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H1B Visas - we don't need no stinking visas
With the issues with visas becoming more vocal, the capitalist system is working on its version of a "solution". American Public Media - Kyl Ryssdal of my afternoon NPR ride - had an article out ...
tjlord 03/16/2013 16 8 - -
CNN describes fastest growing job sector - it isn't pretty
CNN Money has an article out on the "fastest growing job" - rest of headline "it pays poorly", anyone surprised? The article here has the opening two lines: The fastest growing job in America pays ...
tjlord 03/11/2013 14 9 - -
It does not get ANY cooler - solar to fuel
My sense of awe for science just jumped again. Science Daily has an article on artificial leaf development here . The concept is called an artificial leaf . The concept is in development but The ...
tjlord 03/05/2013 6 15 - -
Is the SEC a toothless watchdog?
Last week, a compliance blog - CompliancEX - had an article on Mary Jo White, the new SEC head. When the title reads "Obama's SEC pick wary of zealous Wall Street Prosecutions" , one might have ...
tjlord 03/04/2013 15 5 - -
The Sequester - State by State
The Washington Post has a nice article titled "The Impact of the budget cuts depend on where you live and who you are" here There is a state by state graphic called "Sequestration impacts, state ...
tjlord 03/02/2013 8 7 - -
Forced-Placed Insurance - another bank/insurance money grab
"Forced-placed insurance" - ever heard of it? It is the insurance a mortgage lender buys when the existing homeowner - frequently when in foreclosure - drops their insurance coverage. And it is ...
tjlord 03/01/2013 3 4 - -
Can you see the next pension crisis coming?
Public pensions are the next budget issue - we all see it coming. The question is whether the investments they make are also a potential issue. The head of theTeacher Retiremnt System of Texas - ...
tjlord 01/25/2013 6 4 - -
No Budget, No Pay - good idea or bad?
Just got an email (from Repubs): Moments ago, the House took a stand: if the Senate doesn’t pass a budget, then Members of Congress won’t get paid. It’s simple: No Budget, No Pay. Have ...
tjlord 01/23/2013 15 1 - -
Redistricting - a symptom, not the problem
We have seen voter suppression, redistricting (gerrymandering) and now the electoral college actions from the neo-conservatives. I would recommend to anyone the The Party is Over by Mike Lofgren - I ...
tjlord 01/22/2013 4 4 - -
Proportional Electoral College Votes - Colorado Amendment 36
There have been a number of diaries about Republican discussions about proportional electoral college voting in certain states. This is not a new idea. After the 2004 election, there was a ...
tjlord 01/16/2013 5 2 - -
Jack Lew for Sec Treasury?
This was a headline that came over from Bloomberg: .Obama Said Close to Choosing Lew for Treasury Secretary By Hans Nichols - Jan 7, 2013 10:00 PM MT Play Jack Lew Eyed for Treasury but Timing a ...
tjlord 01/09/2013 1 - - -
One final justification for Hagel
Let's face it, there is a lot to discuss about nominating Hagel for SecDef. But the one I haven't seen is the cover for the 2016 election. Huh, you say? Look at it this way - assume Hagel is there ...
tjlord 01/07/2013 7 6 - -
FEMA National Flood Insurance - Rethug Sandy votes show they already got theirs
The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) went through an audit by the GAO in October 2008. The GAO found many interesting things: First, the flood maps used by FEMA were dated and underpresented ...
tjlord 01/05/2013 8 11 - -
Walmart - this is going to leave a mark or Wal-Mart Nixed Paying Bangladesh Suppliers to Fight Fire
Bloomberg just put out a story on the Bangladesh factory fire that cites a meeting in 2011 where At a meeting convened in 2011 to boost safety at Bangladesh garment factories, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (...
tjlord 12/05/2012 66 182 2 -
Cory Booker SNAP challenge
Was on LinkedIn again this morning (there a lot) a found a fascinating article by a person there called "A Movement towards Food Justice" . The person issuing the challenge is Cory Booker, the ...
tjlord 12/04/2012 8 3 - -
Republican Immigration "Reform" and regressive taxes
I have seen some diaries on the Republican "immigration proposal" to allow foreign immigrants graduating from a US univeristy to get a green card. The law passed the House last week as the ...
