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George W. Bush Library Opens - Was Bush Worst 2-Term President Ever?
Recent public opinion polls show former President George W. Bush's approval ratings improving with the American public. But is there a case to be made that Bush was the worst two-term President ever?
tjwalker 04/25/2013 24 4 - -
GOP Electoral College Pranksters
So, how crazy is the GOP Scheme to re-jigger the electoral college a la gerrymandered congressional districts? It's like Rupert Murdoch buying People Magazine and ordering his editors to select the ...
tjwalker 01/26/2013 1 - - -
Top Ten Worst Mitt Romney Political Messages That Made Him Lose The Election
Given how awful Mitt Romney's messages were during this campaign, it's amazing he came as close as he did in this election. Campaigns ultimately come down to who has the more compelling message to ...
tjwalker 11/06/2012 11 7 - -
Obama Wins the Third Presidential Debate 52-48 over Romney
tjwalker 10/22/2012 14 - - -
Obama Beats Romney in Debate, 64-36
tjwalker 10/16/2012 12 6 - -
Biden posessed by Bill Clinton, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann
Biden for President!
tjwalker 10/11/2012 3 5 - -
Mitt Romney's Secret "47%" video has set a new world record for the number of gaffes in one politic
Many fair-minded observers have asked "what is the difference between Romney's 47% secret video gaffe and Obama's clinging to 'guns and religion' gaffe of 2008?" That's a fair question. First it's ...
tjwalker 09/20/2012 2 - - 44
101 Tax Return Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer Before This PR Nightmare Goes Away for Him
Mitt Romney has taken a public relations beating for the last two weeks regarding his decision to release only one year of his Federal Income taxes. Romney's efforts so far at damage control and ...
tjwalker 07/24/2012 4 4 - 55
What President Obama should Say after the Colorado Massacre
Mayor Mike Bloomberg is right. Our national political leaders are acting like cowards after the Colorado massacre. Sympathy and moments of silence are not enough. We need solutions. And the number ...
tjwalker 07/20/2012 50 1 - 235
35 Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer About Bain Before The Issue Can Go Away
Mitt Romney conducted numerous TV and other media interviews yesterday in order to minimize the damage his campaign has received regarding discrepancies surrounding his tenure at Bain. During ...
tjwalker 07/14/2012 10 12 - 111
If You Are a Conservative, What's Wrong With Dallas Woman Selling Infant?
tjwalker 06/23/2012 17 - - 247
Top Ten Scott Walker Leadership Lessons for Barack Obama and Liberals
Whether you like Scott Walker or not, there is no denying he is a leader and has joined the ranks of Republican superstars. What leadership lessons does he have that would benefit Obama and liberals?
tjwalker 06/17/2012 47 7 - 168
Who Would Be Better for the Economy, Romney or Obama?
I hate to say it, but Romney in the White House would lead to a better economy in 2013. Of course I wouldn't vote for Romney under any circumstances, so how can I say this? First, Romney would ...
tjwalker 06/04/2012 74 - - 391
The Only thing We Really Know About John Edwards Is that He Still Would Have Been Better than Bush
So the silliness of the John Edwards trial is over and what have we learned? 1.That a Bush appointed US attorney in North Carolina wanted to make a name for himself in order to run as a Republican ...
tjwalker 06/02/2012 100 15 - 261
Mitt Romney is Right, We Do Need a Businessman’s Expertise in Running the Country
Powerful CEOs become wildly successful because they learn how to analyze data properly, devoid of irrational emotion, and they learn how to build strong teams by placing people in positions that ...
tjwalker 06/02/2012 17 12 - 141
Allen West Is Still Getting Away With Calling Democrats "Communists"
tjwalker 04/16/2012 8 1 - 69
Should the "Buffett Rule" Be Named the "Reagan Rule?"
tjwalker 04/15/2012 11 1 1 53
Democrats Are Better At Attacking Hilary Rosen Than they are Mitt Romney
tjwalker 04/14/2012 15 5 - 119
Why Republicans Always Beat Democrats In The PR/Media Spin Wars?
