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Over Before it Starts?
Is there any point in following the presidential election cycle this season? The only battle is going to be who wins on the Democratic side and unless Liz Warren decides to toss in against Hillary ...
timtimes 04/16/2015 5 - - -
Twinkie Finks
The election is over and it went exactly like Nate Silver and I told you it all would. Needless to say I get less attention and affection than Nate Silver. I became specially active trying to quell ...
timtimes 11/22/2012 5 2 - -
Election Remix 2012
Gravitas Alert, circa Oct 29, 2012. I have a Facebook and Twitter feed to prove I was up REAL late here in Germany, watching ...
timtimes 11/13/2012 1 - - -
Future Narrative
When Obama rolls Romney and the Republican party out the door on Nov 6, it is going to be EPIC. He'll have the election safely in his pocket by eight p.m. with a plurality of popular and electoral ...
timtimes 10/29/2012 1 1 - -
While Andrew Sullivan was having his big gay panic attacks over Obama's first debate performance, I was posting about the longer term rope-a-dope strategy that Mohammed Ali employed against George ...
timtimes 10/17/2012 17 1 - -
The plan is to cause the opponent to "punch himself out" and make mistakes which the boxer can then exploit in a counter-attack. Just wanted to make sure that this gets documented before Obama (...
timtimes 10/09/2012 8 2 1 89
Update from Utopia
All is well over here in the Free People's Republic of Germany, safe from the hollow points of the Weather Service as well as the perpetual intellectual flatulence of the deep-fried Chick Fil A crowd,
timtimes 08/19/2012 2 - - 24
Musings from Abroad
I find it much easier to comment on the issues facing the US, now that I am in the relative safety of the Eurozone. It is also much easier to see the many lies, distortions and omissions in regard ...
timtimes 04/26/2012 3 1 - 50
Last Stand for the Anti Abortion Nuts?
Even though George Steppinoffinit over at ABC thinks this was McCain's strongest showing (while admitting he still lost - big WTF & LOL) I think it was the worst performance of a Republican ...
timtimes 10/16/2008 11 5 - 12
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