tjlord 12/03/2012 1 2 - -
Linked In - It's my economy, stupid
Interesting discussion about telecommuting and impacts over on LinkedIn, the author was opining: We live in an age of technology where most people can do their jobs from anywhere. A study by Cisco, ...
tjlord 11/17/2012 1 - - -
My daughter and FaceBook Conservatives
The "day after" in conservative country Colorado Springs was entertaining - my daughter was fuming. Fellow students had posted on Facebook "Obama won - I'm moving to Canada" to which the her ...
tjlord 11/07/2012 26 39 - -
All I am asking for is a level playing field - jobs
There are a number of diaries on the H1-B program and its impacts. Let's talk about the other side of the coin - what it is like for a US citizen to try to get an overseas job. I made this ...
tjlord 04/03/2009 26 8 1 -
Sticking the fork in AIG - Institutional Risk Analyst
This is making the rounds in the energy trading space today. Nice article in institutional risk analytics . The ...
tjlord 04/02/2009 30 14 1 29
Clawing back performance bonuses - a history
I am beginning to see a pattern here - please hear me out. The AIG bonuses are for past performance and are, therefore, sacrosanct, untouchable. Ok, how was the past performance calculated - ...
tjlord 03/18/2009 1 3 - -
He's yours for only ... $20 MILLION PER YEAR
Ok, saw this on a job board and thought everyone here would like to see what the hullabaloo is all about My client is one of the most successful FX traders in the UK His Annual ...
tjlord 03/17/2009 5 1 - 3
Time for Habeas Corpus for the AIG bonuses and Update on the "ISDA Default"
Ok, AIG is saying "we had to pay". Real simple, I would like someone to file a Freedom of Information Act request for the underlying contracts. Since this is a publicly funded endeavor, we should ...
tjlord 03/16/2009 14 6 - 10
The bailout demystified
This is circulating in the banking industry by email: Some years ago Chuck in Montana bought a horse from a farmer for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the horse the next day. The next day ...
tjlord 03/06/2009 4 6 - -
Oil shale and water in the west - a little detail - UPDATED WITH DOBSON RESIGNS at FoF
McJoan has written a great story on the front page on oil shale. She talks about the water implications of oil shale in the west. Let's look specifically at Colorado. First, where will the water ...
tjlord 02/27/2009 8 12 - 253
Retention bonuses and your money - banks at it again
OK, I figured I would everyone a chance at a little Sunday morning outrage. The geniuses that brought us the bonuses for bankers from TARP money are about to go to round 2. Here is the link to ...
tjlord 02/22/2009 8 7 - 4
MSNBC beats Faux News for ALL OF PRIME TIME
How much has the world changed: For Wednesday, December 3: 25-54 demographic: (L +SD) Total day: FNC: 289 | CNN: 217 | MSNBC: 187 | HLN: 156 Prime: FNC: 494 | CNN: 348 | MSNBC: 496 | HLN:
tjlord 12/04/2008 123 44 2 14
We need to work down the ticket
Tuesday was a joyful and sad night. We stood in downtown Colorado Springs and watched the election called for Barack and then listened to the acceptance - Anna stood and cried for joy as she listened.
tjlord 11/07/2008 5 4 - 5
I hope they choose a pound puppy or (w/poll)
a rescue dog for the White House. Having been the proud parent of pound dogs for over the last 15 years (never had anything but) I would love to see the Obamas choose a dog that has been discarded.
tjlord 11/06/2008 72 9 - 6
The down ticket plea in Red States
Barack is poised to win Colorado by a big margin but each vote counts in the downticket races. Let me give you Anna's case. . This year is very different ...
tjlord 10/26/2008 8 - - 3
Earnings tumble - it ain't just the recession
Ok, the Dow is tanking but believe me these earnings numbers ain't just the recession and currency traders know it. I have, ...
tjlord 10/24/2008 9 5 2 -
Colorado HD 21 - heating up a state race
Well, we are getting a little more interesting down here. The The Colorado Springs Gazette (a fairly right wing paper) online edition covered a little 'disagreement' between Anna Lord and Bob Gardner.
tjlord 10/21/2008 1 2 - 13
Colorado Early Voting today - fighting vote suppression
Colorado has an interesting three stage vote: First, you can be a permanent or election only mail in ballot. They started going out Oct 3 and can be requested up to October 28. Second, early ...