An in depth look at the Hillary Rosen scandal and Newt Gingrich's comments directed at Fox News.
tjwalker 04/13/2012 14 1 - 90
Hilary Rosen for President!
tjwalker 04/12/2012 52 1 - 221
Newt Bounces Check in Utah--Can We Finally Agree He is a Bum?
tjwalker 04/11/2012 11 3 - 101
Rick Santorum Suspends his Campaign
So Rick Santorum is “suspending” his campaign. That’s politician speak for “I can’t win, so I’m quitting.” On the one hand, Rick Santorum deserves massive credit for getting more ...
tjwalker 04/10/2012 9 3 - 90
Why Would Anyone Contribute to George Zimmerman Unless They Favor Lynchings?
tjwalker 04/10/2012 15 1 - 148
Why Doesn't Tim Tebow Blame Jesus for Losing Football Games?
tjwalker 04/09/2012 45 6 - 302
If Obama Is Too Harvard, Is Romney Too "Black?"
A certain amount of hyperbole has to be allowed all sides in politics. but Romney's charges this week that Obama spent too much time at Harvard doesn't pass the laugh test. This charge makes as much ...
tjwalker 04/07/2012 8 1 - 50
SG Verrilli's Horrible Opening Argument
Solicitor General Verrilli began his opening arguments in defense of the Affordable Care Act, as many commentators have noted, like a nerd asking the “hot girl” out on a date. In other words, it ...
tjwalker 03/28/2012 4 - - 100
Mitt Romney Has a 2 in 3 Chance of beating Obama and has already won the GOP Nomination
Yes, Mitt Romney is a terrible political candidate. Sure, Santorum could embarrass Romney in Ohio. Gingrich could raise questions by winning Georgia. And Paul could upset Romney in some small caucus ...
tjwalker 03/05/2012 147 4 - 713
American LP News Brief March 2, 2012
American LP Daily News Briefing March 2, 2012 Republicans are begrudgingly coming to grips with the presidential candidacy of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Tuesday night, Romney won ...
tjwalker 03/02/2012 3 - - 12
Is Mitt Romney a Welfare Queen?
tjwalker 02/26/2012 2 1 - 77
Who won the GOP Debate in AZ?
Here's my take.
tjwalker 02/22/2012 27 3 - 233
Sheldon Adelson to Give Newt Gingrich Another $10 Million!!!???
So Sheldon Adelson may give Newt another $10 million. Is Sheldon trying to buy good government? Or the right for Israel to Nuke Iran? In normal times, any one individual giving this much money to a ...
tjwalker 02/17/2012 8 1 - 51
Best Way to Attack Romney for Receiving $10M Bailout?
I've never seen Mitt Romney attacked for receiving a $10 million FDIC Bailout when he was head of Bain consulting in the early 90s. The story is a little complicated, but basically Bain Consulting ...
tjwalker 02/16/2012 12 1 - 40
Is Mitt Romney "Severely Freudian?"
If you are like me, you are probably still poking your finger in your ear trying to figure out if you heard Mitt Romney correctly when he called himself a "Severely conservative Republican." That ...
tjwalker 02/13/2012 5 - - 47
What is the significance of Mitt Romney winning both CPAC and the Maine Caucus?
Romney’s victory at CPAC reveals clearly that there are exactly three (and only three) core principles animating modern day conservatives: 1. Any Democrat in office, no matter how moderate or ...
tjwalker 02/12/2012 30 12 - 211
What are Mitt Romney's "In-Context" Economic Views? Mitt Romney and his campaign have complained incessantly about being quoted "out-of-context" on his economic views. In an effort to help the ...
tjwalker 02/10/2012 1 - - 16
Has Mitt Romney Shown Religious Intolerance?
Here is a new rough draft for a TV commercial I will be producing for the Democratic Super PAC AmericanLP. Please send me suggestions and criticisms. “Religious Tolerance” :60 Second TV Ad *** ...
tjwalker 02/06/2012 24 2 - 94
Why Can't Romney be Attacked for Promoting Intolerance Through Mormonism?
