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Still Disturbed by the AIP Connection
I watched the CNN special last night, Palin Revealed , and they included the explanation that the reason why she took an eight hour flight back to Alaska was because it was essential that ...
tod from abq 09/14/2008 24 17 - -
Libertarian comes Home to Democratic Party
For the past ten years, I have been a hard core libertarian. My bookshelves sagged with heavy tomes and booklets that described the libertarian agenda. I read book after book that repeated the same ...
tod from abq 09/12/2008 30 30 2 15
We said, "Thanks, but no thanks"
When McCain was willing to distort a bill protecting children from sex predators for his personal gain, we said, "Thanks, but no thanks. Protecting innocent children is more important to us than ...
tod from abq 09/10/2008 9 13 - -
US Officers in Iraq Agree with Barack about Surge
The NY Times ran a very telling article today on the nature of violence in Iraq. It shows, once again, that McCain is consistently wrong in his foreign policy assessments. Here's the money quote:
tod from abq 08/22/2008 15 19 - -
So It's about Race After All
Chris Mathews on Hardball tonight had two guests to discuss why some Hillary supporters simply would never vote for Barack Obama. One of those guests was Bonnie Eber, a host on NPR's To the ...
tod from abq 08/21/2008 30 9 - 1
How did Dubya beat McCain in 2000?
If you recall the 2000 Republican Primary, McCain had everything going for him. He'd show up for rallies to find standing room only crowds (nothing like Barack gets today but they were consistently ...
tod from abq 08/20/2008 22 5 - -
Air America -- Hannity style
I've been wondering how left wing radio could be more successful, and figured that some insight might be gained by mimicking how Republican Radio does it, except from the Democratic perspective. ...
tod from abq 08/13/2008 32 8 - -
Republican Radio Must Die
I have listened to Republican Radio for over 15 years. And I have never been more disturbed by it than I have come to be this year. It has always been bad, it has always been simplistic. But this ...
tod from abq 08/11/2008 125 16 - 33
McCain's Dangerous Character Flaw
McCain is known for many serious character flaws. Betraying his first wife because she wasn't as pretty as he wanted after she was in a traffic accident. Calling his second wife a cunt when she ...
tod from abq 08/04/2008 10 11 - -
McCain's Seismic Event
I think this is a huge deal and am surprised I cannot find a diary already about it (apologies if it has already been covered and missed it, but I did a search first.) On Sunday McCain said the ...
tod from abq 07/30/2008 15 7 - 2
Humanity Just Likes War
The only way that I have been able to make sense of a major undercurrent always present in our political process is to accept the fact that humanity likes war. It just does. I know no one will ...
tod from abq 06/13/2008 21 2 - 2
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