tjlord 10/20/2008 4 6 - -
Even in Fort Dobson, the ground game is paying off
All the work this year is showing results. In 2006, in Anna's race (Colorado House District 21) the mail in ballot data was: 57% R 21.7% I 20.2% D This years requested ballots are: 50.9% ...
tjlord 10/19/2008 2 8 - -
BREAKING - John Mack, MS CEO, calls for GLOBAL financial regulator - Updated w/ link
OK, every conservative's head just mexploded. Sitting in a hotel room in Dallas - I just heard John Mack, CEO of Morgan Stanley, call for A global coordinated financial ...
tjlord 10/16/2008 42 11 - 3
Yards signs do more than just sit there - they matter
Ok, we are back to the "yard signs don't vote" discussions. This discussion has a lot of similarities to the 55 MPH speed limit issues - it depends on where you live. Would I put a yard sign up ...
tjlord 10/14/2008 19 4 - -
The disaster waiting for serving soldiers - mostly likely your vote won't count!
Sorry if this has been diaried but this is a freaking disasater. In Fort Dobson I have watched thousands of soldiers ship out to Iraq and Afghanistan from Fort Carson and reading the following made ...
tjlord 10/11/2008 14 9 1 15
The End Game is NOW in Colorado
Cross post from SquareState diary yesterday Talked with Anna after the walk today. She knocked on 35 doors - two voters had ...
tjlord 10/08/2008 11 10 - 2
Colorado Republican Legislator's Web Site - Would you vote for him?
I have blogged about Anna Lord's campaign in Colorado House District 21 before. I am coming to you with her latest press release and a plea for donations. ...
tjlord 10/07/2008 1 1 - 23
A short description of swaps and what they mean for the bailout
I realize many people don't really understand what a CDS (Credit default swap) or any other swap is and why they are so critical to the bailout and the cost of it. What is a swap? First, what ...
tjlord 10/06/2008 32 18 7 2
Dallas SportsTalk Radio slams Palin
Traveling Texas this week and I always listen to SportsTalk on the radio in the West (it's that or pay damages when I break the radio because I found the tenth straight station with Rush AirBag on).
tjlord 10/02/2008 19 8 - -
We are so screwed - reading the Emergency Hand Them Money Act UPDATED
Just got an email with a read through of the bill. One passage just jumped out at me: Prohibits Unjust Enrichment: This section prohibits unjust enrichment for ...
tjlord 09/28/2008 26 34 2 19
If you're in a box, LEAD
CNBC talking heads are putting the pressure on the Democratic Congress - if you don't ignore the Republicans and pass something, then it's all your fault . So, follow the path - pass ...
tjlord 09/26/2008 3 2 - -
An Originator's view of the Paulson Proposal
I spent more than a little time originating trades for an investment bank. Origination is the bank word for sales - it has more class and pays a lot better. But there is a fundamental phrase that ...
tjlord 09/25/2008 22 17 - 10
Door knocking Republicans
Just saw a comment on the very good diary by Phil in Denver . The ...
tjlord 09/23/2008 21 13 - 12
Your debt gift from Bush and the Republicans
Just was playing with some numbers today: After the bailout the US will have, conservatively, added $6.5 TRILLION to the US government debt under George W. Bush' administration. ...
tjlord 09/22/2008 11 3 - -
O'Reilly on Barack - post interview
I was over at tvnewser and caught this Headline: O'Reilly: "When I Come In, I Come In Armed and Dangerous" No self ...
tjlord 09/12/2008 67 7 - -
A real disappointment - Hillary supporter hands data to McCain campaign Updated with emails
We just received an email today stating that a former Hillary delegate to the DNC just provided her email list of El Paso County Hillary supporters to the McCain/Palin campaign. I understands ...
tjlord 09/10/2008 74 17 1 -
Remember that wall on the border - not such a good idea
Another bungled Bush administration plan that I haven't seen blogged yet - that wonderful wall to save us from borwn people seems to have not sprung a leak. The neos were in such ...
tjlord 08/26/2008 9 13 - 4
Maybe all the complaints about oil speculators - UPDATED
weren't so wrong. It seems the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trade Commission) has been poking around the edges after everyone has been poking sticks at them: The Commodity Futures Trading ...