(note: religion is a tricky issue in campaigns. I'm trying to distill the ideas below into a 60 second TV ad for Super Tuesday. Any suggestions or criticisms you have are much appreciated--TJ Walker)
tjwalker 02/04/2012 103 7 - 236
Romney/Poupon 2012 Campaign Ad - AmericanLP
Look carefully at the :23 mark. Doesn't that sound and look like a young Mitt Romney? Help AmericanLP tell the truth about Mitt Romney's upper class ways. Mitt Romney is ready for His Starring role—
tjwalker 02/03/2012 12 7 - 105
Bill Maher Slams Romney Better than Anyone
Bill Maher gets to the essence with why people do hate and should hate Mitt Romney for his wealth. Romney really is very different from other American icons like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Maher ...
tjwalker 02/02/2012 7 15 - 241
Mitt Romney Announces “I’m not concerned about the very poor”
Mitt Romney is to be commended for his honesty. This ranks right up there with “I like being able to fire people,” and “corporations are people, my friend.” Romney has shown that while he ...
tjwalker 02/01/2012 3 3 - 44
New TV ad re Romney's “I’m not concerned about the very poor”
Mitt Romney is to be commended for his honesty. This ranks right up there with “I like being able to fire people,” and “corporations are people, my friend.” Romney has shown that while he ...
tjwalker 02/01/2012 23 6 - 117
What is fair and unfair regarding voters’ judging politicians’ religious views?
Virtually every fair-minded Americans would agree that no citizen should categorically rule out a candidate for public office simply for being a Catholic, Protestant or Jew. Most, would also say the ...
tjwalker 01/31/2012 33 4 - 89
Gingrich/Paul 2012: GOP Ticket! - Happy Thought of the Day
With so many of the GOP primaries allocating delegates on a proportional basis it is entirely likely that Romney could win a plurality in all of them, and yet Gingrich and Paul, combined, could have ...
tjwalker 01/30/2012 5 - - 28
So What Happens to the GOP After Florida?
Whew! What a relief! The GOP establishment is finally exhaling. It looks as though Romney will beat Gingrich in Florida and can get back to running a respectable frontrunner campaign with little ...
tjwalker 01/28/2012 26 5 1 154
New Bain Anti-Romney Ad
Here's a new ad we just finished for AmericanLP. It will be airing ...
tjwalker 01/25/2012 14 4 - 105
What the Hell is Going on with the Republican Party?
To Democrats, moderates, progressives, liberals and independents, i.e. 60% of America; it is, indeed, a confusing political time. While many of us want Obama to win re-election, most of us concede ...
tjwalker 01/25/2012 25 19 - 272
Republican Voters of South Carolina…
The Democratic Party and President Obama’s re-election brain trust are doing cartwheels and giving each other high-fives over the news that Newt Gingrich is surging in the polls in Florida and won ...
tjwalker 01/25/2012 1 1 - 31
The State of the Republican Party
“Today’s Republican Party is full of talented and accomplished leaders, like Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana and former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. Sadly, not one of these leaders has chosen ...
tjwalker 01/24/2012 4 - - 39
Democratic Super PAC Leader Gives Assessment on Role of Super PACS in 2012
Posted by AmericanLP in Press Release, Press Room TJ Walker, founder of AmericanLP, a Democratic Super PAC, gave his assessment on the role his organization and other Democratic Super PACs have ...
tjwalker 01/24/2012 2 2 - 32
The Role of Super PACS in 2012
I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out with the ads my super PAC has created! Our goal all along has been to tarnish the Republican brand and to diminish the chances of the GOP’s ...
tjwalker 01/23/2012 1 - - 9
French-Speaking Mitt Romney Attack Ad Targets SC Voters.
AmericanLP released its first TV ad, “French Romney” back in December. This ad showed footage of Mitt Romney speaking French during the 2002 Olympics. In text, the ad scrolled verbatim quotes ...
tjwalker 01/17/2012 7 6 - 102
Can you help write an Anti-Romney Ad?
My Super PAC, AmericanLP, is producing a new TV ad trying to tie together several quotes of Romney that make him seem out of place regarding economics. And we are trying to use humor. The script is ...
tjwalker 01/11/2012 4 - - 32
Great ad on mocking Romney "I like firing people" quote
Great ad on mocking Romney "I like being able to fire people" quote:
tjwalker 01/11/2012 2 2 - 57
Is it Fair to Quote Mitt Romney on “Firing?”
