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What's Painful to Remember, Palestinians Don't Forget
". . . memory is not just an idle capacity. Rather, who can remember, and who can be made to forget, is, fundamentally, an expression of power." George Bisharat in today's San Francisco ...
umkahlil 05/13/2007 199 13 2 18
'We Want the Whole World To Know About Us'
American, do you realize, that the taxes that you pay feed the forces that traumatize my every living day? The bulldozers and the tanks, the gases and the guns, the bombs that ...
umkahlil 05/12/2007 213 18 - 17
MSM Promotes Palestinian Voices
President Jimmy Carter's courageous stand on behalf of occupied Palestinians has sparked a surge of Palestinian and pro-Palestinian voices appearing in the mainstream media. For example the LA ...
umkahlil 05/04/2007 143 16 2 6
MSM Discusses Right to Resist 'Right to Exist' Mantra
"Do you believe in Israel's right to exist?" has replaced "What do you think about suicide bombing?" as the number one question posed to Palestinians since the past elections in the occupied ...
umkahlil 04/30/2007 109 9 2 2
Route 181: Message of Truth and Reconciliation
Much of my review of Route 181 appeared originally at my personal blog [ umkahlil]. The film takes its name from UN ...
umkahlil 04/29/2007 61 13 - 1
New York Times Misses Beat on 'Sderock' City Story
Yesterday the New York Times ran a feature, [ Give Them Shelter: Where Rockets and Drums Go Boom]. ...
umkahlil 04/28/2007 101 9 - 1
Kamal Nasir: 'Fighting on the Side of Beauty'
Permission from [ This Week in Palestine] to repost from Rima Nasir Tarazi's [
umkahlil 04/26/2007 48 8 - 83
Palestinian-American Oversees Cancer Stem Cell Research
Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) has granted permission to post this story in full. "When people understand the contributions that ...
umkahlil 04/21/2007 10 9 - 3
Vermont Guardian Provides Voice for Palestinian
. . .the Lobby is quite clear in its efforts to suppress any congressional dissent from the policy of complete support for Israel which might hurt annual appropriations. Even one voice ...
umkahlil 04/20/2007 10 4 - 5
'The Other Exodus':Palestinians' Anecdotes of Expulsion
We came and turned the native Arabs into tragic refugees. And still we dare to slander and malign them, to besmirch their name. Instead of being deeply ashamed of what we did and ...
umkahlil 04/15/2007 109 20 - 34
Introducing A Palestinian-American Democrat
I am a Palestinian/Syrian American school teacher. Since I have been posting on Daily Kos, a few commentators have inferred that I am fostering hate, for to some when I speak lovingly of my heritage,
umkahlil 04/14/2007 179 20 - 16
Privileges and Principles in Palestine/Israel
" . . . a solution divorced from the context of its problem is a solution built on quicksand" (Khalidi xxiv). Since many Palestinian-Americans find the "old country" somewhat ...
umkahlil 04/13/2007 345 14 1 13
Why Americans Should Support Right of Return for Palestinians
At the [ Doha Debates] sponsored by BBC World, eighty-two percent of the audience rejected the motion: 'This House believes the Palestinians should give ...
umkahlil 04/09/2007 223 26 1 32
Anniversary of Palestine's 'Day of the Land'
Six Palestinian citizens of Israel, who were peacefully protesting the confiscation of their land in the Galilee were shot dead thirty-one years ago today. Palestinians in the occupied territories,
umkahlil 03/30/2007 175 13 - 8
Dr. Salman Abu Sitta: Palestinians' Sacred Right of Return
In 1948, the villagers of Kfar Bir'im in Galilee were evicted from their homes. Some lived in caves thinking that they could return in two weeks. Seven children died. In 1953 they watched from a ...
umkahlil 03/29/2007 77 16 - 15
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