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NC Community College Shooter a Neo-Nazi, Media Ignores This Small Detail
Though the media may be talking about this by later today, it's worth noting that this mornings murder of an employee at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC was apparently carried out by ...
tim wise 04/13/2015 17 22 - -
Just Because Speech is Free Doesn't Mean it Has to be Worthless
Many years ago, when discussing the issue of hate speech and how it should be addressed on college campuses, my friend Paul Gallegos at Evergreen State College offered the line that serves as the ...
tim wise 01/08/2015 47 23 - -
Tim Wise Speech - "Racism & Criminal Justice: Ferguson & Beyond," 12/5/14, Lexington, KY
Here is my speech in Lexington KY last week, discussing racism and police brutality post-Ferguson. This is from the MOSAIIC conference, sponsored by Bluegrass Community and Technical College. I ...
tim wise 12/10/2014 4 14 - -
We Don't Need Nice, We Need Justice: Racism and the Moral Blindness of White America
This past week, Chris Rock noted in an interview that in his estimation, although racism remains a real and persistent problem, America is producing the nicest white people in its history. Perhaps. ...
tim wise 12/04/2014 40 45 2 -
Repetitive Motion Disorder: Black Reality and White Denial in America
I suppose there is no longer much point in debating the facts surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown. First, because Officer Darren Wilson has been cleared by a grand jury, and even the ...
tim wise 11/24/2014 91 258 19 -
Poverty Denialism in a Culture of Cruelty: Bashing the Poor as Right-Wing Amusement
The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Culture of Cruelty: How America's Elite Demonize the Poor, Valorize the Rich and Jeopardize the Future (San Francisco: City Lights, 2015) ...
tim wise 11/02/2014 140 227 13 -
Your Bumper Sticker is Not a Philosophy: Reflections on Voting and the Limits of Radical Purity
I know that for most on this site, this won't necessarily be especially revelatory or needed. After all, most on here are progressive Democrats, whereas I'm a far more grizzled leftist than most. ...
tim wise 10/30/2014 13 32 1 -
Resurrecting Apartheid: White Police and Politicians are Waging War on Black America
My newest piece on Ferguson and beyond...trying to make the connections clear between apartheid-like policing, the attack on voting rights and the general assault on black America...lots and lots of ...
tim wise 08/15/2014 39 33 2 -
Because They Hate: Health Care Obstructionism and the Conservative Mind
It's because they hate. There is no other logical explanation. After all, it's one thing to oppose a piece of legislation and fight to keep it from being passed because you honestly disagree with ...
tim wise 07/23/2014 11 30 - -
Hate Swallows: Reflections on the Passing of Fred Phelps
My thoughts on the passing of Fred Phelps -- including my recollections of my own encounter with him 19 years ago -- beneath the wonderfully homoerotic squiggly. (Not sure if it's ever been ...
tim wise 03/21/2014 13 18 - -
Choosing Whiteness or Humanity: Jordan Davis and the Minimizing of Black Pain
And so a despairing ritual has once again played out, and once again in a Florida courtroom, where apparently some number of jurors find it difficult to accept that a young black male might not be ...
tim wise 02/17/2014 7 21 1 -
The Week in White Deviance (Or, Why We Gotta Be So Craaaaaayzy?)
Every week it seems as though we get more and more evidence suggesting that something is seriously wrong with white culture and the white community that keeps on reproducing it. And sadly, white ...
tim wise 08/10/2013 25 28 - -
No Innocence Left to Kill: Racism, Injustice and Explaining America to My Daughter
My thoughts about the Zimmerman verdict…entire text below the break. I hope you find it meaningful.
tim wise 07/14/2013 23 50 3 -
Whiteness, NSA Spying and the Irony of Racial Privilege
…So here is the essay that will likely provoke more anger than any I've posted, because it a) calls out white privilege on a site predominated by white folks who think such a thing is a minor issue,
tim wise 06/20/2013 442 141 7 -
Sadism With a Smirk: Conservatism, Ex-Offenders, and the Lust for Vengeance
After careful consideration, it's hard not to conclude that at some level, ultra-conservatives are simply sadists with better P.R. Why else, after all, would anyone endorse the kinds of cold-hearted,
tim wise 06/16/2013 5 17 - -
Whine Merchants: Race, Inequality and the Myth of White Victimhood
Hey there everyone: here is my latest essay, published earlier today on my site,, and which I thought might be of interest here. My site has been acting up thanks to the botnet attack on ...
tim wise 05/14/2013 31 21 - -
Terrorism and Privilege: Understanding the Power of Whiteness
Here are my reflections on the Boston bombing, race and white privilege…trust me, it's relevant: give it a read and pass it around… Join me below..
tim wise 04/17/2013 22 32 1 -
Hearing No Evil: The Amazing Obtuseness of Campus Conservatives
Seems like every young conservative with a phone cam thinks they're James O'Keefe. Sadly for them, since there's no Andrew Breitbart left to selectively edit and post their handiwork, thereby ...
tim wise 02/23/2013 130 252 12 -
Race, Class, Violence and Denial: Mass Murder and the Pathologies of Privilege
The senselessness alone would have been sufficient. So too the sheer horror. The devastated families, the tapestry of their lives ripped apart, would have been more than enough to make the events ...