There is a great deal of nonsense surrounding the fairness of quoting Mitt Romney saying “I like to be able to fire people.” Romney defenders scream that this quote is taken out of context and ...
tjwalker 01/11/2012 41 4 - 85
What is the significance of the New Hampshire Primary?
You have to feel sorry for the Republican Party tonight. In first place is Mitt Romney, the most disliked GOP frontrunner ever who is now known primarily as the only guy in American who likes firing ...
tjwalker 01/10/2012 5 - - 48
New TV ad mocking Romney "I like to be able to fire people"
Help! This could be the dominant meme between now and November. Can you please take a look and help spread this? I just bought time on Union Leader in NH.
tjwalker 01/09/2012 42 4 - 201
Prediction on "I like being able to fire people" quote
This quote will go down in political history as the worst sound bite from a politician since Walter Mondale's "I will raise taxes." It won't be enough to stop Mitt from getting the GOP nomination, ...
tjwalker 01/09/2012 35 12 - 249
What is the best way to attack Mitt Romney re Income Taxes
Are there any tax specialists here at Daily Kos who can advise on the Romney income tax situation? Here is a rough, rough draft for new ad against Romney. Please give some advice. “Income tax”
tjwalker 01/08/2012 25 4 - 98
Romney Commits another Rich-Guy Gaffe
Mitt Romney further solidified his reputation as an out-of-touch top 1%er with this comment in the NBC Facebook New Hampshire GOP Debate. “He (Romney’s father) said, Mitt, never get involved in ...
tjwalker 01/08/2012 25 5 - 263
Who won the New Hampshire GOP Debate?
Mitt Romney was the big winner last night. Nasty Newt failed to show up. It's as if all the other candidates are resigned to applying for a job under the Romney Administration. Other highlights: ...
tjwalker 01/08/2012 19 2 - 79
Romney's Plastic Nature Makes for an Inauthentic Candidate
Unlike Mitt Romney’s political beliefs my feelings on Romney have never flip flopped. I never trusted his views because I never actually believed that he believed them. Romney has provided us with ...
tjwalker 01/06/2012 1 2 - 27
Can You Help Pick the Best Attack Ad Against Mitt Romney?
While none of us Progressive Democrats applaud the Citizens United case unleashing Super PACs, it is a fact of life. So we can either play by the rules as they are at this moment, or we can sit ...
tjwalker 01/04/2012 4 2 - 63
Significance of the Iowa Caucus
Mitt Romney—after spending roughly 10 trillion dollars and much of the last 4 years campaigning in Iowa, Romney didn’t get any more votes than he did 4 years ago. Iowans are showing as much ...
tjwalker 01/04/2012 3 4 - 24
The Rick Perry Campaign in 28 Words
Politico wrote a widely discussed and highly controversial 2,265 word story on what went wrong with the Rick Perry Presidential Campaign Here’s my take in 28 words: Rick Perry Is really stupid ...
tjwalker 01/02/2012 6 1 - 62
Why Rick Santorum is Mitt Romney’s New Best Friend
Mitt Romney continues to catch one lucky break after another. It looks like all the anti-Romney voters of the GOP are poised to rally around the newest flavor of the month—Rick Santorum. At first ...
tjwalker 01/02/2012 3 1 - 42
Sneak Preview of Anti-Romney Ad Comparing Him to Ken Doll
tjwalker 12/30/2011 15 6 1 121
What is the best way to attack Mitt Romney as "Plastic?"
The Daily Kos community was very generous with time and ideas earlier this week in suggesting concepts for attack ads against Romney. My Democratic Super PAC will be running more attack ads on ...
tjwalker 12/29/2011 12 3 - 34
Democratic Super PAC is Crowd-Sourcing Negative Attack Ads Against Mitt Romney
I was hanging out in the green room at Fox News Channel for a couple of hours Sunday Morning between on-air appearances and got into a lengthy discussion with John Fund, who is about as tied into ...
tjwalker 12/27/2011 41 5 1 162
Last Minute X-Mas Shopping? The GOP Nut Sampler for Your Loved Ones
tjwalker 12/24/2011 7 5 - 80
Everything you need to know about Ron Paul
As a typical egotistical, arrogant, columnist/blogger, I usually think I can express my viewpoints better than anyone else. But when it comes to summing up the Ron Paul situation, the conservative ...
