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How YOU can impact #BoycottIndiana even if you don't live anywhere near there. With your wallet.
The hashtag #BoycottIndiana is now trending on Twitter due to Governor Pence's signing of a "religious freedom" law okaying discrimination in the state. In addition to helping spread the message ...
tremayne 03/27/2015 5 6 - -
2016 GOP Power Rankings
Who is leading the GOP field of presidential candidates right now? My ranking of candidates and rationale for each is below. Sports fans are no doubt familiar with Power Rankings. The idea is too ...
tremayne 02/02/2015 3 - - -
New Kansas Poll Surprise (Orman+10) and other Signs of Life for Senate Democrats
NBC News is out with new Senate polls this morning and the big news is a surprise 10-point lead for Greg Orman over incumbent Republican Pat Roberts, 48-to-38 percent among likely voters (and also a ...
tremayne 10/05/2014 46 51 1 -
One Philadelphia Gay Bashing Suspect is a Catholic H.S. Assistant Coach Who Was Fired Last Night
Here's an update to yesterday's diary by mconvente regarding the social media sleuthing that revealed a group of people suspected of attacking a gay couple in downtown Philadelphia. Follow that link ...
tremayne 09/18/2014 97 160 1 -
Suicide By Cop: What a Well-Trained Officer Would Do
Two days ago 25-year-old Kajieme Powell stole two cans of soda and, when St. Louis police arrived, demanded they shoot him. As ZhenRen's diary describes, they did, multiple times, until he was quite ...
tremayne 08/21/2014 57 29 - -
Name That Tune
This song hit the charts during the first year of Ronald Reagan's presidency and reached number 8 on the Billboard chart. This song's performer is popular across the political spectrum. He was ...
tremayne 07/21/2014 4 7 - -
NY Times: A New Christie Bridge Scandal
I think this is new but I haven't checked the site until now and don't see it..... According to the NY Times , the Christie administration is the target of a new investigation being conducted in ...
tremayne 06/23/2014 173 290 - -
Roads are socialism
President Obama called today for spending to improve the nation's transportation infrastructure. This is another example of Obama's big government thinking. He doesn't understand what most Americans ...
tremayne 05/14/2014 23 15 - -
GOP's Obamacare Evolution in 44 words
2008: Death panels! 2009: Socialized medicine! 2010: Obamacare will destroy America! 2011: Repeal Obamacare! 2012: Repeal and replace! 2014: Fix Obamacare! 2016: Benghazi! 2017: We were the ...
tremayne 02/26/2014 6 19 - -
Shhh, Don't Tell Anybody (some things are improving)
Psst. Keep it quiet, but just between you and me, some things are getting better. Apparently, unemployment has fallen to it's lowest level in 5 years: 7 percent . The realists at Calculated Risk are ...
tremayne 12/06/2013 8 11 1 -
GOP Base: They're hurting so bad I almost feel sorry for them. But not quite.
The squeals are loud from certain corners of the political webs. They're calling for John McCain's head, they're calling for a new party, and mostly they're just howling at the moon.
tremayne 10/12/2013 62 78 1 -
Dick Morris, too dumb even for Fox News, apparently just dumb enough for Piers Morgan and CNN
Two days before election day Dick Morris said Mitt Romney would win in a landslide: That embarrassing prediction proved even too much for Fox on which Morris hasn't appeared for months. Now, ...
tremayne 02/06/2013 7 3 - -
NRO: Romney would have won if we had just changed the rules
Remember that time our candidate won a half million more votes for President and was never inaugurated? Bad times. But for Katrino Trinko (real name!) at NRO those were great times and she has ...
tremayne 01/08/2013 154 129 3 -
Obama in History
Here's a Twitter exchange from last night between Nate Silver and David Wasserman: @ redistrict : Any sense for how many votes still outstanding in NY? — Nate Silver (@fivethirtyeight) December 4,
tremayne 12/04/2012 7 7 - -
Obama's Lead Expanding (but it's a tie!)