tim wise 12/17/2012 23 59 6 -
Of Heroes and Hype: Mass Murder & the Absurdity of the 'More Guns' Crowd
As information continues to come in from Newtown, Connecticut -- the scene of America's latest mass killing, this time at an elementary school -- there will be much said (and hopefully more to be ...
tim wise 12/15/2012 16 19 - -
Not Your Average Joe: 26 Years Later, Why I Will Always Love Joe Biden (With Amazing Video)
Those who know me, or have read my work, know that I am nothing if not critical of the Democratic Party and what I consider its corporate-friendly inner-workings, its perpetuation of any number of ...
tim wise 10/12/2012 14 49 4 -
A Kick in the Gut(feld): Racism, Welfare and FOX's Clown Prince of Prejudice
One more piece, exposing the racial resentment and racism itself at the root of much of the right's welfare-bashing rhetoric this campaign season. This time, I examine the revealing and blatantly ...
tim wise 09/02/2012 5 21 1 159
Of Republican Race Cards and White Denial
So, hot on the heels of my piece from the other day, which was posted here and on my own site , in which I documented dozens and dozens of examples of conservative racism and white resentment ...
tim wise 08/30/2012 6 24 1 120
If It Walks Like a Duck and Talks Like a Duck: Racism and the Death of Responsible Conservatism
I thought it might be helpful to gather together, in one place, all the evidence -- both explicit and implicit -- that the narrative of the modern conservative right (and especially the attack on ...
tim wise 08/26/2012 98 351 63 1410
We're Gonna Scapegoat Like it's 1995: Welfare and the Never-Ending Lies of the Right
Given the right-wing's resurrection of "welfare"-bashing as a primary political meme in the coming election, I thought it might be helpful to have at your disposal a ready primer detailing just how ...
tim wise 08/12/2012 13 34 3 152
Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation, Clip 2: Solidarity
This is a clip from the newly released film, "Vocabulary of Change" featuring Angela Davis and myself in dialogue, in May, 2011. In this brief clip, I am discussing the importance of allyship and ...
tim wise 07/03/2012 3 19 2 82
Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation
Here's a clip on intergenerational movement building (below the groovy squiggly thing) from the newly-released film, "Vocabulary of Change," which features a public dialogue between Angela Davis and ...
tim wise 07/03/2012 38 16 - 191
Excuses, Excuses: Conservative Deception on Gender/Race Inequity
Given the recent kerfuffle between Rachel Maddow and Alex Castellanos regarding the issue of gender-based wage disparities, I thought it might be helpful to post this diary, which is a large excerpt ...
tim wise 05/01/2012 11 29 2 108
Playing the Friendship Card: White Lies, White Denial and the Reality of Racism
I swear, if I hear one more transparently racist person insist they aren’t racist because they have black friends, I am going to shoot them. But not because I’m violent. I’m not violent. And ...
tim wise 04/10/2012 352 212 10 1195
Trayvon Martin, White Denial and the Unacceptable Burden of Blackness in America
By now, you probably know the shameful details, but they are worth repeating, in any event. On the evening of February 26, George Zimmerman, a self-appointed "neighborhood watch captain" in an ...
tim wise 03/22/2012 279 316 16 1549
Fake Newton: Looking for the Real Newt Gingrich
A shorter and different version of this essay appeared shortly after Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House in 1995, in the political newsletter, Counterpunch (September 25, 1995). Some of ...
tim wise 01/22/2012 10 20 1 139
Um, actually no...
For those having trouble thinking/interpreting/reading plain English, as previously presented in my last diary..., for instance, those who quip in oh-so-quippy fashion that some of us ...
tim wise 01/13/2012 138 46 - 616
Of Broken Clocks, Presidential Candidates and the Confusion of Certain White Liberals
This commentary is rated MA for mature audiences. It contains some foul language, although honestly, only so much as is needed to get the damned point across. Parental discretion is advised...
tim wise 01/13/2012 1276 449 32 3450
Paranoia as Prelude: Conspiracism and the Cost of Political Rage
Unlike some, I will not attempt to make murderer and would-be political assassin Jared Loughner, a poster-boy for the Tea Party. As it turns out, such a feat would do Mr. Loughner an injustice, ...
tim wise 01/10/2011 11 27 1 74
Of Bears and Bigots: Fun With Animated Smackdowns
As many of you probably know, some interesting opportunities for political animation exist over at the site. I've been playing around with it for a couple of days, and have put ...
tim wise 11/24/2010 8 14 - 63
An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum
For all y’all rich folks, enjoy that champagne, or whatever fancy ass Scotch you drink. And for y’all a bit lower on the economic scale, enjoy your Pabst Blue Ribbon, or whatever shitty ...
tim wise 11/03/2010 59 49 2 1626
To My Baby Girl, After the Terror, Flashback Essay: (9/11/01)
On a day such as this — 9/11 — it is understandable that one might find oneself in a retrospective mood. As I thought about new things I might write, I realized that what I wrote ...