tjwalker 12/23/2011 4 6 - 84
GP Rep Claims First Lady has a “Large Posterior”
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner R Wisconsin is getting the biggest press coverage of his life. He’s on the front page of the Drudge Report, Huffington Post and, basically, everywhere else. Did he finally ...
tjwalker 12/22/2011 35 10 - 193
Ron Paul's misguided media anger
Ron Paul is doing a lousy job of handling the spotlight into the racist writings of his old newsletters. By walking off the set of CNN he made a molehill into a mountain. Paul needs to understand ...
tjwalker 12/22/2011 3 1 - 30
Rick Perry’s $92,000 a year government pension is a bigger problem for Liberals than Conservatives
News came out this week that, on top of getting a mansion to live in and a $150,000 salary, Governor Rick Perry also gets a $92,000 a year government pension. Wow! The amazing thing about this ...
tjwalker 12/21/2011 21 4 - 123
“Say Anything Romney” Anti-Romney TV ad
Here is rough draft on new TV commercial I am producing in hopes of keeping the nomination away from Mitt Romney. Please feel free to give script or concept ideas/critiques. *** :30 TV Ad Produced ...
tjwalker 12/20/2011 9 - - 38
How Conservatives Really Control the Media
Sean Hannity calling President Obama on Fox News Channel a “socialist” every night in prime time on the Fox News Chanel is only the visible tip of the conservative propaganda iceberg. The Right’
tjwalker 12/20/2011 9 4 - 50
The Ultimate Anti-Newt TV Ad
In case Newt Gingrich does get the GOP nomination, my group, AmericanLP, wants to be ready. So we are in planning stages for casting and shooting a commercial like the one below. Please contact me ...
tjwalker 12/19/2011 10 4 - 75
Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Typical Ron Paul Supporter
Here is a comment placed on my YouTube page today in response to an editorial video I posted in which I question the notion that Ron Paul somehow hasn’t received his fair share of media coverage: �
tjwalker 12/18/2011 17 4 - 195
What Question to Newt Gingrich would Most Likely Make Him Implode?
Here’s my nomination: “Mr. Speaker, you are obviously a brilliant historian with a world-class reputation. Isn’t it true that many of the world’s greatest leaders have had, shall we say, ...
tjwalker 12/17/2011 35 13 - 242
Who Won The Republican Debate Last Night?
The debate was a bit of a mixed bag with no clear-cut winners or losers. ...
tjwalker 12/16/2011 8 1 - 55
MSNBC Becomes Apologist for Mitt Romney’s Klan Quotes
Right-wing lunacy has won again! MSNBC yesterday forced itself to apologize for telling the truth about Mitt Romney’s rhetorical ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Here’s the background: The good folks ...
tjwalker 12/15/2011 21 4 - 133
Fox News Channel Rejects AmericanLP Ad Mocking Mitt Romney
My office just got off the phone with Erin Kelly, head of political ad sales at the Fox News Channel. She told us our ad “French Romney” was rejected because everything Fox airs “has to be ...
tjwalker 12/14/2011 54 26 - 246
Best Anti-Gingrich Ad Ever--From Ron Paul
Have you seen the new Ron Paul ad attacking Newt Gingrich? It makes you wish we could deport Gingrich. We now know three things about Ron Paul. 1. He will never be President. 2. If he got elected ...
tjwalker 12/14/2011 13 14 - 124
How Bachmann, Santorum, Huntsman or Perry Can “Win” the next GOP Debate
Any of the non-Newt Romney GOP candidates could win Wednesday night’s debate. All they have to do is turn directly to Newt Gingrich, look him in the eye and say the following: “Newt Gingrich ...
tjwalker 12/13/2011 21 3 - 91
Is there New Irrefutable, Hard- Core Evidence that the Tea Party is Inherently Racist?
Democrats, Liberals and Progressives have long asserted that the Tea Party was fueled by racism. But the evidence has always seemed, well, anecdotal. An occasional Obama-as-a-monkey sign here, a ...
tjwalker 12/12/2011 14 4 - 118
New Anti-Romney Ad Begins Airing Nationwide Tomorrow
I'm hoping this new anti-Romney ad my organization made will help knock Romney out once and for all because I think he is the only candidate who could defeat Obama.
tjwalker 12/11/2011 35 2 - 100
Who Won Last Night’s GOP Debate?