Ten days after the election and votes are still being tallied in California and other states. The morning after the election AP said President won by 1.3 million votes nationally, about a two ...
tremayne 11/16/2012 117 199 3 -
Racism, Secession & Some Math
You probably heard about the racist Twitter storm following the President's reelection last week. But here's an interesting project which maps the Tweets by location. You can check out the ...
tremayne 11/13/2012 6 4 - -
Gallup Sucks, has been Sucking for a Long Time, and will Probably Keep Sucking
Okay, does that sound a little harsh? Consider that out of 23 polling firms measured by Nate Silver and having at least 5 polls in the final 3 weeks of the campaign, they came in as the 23rd most ...
tremayne 11/10/2012 8 6 - -
Final PPP Ohio Poll is Out
And here is the news: Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 52-47 on our final Ohio poll. Up 60-39 with early voters — PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) November 5, 2012 I'm going to go ahead and give ...
tremayne 11/04/2012 19 25 1 -
Dear Republican friends: An Act of God gave Obama four more years
[Hey, I agree with Kos , Mitt Romney was headed for a big loss before the super storm ever arrived. If you look at Nate Silver's charts the big turnaround began (abruptly) with the VP debate. But ...
tremayne 11/03/2012 31 35 - -
New Polls. Romney Broken.
A dam broke. All polls released today. Late deciders for Obama: Ohio CNN 50-47 Obama Rasmussen 49-49 tie (equals 2-3 point win in 538 adjustment) WeAskAmerica 50.2-45.8 ...
tremayne 11/02/2012 11 16 - -
I woke up in a parallel universe where Obama was endorsed by Christie, Bloomberg AND The Economist
The super storm battered the house and flooded the town and, it turns out, ruptured the space-time continuum. Multiple universes were created and in the one I now reside some bizarre things have ...
tremayne 11/02/2012 14 22 - -
PPP Confirms Late Obama Surge in Swing States
Public Policy Polling released three polls this evening, all of them bearing good news for the home team. But it's even better than that. In PPP's last 8 swing state polls, in 8 different states, ...
tremayne 10/28/2012 138 193 3 -
That guy Unskews the Electoral College: Bad News
That guy is at it again. He has released his official UNSKEWED projection of the electoral college. It's not pretty. I wish I could tell you he was wrong but he wrote this: This projection is ...
tremayne 10/26/2012 54 10 - -
Unskewed Polls Guy: Statistics is a Liberal Plot and Rasmussen & Gallup are Part of it
I decided to check in today on Dean Chambers, the Unskewed Polls guy. As usual, Romney is winning easily according his polling aggregation. Actually, running away with the election would be more ...
tremayne 10/26/2012 13 7 - -
New PPP polls (I WON or O WIN)
If you don't know what I WON means it's: Iowa Wisconsin Ohio Nevada If the President holds these states on election day he'll be able to say "I won." More specifically, he needs Ohio + Wisconsin +
tremayne 10/25/2012 40 24 1 -
Nate Silver: "Romney’s Momentum Seems to Have Stopped"
Nate Silver has been paying attention to his own data apparently and has come to the conclusion, evident in the 538 charts for more than a week, that Mitt Romney's early October momentum has stopped .
tremayne 10/25/2012 25 20 - -
Tracking Poll Average, 2012 Edition (with a new PPP poll)
Here's a diary I did a series of in 2008: The daily average of just the tracking polls. As many have mentioned recently these national polls sometimes suck individually (looking at you Gallup) but ...
tremayne 10/19/2012 24 14 - -
Why is the Gallup tracker out of whack? They changed their method.
I'd like to call your attention to two things that happened over at on October 10, 2012, just 8 days ago and exactly one week after the first presidential debate. As usual, they released ...
tremayne 10/18/2012 19 5 1 -
Tweet of the Night: Biden Joint
Seen on Markos's Twitter feed: The Democrats should crush a little bit of Joe Biden into a joint and have Obama smoke it. #debate #vpdebate — Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport) October 12, ...
tremayne 10/11/2012 2 12 2 -
I'm calling a bottom on 538: Obama on the way back up
The polls out today look strong. More on that in a minute. First, a recap of the rapid post-debate slide in Nate Silver's 538 forecast: Obama's Chances Oct 4: 87% Oct 5: 85% Oct 6: 80% Oct 7: ...
tremayne 10/11/2012 24 21 - -
(Update) Obama's Big Bird Ad going Viral
The new Obama campaign ad is taking off. It made it up to the 2nd position (at least) on's "politics" page and is spreading rapidly on Twitter. Here's NBA owner Mark Cuban: Doesnt matter ...
tremayne 10/09/2012 22 20 - 281
URGENT: LAST DAY to Register to Vote (Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Email)!!