tim wise 09/11/2010 14 32 3 46
With Friends Like These, Who Needs Glenn Beck? Racism and White Privilege on the Liberal-Left
_This is the second part of a two-part series on racism on the right and left of the United States’ political/ideological spectrum. Part one, which can be found at the link just below the jump,
tim wise 08/18/2010 1316 491 59 752
Tim Wise on CNN to discuss "Dr" Laura's racist rant and more (UPDATED w/Transcript)
Here's my appearance on CNN last night to discuss "Dr" Laura's racist rant, the use of the n-word, and racism more broadly. Fortunately we were able to get into the topic beyond the slur itself, ...
tim wise 08/15/2010 369 396 7 166
Of Loaded Footnotes & Lying Pundits: Deceptive Data and the Attack on Racial Equity
On July 18, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat slammed affirmative action in an essay entitled, "The Roots of White Anxiety." Therein, he utterly misrepresented the findings of a scholarly study ...
tim wise 08/03/2010 40 45 3 70
Webb of Deceit: Racism, Affirmative Action and History as Misunderstood by a U.S. Senator
On July 22, U.S. Senator Jim Webb had an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal critiquing affirmative action programs and claiming that they are a significant cause of hardship among whites. He is wrong. ...
tim wise 07/30/2010 441 368 21 485
Faux-pression: Racism and the Cult of White Victimhood
Here is my response to the phony reverse racism claims made by the right, re: the New Black Panthers and the Shirley Sherrod/USDA story that broke today...please pass it around...
tim wise 07/20/2010 285 431 23 128
Coming to My First Netroots Nation - Hope to See You There!
First, the news: I have been asked to join the civil rights panel at Netroots Nation this week, and am excited for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance of antiracism as a lens/...
tim wise 07/18/2010 30 45 - 48
Reading Racism Right to Left: Reflections on a Powerful Word and Its Applications
This is part one of a two-part series on racism on the right and left of the United States’ political/ideological spectrum. Part One provides the reader with a working definition of racism, ...
tim wise 07/15/2010 444 302 41 867
Black Power's Gonna Get You Sucka: Right-Wing Paranoia and the Rhetoric of Modern Racism
Prominent white conservatives are angry about racism. Forget all that talk about a post-racial society. They know better than to believe in such a thing, and they’re hopping mad.
tim wise 07/12/2010 643 825 129 1794
Collateral Damage: Racism, the Economy and the High Cost of White Ambivalence
After receiving an e-mail recently from an unemployed white man, upset about my focus on racism in my writing and activism, I felt compelled to write the essay below. His legitimate frustrations at ...
tim wise 07/05/2010 503 337 38 862
Of Faulty Comparisons and Racial Animosity: Nashville, New Orleans and the Politics of Disaster
As kids go, the two upon whom I have managed to bestow my last name are pretty awesome. Yet, as with all children, there are things they do, as part of the natural process of ego development, that ...
tim wise 05/21/2010 16 25 1 143
The Avatar of Amnesia:  Glenn Beck, Historical Memory and the Evil of Right-Wing Populism
There is none so dangerous as the white American who waxes nostalgic about what he or she likes to call "the good old days." Or, alternately, those "simpler" times, or the era of so-called "innocence"
tim wise 10/19/2009 53 40 3 72
What "I don't want to pay for someone else's health care" really means...
Conservatives are a funny bunch. On the one hand, they insist that they "shouldn't have to pay for other people's health care," and so, they oppose a public option, let alone, national health ...
tim wise 10/07/2009 62 38 4 45
Sociopathy on the Right: Ayn Rand and the Triumph of Conservative Cultism
At first it seemed little more than a bizarre rant, only slightly worse than those to which we've grown accustomed, given the source. To wit, Rush Limbaugh, who on September 11 condemned President ...
tim wise 09/15/2009 1346 1129 152 2933
The Afrikaner Party Draws First Blood: Van Jones, Barack Obama and the Audacity of Capitulation
Van Jones, special advisor to the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, has resigned from the administration. To be honest, he was forced out. Oh, perhaps not directly, but if not, ...
tim wise 09/07/2009 94 83 4 88
Being Called a Liar by Bill O'Reilly is Like Being Called Wet by Rain
Apparently it doesn't take much to get under the skin of conservative talk show hosts. First, there was Rush Limbaugh,
tim wise 08/19/2009 138 172 3 96
Being Attacked by Rush Limbaugh on air? Priceless!
Today is a glorious day indeed. First, our youngest daughter began kindergarten this morning, amidst great excitement and enthusiasm, and was walked to her classroom by her big sister (in 2nd grade),
tim wise 08/18/2009 281 660 14 601
Racism, Right-Wing Rage and the Politics of White Nostalgia
"How dare you say this is about racism!" And a pleasant Monday to you too sunshine, I thought, as I stared at my computer screen this morning, reading over the first e-mail of the day. It was from ...
tim wise 08/17/2009 820 644 45 988
Red-Baiting and Racism: Socialism as the New Black Bogeyman
Throughout the first six months of his administration, President Obama--perhaps one of the most politically cautious leaders in contemporary history--has been routinely portrayed as a radical by his ...
tim wise 08/16/2009 88 37 2 95
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