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Cancer Cure, Is It Real?
Here in Erie we have been rooting for and donating to the Kanzius Cancer Foundation for about 9 years. One of our own, John Kanzius, started the Foundation to finance and support his idea for ...
tobendaro 10/16/2013 48 16 - -
How To Vote In Pennsylvania
I have been very concerned about the jihad the Republicans have been waging on the voting population. Here in Pennsylvania, we have a new voter ID law and the many do not know what it is or how ...
tobendaro 07/20/2012 18 15 1 79
Facebook Fear
I looked at short a diary this morning by irate where I was linked to a facebook page with comments for Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy. Tune in to Facebook Live on Monday, ...
tobendaro 09/26/2011 3 - - 62
Wasting a Huge Opening
I have been reading BruinKid's recommended diary on Bill Maher's New Rule. I agree with the point that the left is nowhere near as insanely rabid as the right. There are no politicians on the left ...
tobendaro 11/06/2010 15 2 - 38
Help with letter to Senator
I need a little help everyone. I am composing a letter to my state senator, a Republican and a no vote in the fight for single payer in my state. I would like some feedback and any corrections ...
tobendaro 02/08/2010 8 1 - 19
'President Obama... Ahhhhh'
I have lately found myself in a horrible nightmare while wide awake and going about my ordinary day. I imagine myself doing the same tasks after the election and after Barack Obama is denied the ...
tobendaro 09/24/2008 15 6 2 3
Let's Join the Right and Help Our Veterans.
I have been reading the diaries about the returning veterans since last week with a very heavy heart. Coincidentally, I have received several right wing missives from my increasingly wrong ...
tobendaro 11/15/2007 13 3 1 2
Laura Ingraham, What???
I viewed a new and improved Laura Ingraham on the TV this morning. Hypocritical to the end, Ms Ingraham personifies the New Republicans. They are at full speed trying to remake and rebrand the ...
tobendaro 09/17/2007 34 20 - 4
A Cancer Cure and a New Source of Fuel
We need some good news! Look below the fold for a heads up on a promising cancer treatment and added bonus, a possible new fuel!!
tobendaro 05/29/2007 11 3 1 5
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