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Friday Night Is For Fighting: Atheism
Welcome to the premiere of FNIFF, a weekly series in which a pathetically bored blogger raises some inherently divisive and insoluble wedge issue for maximum carnage (or, at the very least, a ...
tipsymcstagger 07/31/2009 198 7 - 24
Generation X. I always admired them, just one chronological hiccup before me. Their emphasis on authenticity appealed to me the most, intellectually, though I suppose those who grew up at the time,
tipsymcstagger 07/22/2009 90 5 - 5
Some Fundamentals Underlying the Abortion Debate
This diary started out as a comment to Wolfwhisper's diary, in which an absence of legal recognition for the unborn as "persons" was used to call into question the claims of anti-abortion activists.
tipsymcstagger 06/06/2009 24 1 - 2
The Future of Daily Kos
Just a throwaway thought, appropriate for 2 AM (ET) on a Saturday...
tipsymcstagger 12/20/2008 46 9 1 21
What is the Bare Minimum You Expect from the Next Democratic President?
November 2006: Democrats across the country rejoice as the results begin pouring in and it becomes clear that voters have not just soured on the Republicans, but have served up a full-fledged ...
tipsymcstagger 04/09/2008 28 5 - 3
For a Liberal Strategy Shift
Sorry to be so negative, but Bush is not going to be impeached. As the Speaker of the House has straightforwardly noted, Congress has no inclination to pursue this route. Many of our ...
tipsymcstagger 07/06/2007 17 6 1 138
Democrats Who Must Be Primaried
This one will be short but sweet. As Kagro X noted today , the Democratic House's attempt to provide for even the slow ...
tipsymcstagger 03/10/2007 51 9 1 25
Editorializing vs. Activism
Apologies for tossing out some meta on an otherwise peaceful Saturday afternoon, but I think the issues I'll be addressing here are of key importance to the site and, as they are intimately ...
tipsymcstagger 03/03/2007 12 3 - 4
An Immodest Campaign Finance Proposal
Why is the American health care industry geared more toward the interests of insurance companies than the citizenry? Why was bankruptcy reform such a "necessity", given the significant profit ...
tipsymcstagger 02/11/2007 10 4 1 1
Skin Cancer or Potential Brain Damage - A Choice We Shouldn't Have To Make
Today I was leafing through my copy of This Week - a guilty-pleasure, news-lite weekly that synthesizes the hard work of our nation's journalists into a single, reductionist format, when I ...
tipsymcstagger 12/23/2006 14 6 6 145
Only Obama Can Lead Us On the Road to Impeachment and Institute the Draft, So STFU Radical Feminists
Folks, with the holidays upon us, there has descended a cloud of civility upon DailyKos. The combination of time off of work, time spend around family, the still glowing aura of a Democratic victory,
tipsymcstagger 12/22/2006 37 3 - -
Sports - How and Why Do I Love Thee?
Let me apologize in advance for the utterly non-political and non-substantive content of this diary. I figure that, if ever there were a time to drop something like this on the recent diary list ...
tipsymcstagger 12/22/2006 24 2 - 2
In Which I Abandon All Concern For the Media and Public Opinion
tipsymcstagger 11/17/2006 12 4 - 2
Bill Kristol - "This story is not going away"
tipsymcstagger 06/19/2005 7 5 - 9
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