tjlord 08/05/2008 29 7 1 -
Maybe all the complaints about oil speculators
weren't so wrong. It seems the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trade Commission) has been poking around the edges after everyone has been poking sticks at them: The Commodity Futures Trading ...
tjlord 08/04/2008 10 9 2 5
Reply to "Hey Obama, ADIOS AMIGO" w/poll
There was a lovely troll diary recently about Barack Obama suggesting that children be taught Spanish. The diarist took this as an affront to America. My response: I am sorry you feel that way ...
tjlord 07/09/2008 103 16 - 88
Drain America First w/poll
Simple title - simple explanation. The problem with the "let's drill everything, everywhere" is that we are, as always, saying "screw our grandkids, we want it now." Let's look at the arguments for ...
tjlord 07/08/2008 8 6 - -
Door knocking stories I hate to hear
Was door knocking again this weekend - I joking refer to the campaign as my aerobics program - when I had a door knock that just made my hair stand on end. This guy was an Independent and he was ...
tjlord 07/07/2008 55 12 - 34
I can't drive 55 w/poll
With apologies to Sammy - the 55 mile an hour speed limit is a non-starter. If this becomes a Democratic centerpiece (which I doubt) the Dems will lose a significant portion of the Mountain West. ...
tjlord 06/30/2008 125 9 - 16
Colorado Repub Rep - $4.00 gas is PELOSI's Fault
Ok, I just got my letter from Doug Lamborn - Colorado CD-5 - explaining why he is so great: According to the Congressional Quarterly , I have voted against her Democrat ...
tjlord 06/14/2008 48 6 1 17
Dear John McCain - We have found your habeas w/poll - Updated
A diary earlier today on DKos had John McCain stating: that the Supreme Court ruling on Guantanamo Bay ...
tjlord 06/13/2008 50 13 1 1
Why ANWR - BP's CEO explains
This is out from Reuter's today: London (Reuters) - World oil production fell by 0.2 per cent in 2007, the first decline since 2002, and proven oil reserves were flat, BP Plc said in an ...
tjlord 06/11/2008 25 10 - 17
Tales from Front Doors - a precinct walking smile for today
This is partially an excerpt from a Anna Lord SquareState diary with an added "bonus" story. The Anna Lord for House District 21 campaign began ...
tjlord 06/10/2008 4 3 - 13
Outsourcing and the myth of the GDP
bluegrass50 posted an outsourcing diary . This got me thinking - is the ...
tjlord 06/08/2008 14 3 - 3
First Saturday Night Pimp your candidate of '08 - Kossack's running in '08
Ok, time to start again the diary that damn near killed me in '06 - trying to keep track of all the candidates that are Kossacks, married to Kossacks or supported by Kossaks. For those that remember,
tjlord 06/07/2008 3 3 - -
Commodity markets and supply/demand balance
I trade commodities - just finished up a one year engagement helping a firm trade their international feedstock and offtake contract in biodiesel. I was a guest speaker at a major natural gas ...
tjlord 06/06/2008 42 32 3 225
This is a cross post of a candidate diary at SquareState diary ...
tjlord 06/04/2008 4 3 - 4
Making the case for help in Colorado HD-21
Ok, people say - a State House level seat, so what? Well, the story is a little different here. HD-21 sits in the heart - the belly - of neo-con country. It is the west side of El Paso County - the ...
tjlord 06/02/2008 8 1 - 78
Kossack's running in '08 - First Pimp your candidate of '08
Ok, time to start again the diary that damn near killed me in '06 - trying to keep track of all the candidates that are Kossacks, married to Kossacks or supported by Kossaks. For those that remember,
tjlord 06/01/2008 29 11 1 -
Corzine on CNBC - MI, FL Redo but says Pop vote calls (Updated) the race
Gov. Corzine, a Hillary Super - is on CNBC right now. Said three things: 1. Hillary needs a " BIG " win in PA or she is out; 2. " If a candidate can not win the popular ...
tjlord 04/03/2008 40 7 - -
How market volatility is paralyzing non- trading businesses
As I have diaried here, I am in the commodity market. I just had a fairly disturbing conversation with a company in the food business that I talk to. I had an offer from another company for a lot of ...
tjlord 03/20/2008 8 7 - -
Could Bank execs go to jail?