(This is the first time I've ever reposted a diary. Sorry, but it's important. It's not too late to impact the race). Do you want to vote for President on November 6? Do you live in Colorado? ...
tremayne 10/09/2012 2 4 1 14
LAST DAY to Register in Florida, Ohio, Colorado & More (Rec it, Tweet it, FB it, Digg it!)
Do you want to vote for President on November 6? Do you live in Colorado? Florida? Do you live in Ohio? How about Pennsylvania, New Mexico or Michigan? TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE! ...
tremayne 10/09/2012 8 15 - 54
President Obama reaches All-time High in 538 Forecast
Nate's run the numbers again and, surprisingly to me, President Obama has reached his all-time high mark in the November 6 forecast , 86.1%. I'm only surprised because it seemed like a mixed day of ...
tremayne 10/03/2012 7 7 - 302
NPR Poll: Obama up 7
President Obama has a nice lead in the new NPR poll out today: The poll found 51 percent of the likely voters planning on or leaning toward a vote for the president, with 44 percent voting for or ...
tremayne 10/03/2012 14 17 - 260
So Mitt Romney walks into a Chipotle (caption contest)
Mitt: I'll have a burrito without the, uh, like a taco salad, yes, in the oval paper plate. White rice or brown? Mitt: Well, uh, white, I think. Or maybe I should.... Black or pinto beans? Mitt:
tremayne 10/02/2012 41 14 - 355
Fox Business: Big Money Flees Romney. Mass Exodus?
Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business has an inside source, " a major player in Romney's New York fundraising circles," who believes money is fleeing the campaign and a "mass exodus" of cash is just ...
tremayne 10/01/2012 21 16 - 363
Romney Depantsed in 538 Now-cast
That's right. The emperor has no clothes. Mitt Romney's chance of winning an election held "now" fell to 1.6% in Nate Silver's 538 Now-cast updated tonight. Here's some Now-cast history: June 19: ...
tremayne 09/30/2012 87 52 1 1030
Just How Big Is Obama's Lead You Ask?
Take a look at the electoral map right now. I like the one produced over at : Solid red or blue means huge leads, 10 points or more. Light blue or red means big lead, between 5 ...
tremayne 09/28/2012 10 13 1 231
(Romney Update) BIG: Election Fraud, RNC-hired firm under investigation (UPDATE: ActionX2)
This is huge.... Hundreds of cases of voter election fraud under investigation in Florida. It's a GOP voter's worst nightmare. Except it was the Republican party that paid for it, $3 million ...
tremayne 09/27/2012 278 603 15 4292
Uh oh, Obama down 7.8 nationally when you adjust for stupidity
Via Andrew Sullivan , via Alex Pareene , via Buzzfeed , via Wonkette , I ...
tremayne 09/25/2012 45 20 - 464
Conservative Bill Kristol: We could lose the House too
Just last week The Weekly Standard founder and editor was blasting Mitt Romney over his comments at the secretly recorded fundraiser. He called the remarks arrogant and stupid. Kristol even joked ...
tremayne 09/25/2012 17 21 - 362
Et tu, North Carolina?
Look howdy! Here's a new poll out of North Carolina from a Republican organization: Obama: 49 Romney: 45 The organization is Civitas. Check out the mission statement: The vision of the Civitas ...
tremayne 09/24/2012 13 19 - 225
Votes are being cast! (especially if you're white)
While we're busy talking about what might happen in the presidential race and the races for Senate and the House of Representatives, did you know that voting has already begun? Despite recent ...
tremayne 09/21/2012 3 1 - 35
All in for Speaker Pelosi?
