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Mon Feb 26, 2007 at 05:04 PM PST

Rest in peace, Andrew

by tvb

Dear Andrew,

You made it to 72 years old before you were violently ripped from us.

You escaped disease and misfortune with your health to live a life in which you found joy in simple things. On the fateful day, you simply got off the bus so that you could help a friend in a wheelchair that you saw stuck in the snow. You lived your life happy only to have your head bashed at the age of 72 for being gay.

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In what may be a first, the NJ Supreme Court has ruled that the state's Law Against Discrimination also covers bullying in schools, and in particular, the bullying of students based upon their sexual orientation whether actual or perceived. Ruling 7-0, the court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in L.W. vs. Toms River Regional Schools Board of Education(pdf). L.W. was a 4th grader when he was first taunted with anti-gay epitaths.

The harassment eased up for a couple years and then resumed in high school.  By this time, the actions of the bullys had escalated into physical attacks on L.W.  L.W. eventually withdrew from high school.

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A terrible case of writers block for me today and of course, I have big shoes to fill seeing as Kate Petersen and Cookiebear both made the rec list with their WFD editions the past couple of weeks.  I’ll do my best to uphold that bar they’ve raised on our weekly repast fest.

I was planning on doing recipes for the pooches and pooties of our lives but the book that was to inspire me is not at my house right now. It's a lame excuse but it's pretty damn cold there and there was no way I was getting out of my comfy clothes to go fetch it. Hopefully I'll get to that edition sooner rather than later.

Instead, it's comfort food because I've been feeling kind of stressed lately and needy.

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Being that it's a holiday weekend and this diarist has a party to attend shortly, What's for Dinner is being posted outside of its regular time slot of dinner. This week it's more like What's For Late Lunch. And as often happens on lazy days, the indecision about food is staggering. Right now I am staring alternately into my pantry and then my refrigerator. I'm going back and forth between the two hoping that something will magically appear that grabs my interest.

The hostess of the party asked everyone bring a favorite dessert or appetizer to share. If it was summer, I would bring tabouli; I always bring tabouli to every gathering. My kick ass tabouli that always results in several requests for the recipe. It's a dish that doesn't work in the winter; it is built upon garden fresh vegetables and filling it with orangish-red cardboard masquerading as tomatoes just doesn't do it for me. Plus, I've been surviving on leftovers and other splurge foods bought before Christmas and don't feel much like cooking or chopping again just yet.


Are you making a New Year's resolution?

30%7 votes
47%11 votes
13%3 votes
8%2 votes

| 23 votes | Vote | Results

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The year-end bonuses are coming in fat and heavy this year - the 6th year of the most corporate friendly administration since records have been kept.

Over at Goldman-Sachs, the holidays will be replete with gold and and diamonds.  Bonuses there are averaging $600,000 and the highest paid performers will see as much as $100 million extra in their check before Father Time flips us into 2007.

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Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice aka Yule Tide - what does each have in common beyond the time of year and weather?  

Food and drink, of course!

And tonight's What's for Dinner is all about the comforts that sate our belly as we celebrate the winter holidays in the ways that mean the most to us and ours. No matter what we celebrate - whether one of them or all of them as some families are apt to do. Some of the seven symbols and principals of Kwanzaa may include food items and menus with choices which include an emphasis on winter root vegetables and greens -  sweet potato candy anyone? Solstice celebrations usually include fruitcakes and mulled cider. What's hanukkah with latkes and brisket?  And Christmas - I am guessing the menues merge only at the cookie bin.

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Drugs got you down?

How about gangs?

Maybe both have you down where you live in?

Any queer people there?

In a perfect world, a neighborhood is not unlike a cohesive neighborhood working towards the common good. Okay, so maybe I am naive in this matter but I still believe it takes a village.

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There is a special offer for lonely NJ residents in the tip jar.

What's for Dinner is a collaboration between Kate Petersen, Cookiebear, and myself. It is a selection of what we are making for our friends and families this holiday. Please share your how your family celebrates and your own menu with recipe for others to enjoy.

Grab a glass of wine or your favorite beverage and please share your own traditions and recipes. Today's diary is a long one as it is a "family" meal but we think you will enjoy.

Recommend too!

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Almost one year ago I did a diary about whether democrats would willingly have sex with republicans. Given the events of the past month or so and the new "outness" of many a republican, I'm wondering if anything has changed.

There was a poll and the results of the 610 people who took a moment to click was as follows:


Would you have sex with a republican?

8%23 votes
39%101 votes
25%64 votes
5%15 votes
1%5 votes
5%15 votes
2%6 votes
10%27 votes

| 256 votes | Vote | Results

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The mere sound or mention of the word conjores up images of a blustery day. While it hasn't yet turned  blustery in New Jersey yet this fall, our first freeze a couple weeks back propelled me into the my wintery world of soup creations. Beyond the joys of fresh veggies from the summer garden, soup may qualify as one of my all time favorite foods both to eat and prepare.

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Gerry Studds, a democrat from Massachusetts and the first openly gay man elected to Congress has died, according to MSNBC.  He was 69. He served from 1973-1997.
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I know this is not a diary and will delete as soon as someone points me in the right direction. There's a brazillion New Yorkers and Bridge and Tunnel people here so hopefully it won't even be up long and the diary I am knocking off will return.

I bet you want to know what it is about...

It's really quite stupid...

But at least it is enviromentally correct...

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