Now that shoes are dropping all over the market place, let's look at Phase 2 of any disaster - seeing if those responsible will ride off into the sunset in their limos or in orange jumpsuits? The ...
tjlord 03/18/2008 13 3 - 4
The next dominos are falling - LEHMAN Tanking
Very short diary: From the Over The Counter market: Lehman Brothers bid $12 below Friday's closing price - closed $39.25 - off 30% Goldmand Sachs bid $13 below Friday's closing price - closed $...
tjlord 03/17/2008 16 5 1 1
What Politics can learn from Venture Capital
I am part of the financial markets. I am proud of that. Over the past five years I have been involved in a number of groups raising money for green power and trading renewable energy. My latest is ...
tjlord 03/16/2008 15 3 - 1
Carlyle tanks the financials - Paulsen speaks today
The news came out yesterday that Carlyle was defaulting on over $15 billion in mortgage-backed assets ("MBA"). What wasn't really covered was: 1. Carlyle was carrying in excess of ...
tjlord 03/13/2008 18 13 - -
Fed "liquidity" loans and Freddie Mac
The Fed has opened the loan window for collateralizing loans with MBS (mortgage backed securities). There are three little hooks in this: First: the statement said these MBS would be "appropriately"
tjlord 03/12/2008 15 3 - 1
Fed is killing US investment - do the math
This is a simple rant - again - against the Fed cutting interest rates to "support the economy". Here is the problem: The US dollar tanks every time the Fed cuts rates - especially if the European ...
tjlord 03/10/2008 13 3 - -
Infrastructure, the grid and Miami blackout
In case you missed it - Miami is without power. FPL had an oops - the substation near a nuke plant had a trip off on a hot day. The problem is that the system cascades in an event like this. When a ...
tjlord 02/26/2008 8 5 - 2
You don't DK a swap you traded
The term "DK" is "Don't know" in trader parlance. To DK a trade is to deny it ever existed. The credit default issue seems to be spawning a lot of fear about who really owns the hot potato. Unless ...
tjlord 02/18/2008 23 4 - 40
Compensation, government bailouts, options and stupid bets
I just posted a comment over on bonddad's latest diary. Thinking about it made me realize there was a lot more to say ...
tjlord 02/15/2008 7 4 1 -
It's real simple - I will donate nothing to DNC until all superdelegates go with their state vote
Very simple point - I support based on candidates. I will not donate a dime to Hillary's campaign if she wins based on super delegates. I will not donate a dime to a super delegate from Colorado who ...
tjlord 02/14/2008 27 3 - -
Come on people, get a grip
I am one of those people in the dkos community that always feels like a duck out of water - a Republican who has refused to leave the party but acted to support progressive candidates of both ...
tjlord 02/07/2008 9 1 - -
Wall Street owns the Fed - is Social security next?
Ok, the Fed has rolled over and committed itself to turning the US dollar into the next trash currency. The 1/2 percent basis cut today was actually defended by the Fed Board on the basis - as the ...
tjlord 01/30/2008 45 13 - 5
Does tomorrow mark the formal announcement that the Fed is now a Wall Street subsidiary?
In less than twenty four hours (more like 18 hours now) I anticipate that the Federal reserve Bank will formally announce that it has decided to change its governance structure and seat the CEOs of ...
tjlord 01/29/2008 48 20 1 -
Asia markets forecast Fed capitulation
I spend a couple hours every Sunday evening watching the Bloomberg and CNBC Asian desk reporting. I found it fascinating that they were speaking very bluntly about their view of the fed reserve - ...
tjlord 01/27/2008 61 29 - 8
Bernanke got "punked" - respect for the Fed?
The talking heads (and writers) in the financial world are starting to admit Ben got punked. The melt down wasn't the US economy, it was the unwinding of a $7 billion fraud. oops - but the press is ...
tjlord 01/25/2008 30 2 - -
Stimulus Package vs. S-CHIP - why isn't SCHIP THE stimulus package?