A month ago the main goal was President Obama's reelection. A week ago maintaining control of the Senate became realistic. Today? Today the number experts suggest we can start working on the trifecta,
tremayne 09/20/2012 11 5 - 83
Obama response to Romney's 47% idea
Apparently the Obama campaign is considering just how to attack Mitt Romney over his characterization of 47 percent of the country as victims who will never vote for him. I have an idea for a one-...
tremayne 09/18/2012 2 2 - 95
538 Nowcast: Obama with 91.6% chance of victory and 100 vote electoral margin (bonus: new MI polls)
If the election were held now President Obama's chances of victory would be 91.6 percent according to Nate Silver's model. Further, his estimated margin in the electoral college would be 319 to 219.
tremayne 09/12/2012 223 276 1 3106
Weird Obama-Romney Poll: I Need your Input
The poll in question is one of Virginia, released today by a company called Gravis Marketing. It has Romney at 49, Obama at 44. This is a weird result because the nine previous Virginia polls (all ...
tremayne 09/11/2012 18 5 2 379
Calculating the Magnitude of the Gallup Bounce for Obama
Can we deduce the size of the upcoming Gallup bounce based on today's Job Approval and head-to-head polling data? I think some inferences can be drawn. Here are recent Job Approval numbers from ...
tremayne 09/07/2012 11 18 - 328
Gallup: A Significant Poll Bounce is Coming
joelgp diaried the latest Gallup numbers but they deserve more attention. [Adopting best Bill Clinton voice, gesturing with hands] Listen up, this is important! Gallup has 2 tracking polls, one is ...
tremayne 09/07/2012 22 44 - 573
Obama Broke Twitter (Update)
Maybe not broke it, but there is smoke coming out and a humming noise. President Obama set a new record for political Tweets-per-minute. Broke his wife's mark from two nights ago with more than 50-...
tremayne 09/06/2012 105 160 1 2230
The Dumbest Thing Nate Silver Ever Wrote
I've read just about everything Nate Silver has written since he was posting here as Poblano . Big fan. I read just about everything at the old 538 site and NYTimes version too. But while everyone ...
tremayne 09/06/2012 39 11 - 683
TV Ratings: Michelle Obama tops Ann Romney
Often times the challenger party beats the incumbent party in enthusiasm at the convention AND in TV ratings. Not this time. The numbers are in and DNC day 1 beats RNC day 1 . Total viewers: RNC ...
tremayne 09/05/2012 21 9 - 285
Crushed It
Reviews are in for Michelle Obama. Here's a sample from the left, right and middle. Andrew Sullivan: Stunning, brilliant, moving, passionate and right. Flawless. That was a speech a presidential ...
tremayne 09/04/2012 7 26 - 288
Nate Silver's Best Obama Forecast Yet
President Obama's odds of reelection climbed to 74.5 percent according to Nate's 538 prediction machine. That number mark's the high point for Obama since Nate began the forecast in May. The ...
tremayne 09/03/2012 38 26 - 446
Gallup: A Romney Bounce of Zero?
The two daily tracking polls, Rasmussen and Gallup, have had a rightward lean this campaign season. One of these polls has a history of weird results, especially polls released many months before ...
tremayne 09/01/2012 68 29 - 691
Donald Trump accepts Statesman of the Year, Urges Incivility
If you had to award someone "Statesman of the Year" naturally the first person you'd think of would be Donald Trump, right? Well that's who the Sarasota GOP decided upon and last night Trump ...
tremayne 08/27/2012 2 3 - 60
The not-subtle Racism of "2016 Obama's America."
There's an anti-Obama "documentary" showing in parts of the country right now. It's based on Dinesh D'Souza's book The roots of Obama's rage . It will make a small splash due to advanced tickets ...
tremayne 08/26/2012 10 7 - 164
BAM! McCaskill 48, Akin 38 (UPDATE)
Well here's a nice little poll on the Missouri Senate race from our "friends" over at Rasmussen: Claire McCaskill: 48 Todd Akin: 38 Undecided: many This poll was taken yesterday, ...
tremayne 08/23/2012 211 184 1 2713
GOOD NEWS, Akin is Winning!
Good news and also breaking news. PPP has conducted a one day poll of the Senate race in Missouri and here are the results: Todd Akin: 44 percent Claire McCaskill: 43 percent This ...
tremayne 08/20/2012 32 7 - 385
Counter Swiftboat AD
Lee has a diary up about efforts to Swiftboat the President. A delicate situation for Team Obama since you don't want breathe life into attack that may or may not fall flat on its own. But you can't ...
tremayne 08/16/2012 3 1 - 41
Paul Ryan as VP Polling Poorly. Similar to Dan Quayle. No Really!
