out I was having a horrible Stomach virus that was going around my school. Any ways turns out the ...
thoughtspitter 10/23/2012 7 3 - -
Done not fighting back
I have only one friend that I am still friends with that is conservative. The reasoning is that we grew up together from 1st to 5th grade. If not for the fact that we grew up like brothers, we would ...
thoughtspitter 09/18/2012 8 1 - 47
Remove profit from standardized tests
I have been an Educator for 2 years and a student for a lot longer. Rebublicons and those who wish to make a profit off of our public education system have been in full force using standardized ...
thoughtspitter 04/06/2012 8 5 2 49
An Art Teacher trying to get a publishing deal asking for help
I am a certified art teacher in the state of NY who has yet to find a full time art teaching position since graduating with my masters 2 years ago. Instead of sitting back and letting myself feel ...
thoughtspitter 04/08/2010 20 6 - 25
Now is the time to act before another person is hurt
Republicans are angry, fervent, frothing at the mouth crazy, as much if not more as when Obama won the presidency. We have seen time after time that when this sect of the population is as riled up ...
thoughtspitter 03/25/2010 29 6 - 8
Talk is Cheap, Lets act now!
By the 2008 presidential elections we the American people were angry. Through donating and voting we felt that we could make our voices heard and enact change to our system of government. Sure ...
thoughtspitter 01/27/2010 2 1 - 9
We have been kicked down, lets now kick back!
We are in a unique place in American history. Those that would, have and will continue to harm the working class plus our democracy are visible to even the lay person. The anger at the greed and ...
thoughtspitter 01/25/2010 7 2 - 12
Use Health insurance mandate against them
I am in agreement that a healthcare mandate without public option is a death knell for Democrats, the President, and even Health reform. However can't we use the health insurance mandate against them?
thoughtspitter 12/16/2009 28 4 - 67
Health Care Reform visualized
I am planning on creating a presentation in the style of "The Credit Crisis Visualized". I would like some help from this community for suggestions on information that should go into the presentation.
thoughtspitter 09/02/2009 6 1 - 1
Can we start our own health insurance company?
If we are unable to get satisfactory healthcare reform why not start a health insurance company that gives us what we want? I was thinking that along with everything we have been doing to fight for ...
thoughtspitter 06/23/2009 41 6 - -
Save American Houses Now Act
There has been a lot of discussion about the way President Obama has handled the stimulus package. I am one of those people who believe he was too worried about the false idea of bipartisanship and ...
thoughtspitter 02/17/2009 2 3 1 -
The Kitchen Table Alliance
The CEO cap pay was the last straw for me. I am sick and tired of watching our so called representatives not represent us. I am pissed off and want to do something, however, all I see is alot of ...
thoughtspitter 02/12/2009 - - - -
What should I do?
I am at a loss for how I should proceed. I am 25, been unemployed since September, stuck at home, and have an amazing girlfriend whom I love tremendously. I recently got out of the graphic design ...
thoughtspitter 01/14/2009 90 4 - 19
Save America Now Act
Will you show your love for this country, and support the Save America Now Act? If you said yes well I am sorry to say but there is no such act being pushed through the government. However, dont ...
thoughtspitter 01/07/2009 3 - - 5
How would you create new jobs?
If you received a loan from the government and had to spend it on creating new jobs right now what would you spend it on? I am at my wits end dealing with unemployment and no true government help ...
thoughtspitter 01/05/2009 72 7 - 17
McCain Deer in headlights should be commercial
After seeing that deer in headlights moment that should be the intro to an Obama healthcare plan commercial. What do you think? Think about it. The message could be even McCain is excited over ...
thoughtspitter 10/15/2008 7 3 - -
New Webcomic
Hey all, I have been following the race like the political junkie that I am. However, I am truly fed up, what with me being almost 25, just got my masters in education and seeing where this country ...
thoughtspitter 09/08/2008 1 - - 3
Show ABC and HRC what we truly think donate to Obama
I dont know about you, but after listening to the sick thing that is being called a debate on ABC I am more pissed and fired up then ...
thoughtspitter 04/16/2008 14 5 1 -
Ralph Nader's decision truly is insanity and I let him know it
When I was browsing DIGG today I stumbled upon a post that Ralph Nader just put in his bid in for the presidency again. I was shocked and decided to see if this was true. I quickly went to this site ...
thoughtspitter 02/24/2008 6 2 - 7
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