Ok, the D Congress has decided on throwing money at the problem. And, once again, they are buying the neo-con meme - let's spend our way out. Here is the story that should be made: The American ...
tjlord 01/24/2008 6 2 - 3
Ever wonder why China's economy is stronger - maybe this helps
Seems the China National Offshore Oil Company reported earnings today their time (now yesterday). One interesting little item says a lot about the way businesses (remember how US business loves China)
tjlord 01/21/2008 13 7 - -
Food Futures Markets are "Not about price discovery any more"
I am active in the futures markets for customers of mine. I read the industry blogs, do technical analysis and all the fun things. But it still amazes me how many people - including the New York ...
tjlord 01/18/2008 46 12 1 19
What the Fed is teaching investors
The reality is that the Fed has started taking the same proprietary position towards the financial markets that a bank takes towards its loan portfolio. They are reinforcing the old axiom "If you ...
tjlord 01/17/2008 31 10 1 4
The CNBC Guest Talking Heads - they don't get it
My morning routine is to help get the kids to the school bus (down about 1/4 mile of dirt road - today was good, 24 degrees; Friday will be bad, -2). During the 15 minutes between getting back from ...
tjlord 01/15/2008 23 7 1 -
The Face of the US MIlitary - my ski day
Took the kids skiing at Keystone (Summit County, Colorado) yesterday - wife was at an executive retreat for the weekend. Sat at lunch and the couples next to us (one to my right and one across from ...
tjlord 01/13/2008 5 9 - 3
Oil - a trader's perspective
There have been any number of diaries about the Iranian excursions, the Nigerian turmoil and Russia as well as the Asian market demand. All of these should be taken with a grain of ...
tjlord 01/10/2008 19 9 - -
Countrywide drops the next mortgage bomb
Countrywide Mortgage just released new corporate data and it ain't looking any prettier. The front page was all nice and smiles about how they are raising money - but buried on the back pages was ...
tjlord 01/09/2008 48 22 - 7
Straits of Hormuz Head fake - its about the money
CNN and CNBC trumpeted the Iranian attack boat story very hard between 8 and 9 AM this morning. That is a very important time frame. Why? Because it is just before the opening of ...
tjlord 01/07/2008 2 5 1 8
Why is wind power the darling - follow the money
There is a diary today about the UK wind proposal. OK, my biases up front: First, I hate wind from an engineering basis. Yes, wind can be pretty constant. But when you manage a ...
tjlord 12/10/2007 48 2 1 -
Mutualization of Risk - Dallas Morning News Article
The Business section of the Dallas Morning News had two great articles Thursday. The first one on the Texas voucher system to get rid of polluter cars I ...
tjlord 12/09/2007 5 3 - 10
Excuse me - TEXAS State Gov is pro-green?
Wandering through the Lone Star State yesterday I sat down in a restaurant and picked up the Dallas Morning News business section and the top right headline is: Cash for cars plan ready ...
tjlord 12/07/2007 17 9 - 5
Colorado is restricting data on voters
Colorado is working on multiple fronts to make campaigning and voting more difficult. I spoke early this week about efforts at unilateral voter ID moves in El Paso ...
tjlord 11/23/2007 11 4 - 2
Rs Getting an Early Start on Voter Suppression and a Call for Help
Well, in the "just to ensure that the voter suppression effort is just as long a campaign as the primaries" category, our dear County Clerk in El Paso County, Colorado (otherwise known as Fort Dobson)
tjlord 11/21/2007 14 7 - 19
The Harsh Reality and its implications
One of my favorite Kossaks - Bonddad - has written a diary today The Harsh Reality of Free ...
tjlord 11/19/2007 1 - - 20
Internet, World Series and OOPS - UPDATED - Again
It seems the voter ID system for Denver isn't the only system that Denver forgot to test. Server crashes are commonplace in Colorado - this time really was huge problem. See: ...
tjlord 10/22/2007 34 1 - 3
Glenn Beck : Dog Whisperer slams his Immigration Gig
Glenn Beck had a wonderful interlude recently. Glenn, that source of "fair and balanced" news on that other station, had a guest on his "The Big Idea" show - Cesar Milan. Cesar - the "Dog Whisperer" -
tjlord 10/21/2007 8 15 - 6
US Economy, Military and the Eocnomic End Game
As we all watch, the US economy teeters toward potential collapse. Jerome a Paris and Bonddad have ...
tjlord 10/02/2007 7 2 - -
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