Nate Silver has a new piece up tonight which analyzes a couple of polls conducted since the Ryan announcement. The short summary: his debut numbers are most similar to Dan Quayle's. And not far off ...
tremayne 08/13/2012 12 21 1 206
Romney's Bad Awful Two Weeks
Denial is not just a river in Egypt, as they say. In the conservo-echo chamber, Romney's International Adventure was a great success even if the liberal media wanted to say otherwise. And Harry Reid'...
tremayne 08/08/2012 24 24 - 174
WikiClues: Portman as Romney's VP?
Fletcher Christensen left a short diary before heading out that may contain actual news. I'd like to expand on it here with some additional research that supports his nugget of info suggesting Rob ...
tremayne 08/07/2012 10 4 - 95
Warren Buffett's 1 Billion Dollar Campaign Contribution
Warren Buffett has fired a proverbial shot that is sure to send GOP leaders shrieking to their favorite conservative media outlets. In a race already dominated by the spending of billionaires such ...
tremayne 07/31/2012 49 8 - 440
Watch this! It's Awesome
Real supporter or faux supporter? Doesn't matter, awesome either way.
tremayne 07/23/2012 20 4 - 179
O-H-I-O (good news)
Although many things are possible, Ohio remains the most likely state to determine the winner of the 2012 presidential election. Nate Silver lists it as by far the most likely tipping point state: ...
tremayne 07/19/2012 25 25 - 383
Obama 332, Romney 206 and the Alternative "Reality" at Redstate
A frontpager at made an unremarkable claim yesterday: that if the election were held right now President Obama would probably win a very narrow victory. While that sounds reasonable ...
tremayne 06/27/2012 56 27 - 476
Orange Contest!
One day presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney met House Speaker John Boehner. It started out cordial but they got into a bit of a disagreement. It went something like this. ...
tremayne 05/11/2012 6 - - 91
Giffords Endorses Aide to Fill her Seat
I haven't seen this written here so I wanted to share it. Ron Barber was wounded in the attack on Giffords last year. Now he'll run to complete her term. More below.
tremayne 02/09/2012 6 10 - 76
Swing Voters Loved Obama's SOTU Speech
Pundits have had their say but it's the voters this speech was aimed at, that's one point of consensus among analysts. And what do swing voters say? According to Democracy Corps they say "yes, more ...
tremayne 01/25/2012 16 40 - 253
Redstate: "this is the ballsiest thing I have ever seen a President do"
I enjoy following the presidential horse race - how campaigns choose where and when to spend money, advertising strategy, etc. - so I've been spending a lot of time at places like these ...
tremayne 01/05/2012 328 332 4 3431
Redstate's Boss and the DailyKos Boss Want the Same Thing
Yes, Erick Erickson of and Kos are both advocating for the same thing: the defeat of the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House. Now Erickson is upping the ante - he wants to raise funds ...
tremayne 12/22/2011 21 22 1 174
Romney Attack - More of This Please
President Obama is beginning to turn toward campaign mode and will be fully there once Republicans have a presumptive nominee. Historically, we will know who that is by the end of January. This time ...
tremayne 10/21/2011 12 11 - 147
Ohio Voters Win Victory Against Voting Restrictions
A group of Ohio activists announced today they have the signatures needed to block a Republican law, signed by Gov. John Kasich in July, that would have kept many of the state's residents from voting.
tremayne 09/29/2011 29 79 1 308
This Online Health Care Poll Could Use Our Input
Roland Burris should probably not be a U.S. Senator. He wasn't elected and acquired his seat, via Rod Blagojevitch, in a dubious manner. But he's trying to do something useful with his position and ...
tremayne 12/17/2009 6 5 - 26
You Really Need To Stop Giving Money to the Democratic Party
By "you" I mean you mister (or miss) deep pockets successful person. Lawyers, doctors, celebrities and the like. By "you" I also mean you miss (or mister) not-so-wealthy. Your ...
tremayne 10/30/2009 84 11 - 159
(Updated) Whole Foods Demonstration and New Developments
(Cross posted at Open Left ) There are some new developments to report today in the Whole Foods boycott and ...
tremayne 08/16/2009 108 45 1 77
Whole Foods Boycott Gaining Supporters and MSM Attention
Wednesday night at Open Left and Thursday ...
tremayne 08/14/2009 625 737 5 450
Why a Whole Foods Boycott Might Work to Spur Real Health Care Reform (Update X 2))
Update on ways you can help below. (Cross posted at ...
tremayne 08/13/2009 921 830 13 966
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