All of the candidates were really on their game last night. Going from 8 candidates to 6 gave them more time to talk and made the environment more engaging. Each candidate had moments where they ...
tjwalker 12/11/2011 72 5 - 168
Seven things to Watch for In Tonight’s GOP Debate
1. Will Rick Perry have a brain freeze? Perry isn’t relevant anymore and there is no real reason to pay attention to him. But a meme has developed that Perry can’t talk for five minutes without ...
tjwalker 12/10/2011 24 6 - 108
Is Mitt Romney Too Smart for the Republican Base?
A lot has been written about Mitt Romney’s flip flopping on important philosophical and public policy issues, but does he have a greater problem with the GOP electorate? Perhaps Romney appears too ...
tjwalker 12/09/2011 19 2 - 48
Mitt Romney Going on First Sunday Morning Talk Show in a Year and a Half
(Mitt Romney will be appearing on Fox News Sunday on Dec. 18) Mitt Romney has been running a great media campaign—if you are an incumbent sitting on top of a strong economy and high approval ...
tjwalker 12/07/2011 15 1 - 28
Best wishes to Cenk Uygur and the Young Turks
Good luck and congrats to Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks on their debut tonight on Current TV. Cenk really paid his dues during a lot of lean years to build a significant audience and he is rightly ...
tjwalker 12/05/2011 12 9 1 81
"Official" Request to Investigate Fraudulent Herman Cain Campaign
December 5, 2011 Cynthia l. Bauerly Chair, Federal Election Commission 999 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20463 Dear Madame Bauerly: I respectfully request that you begin an immediate fraud ...
tjwalker 12/05/2011 30 3 - 175
Is Ron Paul the Key to Understanding the 2012 Race?
Gingrich the Clown has, of course, accepted the invitation from Trump the Clown to be a part of the Newsmax/Trump TV debate on December 27th. Huntsman has declined, and now so has Paul. But what is ...
tjwalker 12/04/2011 30 7 - 168
Goodbye Herman Cain—In Praise of Career Politicians
Herman Cain will soon be gone—good riddance. His rise reflected one belief that unites both Right and Left in this country: that career politicians are bad. And it’s a stupid belief that ...
tjwalker 12/03/2011 18 5 - 95
Newt Gingrich for President! – The Liberal Democratic Perspective
tjwalker 12/02/2011 20 5 - 117
New Anti-Romney Ad
Here is a rough draft of an anti-Romney ad my team put together in reaction to Romney's slimeball ad where he quotes Obama out of context. I'm only posting here for now on Daily Kos and would like ...
tjwalker 11/30/2011 9 2 - 43
What should be the top Marginal Tax Rates on the Wealthy?
Economist Paul Krugman writes today in the NY Times that there is no reason that tax rates on the super wealthy shouldn’t go higher than they were during the Clinton era—39%. Certainly, nobody ...
tjwalker 11/28/2011 72 3 - 116
Imagine if the Mitt Romney Campaign Made a TV AD Against Mitt Romney
Romney has gotten a lot of heat the last few days for unveiling a TV ad where he willfully and shamelessly uses an out of context quote from Obama to make a point unrelated to the point Obama was ...
tjwalker 11/27/2011 10 4 - 59
Newt Endorsed by New Hampshire Union Leader—Is 2012 the year the Newspaper Endorsement Dies?
The headline on every mainstream news site and political blog in America today is that Newt Gingrich has won the all-important endorsement from the highly influential Union Leader. For anyone who ...
tjwalker 11/27/2011 22 8 - 126
Newt Gingrich Takes Stand Repudiating Newt Gingrich Stands
Newt Gingrich took a principled stand Friday: "I am not for amnesty for anyone. I am not for a path to citizenship for anybody who got here illegally.” This, of course, is a slap in the face to ...
tjwalker 11/26/2011 15 3 - 62
Does Pepper Spray Incident at UC Davis Change the Debate?
Michael Moore claims that the well-televised pepper-spray incident has become the Tiananmen Square moment for the Occupy Wall Street movement. He’s right. Further compounding this issue is Fox ...
tjwalker 11/23/2011 9 3 1 74
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