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Oh the irony. The right wing evangelists will do anything to get Obama out of the White House.  On  Grahams website on June 10, 2010 he stated.

A cult is any group which teaches doctrines or beliefs that deviate from the biblical message of the Christian faith. It is very important that we recognize cults and avoid any involvement with them. Cults often teach some Christian truth mixed with error, which may be difficult to detect.
Some of these groups are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, the Unification Church, Unitarians, Spiritists, Scientologists, and others.
What does he say now?  More over the hump.
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Michael Savage, one of the top right wing radio hosts is leaving radio for the time being.  Savage is the host of his own show that was heard by millions daily and only behind Limbaugh and Hannity. This is the guy that was banned from traveling to Great Britain because of his hate speech.  According to Mercury News:

Savage posted a message on his website Thursday evening under the headline "Free at Last!" that said he was free to work with any station or network from now on. He said he "will not be heard on the radio for some time."
I just found this on the web so this will be a short diary.  It is just nice  to know one of the top haters will not be on the radio while he looks for new work.  Hopefully stations and networks will think twice before hiring or contracting with someone after the Limbaugh and Beck fiasco's.

We Ask America  just completed a poll in Wisconsin.
Obama 52.5%  Romney 41%  Johnson 1.2% Undecided 5.3%
Baldwin 51.8% Thompson  40.4%

Tammy Baldwin is currently getting clobbered with Ads from Thompson and the usual right wing suspects. In spite of this she seems to be holding her own. A few weeks ago the numbers were just the opposite, with Baldwin down by 9 points.

Don't let them beat her with the ads.  I would put up one of those ActBlue thingies, but don't know how. Any help showing how to do it while watching the Packers game?


CNN breaks down Romneys taxes. The best part? Romney made $13.7 million last year and paid $1.94 million in taxes for a tax rate of approximately 14%. (After he foregone taking some charitable contributions that would have made his tax rate 10%)
Ryan, on the other hand made $323,500 and paid taxes of $65,000 for a tax rate of 20%.
If I was Ryan (or anybody else) I would be pissed that Romney made 42 times as much, but paid 6% less in the effective tax rate.
More under the orange bubble.

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I just came across this DEVASTATING video that contains clips from prominent Republicans just ripping Romney.  I must admit that some of the video clips are pretty old, but then again the "secret tape" was made in May of this year. President Obama or one of the Dem Pacs should make a commercial like this. Watch and be amazed how much Republicans really love to hate Rmoney.  


Mon Sep 10, 2012 at 09:00 AM PDT

ObamaCare testimonials

by triumph110

I am addicted to two websites. DailyKos (which I won't link to - find it yourself) and Reddit.Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet and is basically a site that links to other sites. It also has what is called subreddits that deal with various topics, such as gaming, hobbies and politics. Today in the subreddit politics was the following:

I was 25 and unemployed and under my parents medical plan when I had skin cancer removed from my back. How has OBAMACARE helped you? I am fair skinned and have always been aware of how much sun exposure I have had. At the utterance of my father who also had skin cancer removed ten year prior, I was tested. I was positive for malignant melanoma on a spot on my back. My doctor said that it was a blessing that I caught this so early.
I got a job nine months later after I turned 26 that gave me health benefits. To get the same checkup and surgery would have cost me more than I made in six months.
How has OBAMACARE helped you or the ones you know?
Some of the stories provided were amazing.  See below the squiggly for more testimonials from Reddit.
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Gina Rinehart is the worlds richest woman, a mining mogul with a net worth of over 18 Billion Dollars according to Forbes. She is from Australia and controls one of the richest iron ore resources in the world. She must have never gone to kindergarten because she never learned how to share. A recent talk to the Sydney Mining Club she stated

“Africans want to work. Its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day.”
More on the story after the jump.
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I just stumbled upon the website and they are really slamming Romney.  After perusing the site, some of the stories could be placed right here on DailyKos. For starters, the headline on the site is AN iNFANTILIZING SPEECH -Romney fails by refusing to say anything his audience doesn't want to hear.  Part of the story

But the rest of the speech was pretty dreadful, and particularly this section:

Every small business wanted these to be their best years ever, when they could hire more, do more for those who had stuck with them through the hard times, open a new store or sponsor that Little League team. Every new college graduate thought they’d have a good job by now, a place of their own, and that they could start paying back some of their loans and build for the future. This is when our nation was supposed to start paying down the national debt and rolling back those massive deficits. This was the hope and change America voted for.

I don’t have the transcript yet (the above is from the pre-released excerpts), but the next line is something like, “That’s what Americans deserve.”

Think about that: immediately after the biggest economic crisis since the great depression, Americans deserved to have “the best years ever.”

More after the fold.
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Ron Paul, the libertarian that ran during the Republican primary was offered a speaking engagement at the Republican Convention. He declined because the Republican Convention wanted two things from him. 1. That his remarks be vetted by the Romney Campaign first and 2. That he would have to fully endorse Romney for President.   His reply to the Republican establishment after the cheesecurd.

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Rep. Valerie Hodges, a Louisiana Republican voted for State Funds to go to Religious Schools, now she found out her vote was a big mistake because:

“I actually support funding for teaching the fundamentals of America’s Founding Fathers’ religion, which is Christianity, in public schools or private schools,” the District 64 Representative said Monday.

“Unfortunately it will not be limited to the Founders’ religion,” Hodges said. “We need to insure that it does not open the door to fund radical Islam schools. There are a thousand Muslim schools that have sprung up recently. I do not support using public funds for teaching Islam anywhere here in Louisiana.”
More here

My son is serving in the US Coast Guard and is one of the few of the Coast Guard that was deployed to the Middle East. He is coming home today after a year in the Gulf Region. His ship was the one that saved these Iranian fishermen.  My son was on watch and initially saw the flares of the sinking boat.
He called me today and said that last night, while  waiting for a connecting flight to Virginia for a post Gulf physical, he was enjoying a beer at the airport with a bunch of other coasties.  He said some guy wanted to buy the group a drink, and ended up buying them drinks and dinner. My son said it was Joe Jonas of teen rock fame. Funny thing is, my kid had never heard of him. I did some checking and found this on his twitter... I would link that, but couldn't get it to work...Got the honor of buying drinks and food for a few of our military at the airport.. A blessing to hear there stories.. Thank you to all who serve.


I have never heard of these young ladies - oops, I mean sluts, but they sure can skewer Limbaugh, Santorum and Romney in one hilarious video. And they can sing too! See the video below that orange sexy thing.

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